All webnovels that I translate can be found on syosetu.


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  1. Do you allow people to host their novels? I’m looking to host novels to be read on various Japanese/Chinese websites…to get the novel read. Both those novel cultures had encouraged me to try writing my own tale in English. Do you allow that?
    If you want to read it beforehand, then

    is where I write. Of course I am trying to also get RoyalRoadl and other sites to accept me writing.

    Why am I doing this? To get readers. Wattpad is mainly used by romance, fanfiction and fantasy writers and readers, and my adventure novel has only been read 3 times by genuine new readers.

    How much have I finished? I have finished 9 chapters, but do plan on releasing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    If you can’t, I understand. Just help me find likely translation groups willing to host my writing freely.

    for more information.

    1. Well OAT funny i saw this… you know wordpress is free… people will find you on it through connection. Also rrl stories end up on a novel update site. Publicity is hard for someone new. Heck i don’t have many readers atm either. Well you can always find me in rrl chat and ask me and I’ll try to help ya

      1. Novel update site? Do I have a page? Or at least not yet? I don’t know. Maybe when I get enough people I will get one.

        Before I made a WordPress, I was asking others. I then decided to stick to 5 platforms and watch. Anyone can go to at least three of those platforms, including my site. As for publicity, I’ll let it grow to the point I can make a living off my books. I have to edit Book 1 and work it’s plot. Gonna finish book one in 7 days so yeah.

        Thanks again, Otaku.

        -OATS, the penguin fanatic, pickle eater.

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