The Restart



A story about Aden, an orphan that earned his way into the prestigious Haven Academy through his talents and love of knowledge. Other than his friend David, an excitable taekwondo nut, he keeps to himself. On a day that started as is usual for him—with a lack of sleep and his face in a book—reality seemingly broke as time stopped and a mysterious fox appeared before him.

With a feeling of his blood burning and his body freezing, strange things start happening to him and along with his classmates, he is dragged into another world!? The story of a boy reclaiming his family’s pride starts now!

“It’s almost time for this dream of yours to come to an end…”


59 thoughts on “The Restart

    1. As I don’t want this to interfere with my TLing much, it will probably be fairly random.

      I’m struggling with a certain decision for the story, and would like to have it finalized before I continue on.

  1. Cool…i like story with fox character and have high expectation for it, Rom-Com will be nice for the story…heee

  2. Like the intro plz no gender benders I’m traumatized by the last one I read daybreak on Hyperion so plz give a heads up if your twisting a mans doodle into a girls flower so I can bail out

  3. Helo, first of all I want to say it’s a good novel,
    my native language is Spanish, I wanted
    to ask if I can translate to Spanish your original novel, if you accept I give you the respective

    I waiting you answer.

  4. well that is completely fine!!! it is better that the story builds up, the mc procures a strong holding in the story and then the harem could grow bit by bit. well harem is a spice in story, what rules is a solid storyline with a solid mc to boot. ziru, please keep up your great work. i enjoy your works so much.
    on a side note i would reiterate the epub of the first volume of “the epic tale of the forsaken hero” is not working. it is not processing when i upload it to read from google books. kindly fix it, please. i need epubs……DOGEZA

  5. Just wondering if this is a web novel you made or an English novel… I read web novels while thinking of romaji, so wondering if this is meant to be read in an English way or not?

  6. I think i need more of your story…. *drool*. Thank you to write such an interesting story. I will pray so that you will not have any kind of writter blocks. :3

  7. I haven’t read this yet… but I hope there’s a loli somewhere! Preferably one that’s so strong people call her anego and nicknamed nutcracker… oh wait Arifureta… *hides in a hole now*

  8. There hasn’t been an update on this project in a long time, so I am putting it on my check once a year list.

  9. ejem… no se nada, ni he empezado a leer. Pero dado que veo que la actualizaras cada siglo, lo dejaré para leer después. Por cierto, tengo buenas esperanzas gracias a los comentarios que leí (si, lo escribí en español porque sí… y porque es tarde en la noche y no quiero pensar más. Sorry bro :p )

  10. Totally hoping you continue this. Truly too interesting and every year I keep coming back to check on it lol.

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