Inside the Cave of Obscenity — V 2 Ch 4 Pt 2

Heya all~

We reached the second goal on My Patreon! Woo! As a result, there will be a single chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline, The Guilds Cheat Receptionist, and Inside the Cave of Obscenity per week, rather than cycling a series out each week. ALSO, due to the Extra Bonus for reaching the goal, there will be two releases for ICO next week! If we can get to the third goal, I plan on having the extra weekly chapter alternate between LDM and ICO each week, so if you’re interested, please consider becoming a patron!



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Inside the Cave of Obscenity – V 2 Ch 4 Pt 1

Heya everyone! Internet’s down right now since Comcast is doing a ‘routine maintenance’… geh. Well, least I can use my phone’s hotspot to post this!

This goal bonus chapter is thanks to the Patrons-who-I-still-need-to-make-a-page-to-thank for helping achieve the first pledge goal! Feel free to check out my Patreon if you’re interested in helping out as well, we’re pretty close to the next goal of me doing 5 ch/week ^^

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Inside the Cave of Obscenity — V 2 Ch 3 Pt 2

Went to go see Beauty and the Beast (2017) yesterday. Oh my god. Absolutely love this rendition. To avoid spoiling anything, one of the new songs added to the movie—the one by Josh Groban—has become one of my favorite Disney songs of all time.

Well, yeah. Just woke up after taking a nap after getting home to finish this. New Schedule of the Week is up, so make sure to check it out!


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