Musings — Schedules? Show me da wae!


My mind’s been in a bad place lately. All I can say is sorry for my lack of updates, because in the end, that’s the only think that’s kept me mostly in bed the past few weeks. I think I’m good now, but yeah.

I switched Novel Updates away from linking new Lazy Dungeon Master releases to Moon Bunny Cafe, so all LDM traffic should be sent here from now on. Better website layout, no more redirect ads for readers, better reader experience… I hope. On that topic, I added a footnotes plugin just earlier today, so keep an eye out for the hover-notes that’ll be appearing from here on (there’s an example of it being used in LDM ch 263 for those curious).

No actual schedule for this week, though, as I’m just scrambling to release chapters right now. Probably an ICO tomorrow. Proper schedule on Sunday.

Announcement that should be interesting for my Spanish-native readers is set to come tomorrow, too, so look forward to that.

… I made a thing.

Musings — Did a Thing After Doing No Things

I added an audio book version of Magus of Genesis v1 – Prologue to its page.

What are your thoughts on that sort of stuff? Worth continuing with? Yes, no?

It was a bit fun~

Quick link for ease. Just press play at the top.


The past week was finals week. Should be caught up for last week’s stuff by this Tuesday’s finish, moving into this week’s actual meal through the rest of the week. (Including ICO and GCR. Still not sure when I’ll be dealing with Forsaken Hero.)

Musings – Site CSS

Update: Changed the site around a bit. Thoughts? I think the new content background color is much easier on the eyes…

Heya all!

Talked with a representative about an issue I’ve been having on the site (my WordPress toolbar is… missing). Too long, didn’t read: it’s a problem on their end. They’re working on it now. It broke when I spent $299 of the money all you readers give me (either directly or indirectly) on this site to get it upgraded to the Business plan so that I could improve it and possibly, just possibly, have it so that all of my content is posted here and redirected to here from NovelUpdates, rather than the majority redirecting to MoonBunnyCafe.

But as for the reason I’m making this post, I am messing around with the site’s CSS a bit. First thing I did was get the readable area to be somewhat larger on bigger screen sizes (sizes larger than the max size of the white area).

Here’s an example (left new, right old)


I need to figure out how to reduce the side of the sidebar a little next. If anyone knows, that’d be a big help to me. Not sure why, but .sidebar-right is actually the buffer area between the left-hand side of the text and the end of the content area. Hmm. Here’s the current code I’m using:

/* Increase main content width on large screens */
@media screen and (min-width: 1230px) {
  .content-area {
    width: 660px;
  .sidebar-right .content-area {
    margin-left: 0px;

(Dragon’s Bloodline release incoming in ~2 hrs at the current rate)

Musings — Forsaken Hero Getting a LN!?

The following was taken from Yujima Ran’s blog post, which can be found here. What you will see at the end of this post are my own thoughts.


Information on [The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero]’s Publication


Good evening everyone, it’s been a while.
Yujima Ran here.

It’s as the title says.
It was decided that [The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero] will be published as a Light Novel.

My hands are still shaking in excitement.

It’s been more than two years since I began to write the series and I feel truly honored at being given a chance like this.

And because I do appreciate having this opportunity—
As well as because of all of the support I’ve received from my readers this whole time—
I want to give it my all.

Even if it is somewhat sluggish, I have resumed updating once again.

The updates will resume starting July 1st.
As ever, I may be inexperienced, but I will do my best.
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all from here on out.

The formal title, release date, etc. will be announced as soon as I find out.
I’ll leave it there for now, see you soon.




So, everyone.

This is a thing that’s happening.

I assume that he’ll be rewriting the story a good amount, given the fact that he’s already shown some level of regret over certain events. I think I might give translating the LN a shot once it is released. Of course, not until I’m in a better situation with the other series I translate—namely, catching up to current on Magus of Genesis, finishing Dragon’s Bloodline, and making up for the releases of Inside the Cave of Obscenity and The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist that I’m behind on.

Yeah. I’m actually rather excited here. This series was the first one I ever translated, after all. What do you all think?

Musings — Stuff keeps happening

This whole week, I keep trying to translate. Then stuff happens. Bad excuse, I know. But it’s the truth.

There should be a number of releases out today.

Why am I making this post? Here’s why:

A car was exploded (yes, someone exploded it) across the street from my house a little while ago.




Okay, back to Dragon’s Bloodline…


Update: the smell coming off of the car over there is finally starting to give me a crazy bad headache… geh.

Musings — MG on NU

The Magus of Genesis now has a Novel Updates page! You can find it right here.

If you’ve read the first few chapters I’ve posted of the series and have any thoughts to share about it, be they good or bad, please, share them and leave a review! Or perhaps if you don’t have any particular thing to say, consider leaving a rating!

I decided to post this since a few people have already messaged me through Discord, asking if it was up yet. Well, now it is! ^^


Now to get back to translating the stuff I’m horribly behind on… this next Dragon’s Bloodline chapter is double the normal length. Yeah. Super long.

Musings — Choices

Hello. This will be a long post. It’s part rant, part explanation. 

Let me start by saying that a large portion of the time I normally devote to translating things on my schedule has gone into preparing for the release of The Magus of Genesis—about 5 hours a day for the past week on average.

Why so much?
Because I’ve been enthralled by it. Personally, I am extremely enjoying the story and am constantly going back into previous chapters I’ve finished of it to revise phrases and word choices.

Why haven’t I released anything for it?
There are two reasons for this. One, because I want to have it take over Dragon’s Bloodline‘s [slot]. At least for me, until the moment I release the first chapter, it’s not contesting for that [slot]. Two, I want to be sufficiently ahead in translations of it so that I can guarantee a more consistent release quality, not having to go back and retcon things after the fact.

But didn’t you just say that it takes up the time that you would normally be translating with? How is it not ALREADY taking up your translation slots?
And there lies the problem.

I’m having an internal struggle and am of two minds about what I should do:

  • One one side, I think that the best course of action would be to simply devote two straight weeks to finish translating Dragon’s Bloodline entirely and have everything go back to normal after that. This would, however, put a major delay on the series I believe most of you are here to read—Lazy Dungeon Master (and ICO!). Therefore, I don’t think that I could choose this option.
  • On the other hand, I could just continue as how I have been and continue falling ever further behind on my non-LDM releases over the next two or so weeks (I make it a point to never fall behind on those). I’m certain that I will be able to catch up on everything I’ve fallen behind on, but there’s still one more problem I’ve noticed…

Wrapping Up (Rant)
I’ll be honest, while I am extremely grateful for all of the support I’ve gotten—even way back when I first opened up PayPal donations, you guys were and always will be awesome!—and am keenly aware of how it is quite literally the only thing allowing me to go to college without taking even more extravagant student loans, it has also, inevitably, bound me to follow a constant release cycle. That very constant release cycle has caused me realize recently that, unfortunately, it does not take into account the amount of work that goes into anything ‘meta’-related. By ‘meta’, I’m referring to anything that isn’t time I put into releasing chapters—be it fixing typos of previous chapters, cleaning and typesetting images, re-translating my early releases, looking for new series, typing up all of the various posts I make (like filling out announcement posts and schedules), etc.  I’ve even went out of my way and spent multiple hours extra on The Magus of Genesis chapters to make them read like a more official translation, for example.

In short, I’ve spent easily double the amount of time on translating the past 2 months than I think I’ll be able to once the semester begins, and I’m growing worried. Say what you will about real life being more important, for me, translating is part of my life. I can’t give it up, both emotionally and fiscally. I am full time student, full time translator.

And I am someone who is stuck with a very troubling dilemma.

Musings — Construction Zone Ahead

Haven’t posted the past 2 days. It’s not that I’m not translating, but that I don’t have anything translated that I can post yet.

To be more precise, I’ve begun work on the series that will take the ‘slot’ for Dragon’s Bloodline once it concludes here in 13 chapters. Do note that this is separate from the stretch goal’s reward and while I’m not ready to present the chapters themselves (releases should begin in two or three weeks)…

I decided to begin work on this due to all of the various sources of stress that have recently appeared in my life. I just needed to work on something that wasn’t translating for a while, so I started to look through various Light Novels and Web Novels to see what’s out there that I would want to work on. Obviously, I found one (two, technically, but the other is a candidate for the stretch goal and won’t be brought forth until the time comes).

I’m both behind here and am having troubles in real life, that’s plain to see. However, I can’t let either of those stop me from keeping Ziru’s Musings moving forward. I believe that it’s essential to me as a translator that I keep up a certain level of variety in my translations, both for my mental health and for refining my capabilities as a translator. I hope everyone understands and can agree with my decision.

I will, as ever, continue “catching up”. It may take some time, but I’ve proven in the past that I will always do so. Please keep believing in me!

With that out of the way, here is a sneak peak:



The Magus of Genesis



In an age long lost to legend and myth.
In an age where humans had still yet to establish a system of writing.
It’s said that there existed a mage in a country named Scarlet.
It’s said that he imparted knowledge concerning language and writing, taught how to cultivate the lands, instructed the ways of raising animals, and brought about the gift—nay, the magic of fire.
It’s said that he was a dauntless youth, a Dragon clad in scarlet red scales, a person worshiped far and wide.
It’s said that this man was the God of Civilization.
Yet strangely, his name had been virtually wiped from the records.
Therefore, he was simply referred to as—

—The Magus of Genesis.


Misc Info:

  • Tags:
    • Isekai
    • Dragons
    • Elves
    • Magic Academy
    • Primitive Times
    • Lengthy Arcs
    • Thoughtful Protagonist
    • Harem
    • Monster Girls (… kind of?)
  • I’ll be translating the Light Novel version
    • Volume 1 Release Date: 5/20/17 — more to come
    • Volume 1 has:
      • 30 chapters
      • 15 illustrations (3 colored, 12 black/white)
  • The Web Novel has approximately enough content for another volume and is still in progress
  • Links to the Light Novel version:
  • Link to the Web Novel version:


Musings — Update on Disaster

Hi. First, for a tl;dr — Releases resume tomorrow. Not much impact to the week’s releases

Bullet time!

  • After making the disaster post, back end of my car started squealing. Fun stuff, right? Well, I had it taken to the dealer etc got things done to it.
    • Went through a scare after being told $500 to fix.
      • Turned out $345 of that would be to change break pads. Uhh no I got that myself k.
      • Doing that tomorrow
    • Why was back end squealing even without using the breaks?—I asked, very confused.
      • Because “they’re free-floating <jargon jargon jargon (I don’t remember)> and that’s why”
      • Only have to make sure to resurface the rotors after changing break pads. Apparently my car is 30 (front) 70 (back) for breaking because of the car’s ABS (the average car has the exact opposite—which is why I didn’t think this would be the issue…)
  • Went to SHRA (housing office) this morning instead of yesterday because of the car scare. As for what’s going on with that ludicrous $400 (40%) rent increase:
    • They can’t do anything about the weirdness going on and discrepancies with the letters we’ve gotten from the landlord.
    • Told us to wait and see, worker will be calling us some time in the next few days.
    • Yeah.
  • Finally settling back down. Far behind in releases this week. Still have to make a trip to the auto shop tomorrow and buy brake pads & actually replace the ones on my car as well…
  • As for how this will impact my releases—
    • Friday/Saturday I’ll be making sure to finish:
      • The last LDM release for the week.
      • At least one of DB and ICO each.
    • Saturday/Sunday(Late) I’ll try to finish the:
      • GCR release.
      • Second DB release (unlikely, but depends on how many hellishly difficult lines I hit in GCR)
    • What I don’t finish will, as ever, be pushed over to the next week. Here’s to hoping that won’t be necessary, though! Already hoping to have extra time next week to catch up on the 4 ICO Patreon Goal releases!


This has been an interestingly annoying week, hah. Hope you all have been having a better one!