Musings — Time Went Awry

Thought I’d have Saturday open to translate GCR — didn’t happen. I had accidentally forgotten about another commitment I’d set up for today. They’ll be translated and released tomorrow though.

Well, hope you all had a great week!

(PS: There’s a new Receptionist-san side story out for LDM, it’ll be on the schedule for next week ^^)

Update: Went serious business mode talking with family about finances for the next few months and wound up only getting half of a release translated (read as: did things I would’ve normally done despite using extra time on that). Hmm. Looks like this week is just going to be a GCR college focus week instead. 

Musings — A Certain Inumimi’s Name

I’m dying here.


Niku Kuroinu simply sounds better than Meat Blackdog. But mixing languages for Meat Kuroinu is horrid. But Meat Blackdog is wrong. People in the series understand it as Meat[Sex Slave] Kuroinu[Word They Don’t Know]. But her name being Meat is a plot point.

But Kehma and others start calling her Kuro as a shortened name… but Black sounds like wtf.

Grahhhh. I might just switch every reference over to Niku Kuroinu…


… But she’s MEAT.



*sorry for the rant*

PS: Keima is Keima, people mispronounce it in the series as Kehma, with an “eh” sound instead of a strong “a”

Musings — Tiny Update

A few unexpected things came up yesterday and today, so I wasn’t able to quite hit the mark of “Tons of releases” this week. There will still be another GCR chapter as well as either a LDM or ICO chapter, but yeah. Apologies!

Wasn’t planning on it, but I’ll get something out tomorrow as well! Note that next week will be me focusing on Dragon’s Bloodline again.

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Musings — Updates

Bullet List-san, douzo~

  • ICO v4 illustration page is up here! Note that I do not include the in-text images that appear throughout the novel. Those get put in to the releases themselves, so treat the page as you would the start of a book~
  • LDM v3 illustration page is up here! Note that I included all of the illustrations because reasons.
  • Chapter flood is over, though expect a number of Dragon’s Bloodline chapters before Saturday completes.
  • Weekly schedule returning next week since the semester will be over!
  • I just turned 24 today. Yay birthdays~
  • Good night!

Musings – What’s Up?

Alright, time for another round of [Ziru’s Excuses]!

… In all seriousness though, I’ve been swamped.

  • Been playing catch-up in two classes due to having to redo presentation last week, wasn’t actually able to finish a 6-page paper for my Adv. Writing class on time… -6% course credit right there… more if I don’t get a damned good grade on it. Yay for harsh teachers.
  • Spent(wasted) >5 hrs on trying to get financial aid back, still have to go through another councilor appointment.
  • Homework tsunami
  • Driving dad’s girlfriend’s kids to and from school
  • 3rd time in a month lice popped back up. Pretty sure the 3 kids (that are in my house right now for ‘reasons’) aren’t getting them removed properly from their mom. Zzz.
  • Studying for/dreading midterms that’ll be next week
  • Standard “you have to live by actually working” part time jobs as always


I’ll be doing a single chapter part of [Inside the Cave of Obscenity] (attempting to) this week because it’s tiny and I’d like to get at least SOMETHING out this week. Not sure if I’ll be here at all till late next week because of midterms, though.


I know this probably isn’t the kind of update anyone hoped for, just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. For all of the delays, sorry.

Musings — [X] Storm Weathered

Made it through the week long storm(homework frenzy). Tired as heck right now, though.

Will be lots of chapters next week if I have my way about it. Will also make up for this week’s missed GCR part. Planning on getting a good chunk out of the remaining donation queue.

Tiny musings post. Huh.

Well then.

Till next week.


Musings – As the Wind Blows

Alright, I’ll be typing up the week’s Schedule post when I get back from class (5 hrs-ish from now).

Until then, though, I’d like to just update everyone on some site-related things:

I’ve replaced all of the Volume 1 illustrations of Inside the Cave of Obscenities with HQ versions (~60% greater resolution) and translated/typeset them for everyone. ^^

Also… the dual hosting on MoonBunnyCafe will definitely be amping up here. Spent a long time last night copying over all of Lazy Dungeon Master, along with finally fixing my capitalization inconsistencies in the older chapters. Along with that, Happy Peach and Inside the Cave of Obscenities can be found over there now as well! The rest of today, save for the time I’ll be spending at college (yay night classes) and making the Schedule, is going to be spent getting the rest of my translations copied over there as well as beautifying my ‘group page’ quite a bit.

I’ll be posting chapters there slightly earlier than here from now on (just by merit of me being one person and it all needing to be done manually haha), but they’ll be here as well for people that prefer my site’s layout. NovelUpdates will be redirecting to there, however.

Doing my best to make sure no one’s forced into any troubles from any of this!

Hope everyone’s had a good day so far.


PS: Next chapter release will be GCR. Sorry for the delays!