Happy Peach — Chapter 2

Well, I don’t know if you guys can see it as well but my theme blew up none of my admin control panel works. The menu system is bugging out hard and I’m trying to figure that out now I will try to see what’s wrong in the morning…

Enjoy the chapter!

Dragon’s Bloodline is coming out next. Said that last time but… WELL, I wanted to know what happened next in this >.>

Yeahhh… worth!

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Happy Peach — Chapter 1

R18 content so I’ll be posting links to the pages myself rather than having it on the front page.

The story only has six chapters and is already completed, but are easily six times as large as standard chapters I normally post. Will not be updating this regularly.

Though, I do recommend reading it.


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PS: Dragon’s Bloodline out tomorrow. This may or may not have taken me 9 hrs… equivalent to 3 DB chapters *cough*. You should definitely read it.