Musings — Forsaken Hero Getting a LN!?

The following was taken from Yujima Ran’s blog post, which can be found here. What you will see at the end of this post are my own thoughts.


Information on [The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero]’s Publication


Good evening everyone, it’s been a while.
Yujima Ran here.

It’s as the title says.
It was decided that [The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero] will be published as a Light Novel.

My hands are still shaking in excitement.

It’s been more than two years since I began to write the series and I feel truly honored at being given a chance like this.

And because I do appreciate having this opportunity—
As well as because of all of the support I’ve received from my readers this whole time—
I want to give it my all.

Even if it is somewhat sluggish, I have resumed updating once again.

The updates will resume starting July 1st.
As ever, I may be inexperienced, but I will do my best.
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all from here on out.

The formal title, release date, etc. will be announced as soon as I find out.
I’ll leave it there for now, see you soon.




So, everyone.

This is a thing that’s happening.

I assume that he’ll be rewriting the story a good amount, given the fact that he’s already shown some level of regret over certain events. I think I might give translating the LN a shot once it is released. Of course, not until I’m in a better situation with the other series I translate—namely, catching up to current on Magus of Genesis, finishing Dragon’s Bloodline, and making up for the releases of Inside the Cave of Obscenity and The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist that I’m behind on.

Yeah. I’m actually rather excited here. This series was the first one I ever translated, after all. What do you all think?

Musings — On the Topic of Forsaken Hero

So the author of Forsaken Hero posted a new life report the other day. It’s pretty short, but it is just saying:

I’m alive.

Recently, my secondary work on Hamelin has been becoming my main, but I think that I’d like to continue working in a my pace way here as well.

Here’s my Hamelin page. If you would, please check it out:


He has begun posting chapters for a new series (loosely translated as): “I was Chosen to be a Demon King but I’m Aiming to be a Hero“. Still no updates on Forsaken Hero, though. As he says, he’s taking a very my pace approach to this and appears to be putting Forsaken Hero on the back burner.

Well then.

I really don’t want to drop a series, but I honestly can’t tell if it’s me dropping it so much as the author at this point. What do you guys think? Should I stop caring about Forsaken Hero? Should I keep waiting, keeping all of you in anticipation as well?

Update by Forsaken Hero’s Author, Yuuto Ran

Here’s a loosely translated update post from the author on 6/3 that can be found here.

[Life Report] Slump


Good morning. Good evening. Yuuto Ran here.


It’s as the title says.
I’m in a slump.


I’ve fell into them before, but it’s awful this time.
I’m generally writing trash, it usually fixes itself by writing trash though.


As for the reason, it’s probably a lack of motivation?
Losing motivation is the same as losing time to write, you know?


Right now I’m not writing many words, and everyday I keep reading about everyone’s progress in writing.


I apologize to the people who usually comment and let me know their impression. I’m sorry for you all taking the trouble to send me messages of your concern.
Since I’ve been keeping at it in order to somehow struggle and reach the conclusion, when I take a peek at them, it makes me very happy.


Sometimes, since I decide to contribute to life reports to show that I’m still alive instead of short stories or short publications, it would make me very happy if you thought something like: [Oh, that guy’s still alive huh?].


Well then.

Info Update — On the Topic of Forsaken Hero

Author of Forsaken Hero. Going to delete volume 4 entirely and re-do it.

I was almost done with 4-16 too… Well, I didn’t proofread(lol) what was finished.

Screw it.

I am going to post what I have of 4-16 now, if anyone wants to finish it/the rest, go for it. It is no longer canon material. The entire arc(volume) will be re-done by the author in the future.

I am both happy and angry at these turn of events.

On one hand, his colleagues told him to not ____ Shield. I don’t like what happened to Shield. They also mentioned pacing issues. Well, I don’t think I need to TL/relay the post since google-sensei does a decent job at it.

On the other hand, I’ve said before that I won’t drop series, and I stand by that. I’m not dropping Forsaken Hero. At the same time, I’m not going to spend another 20+ hours working on content that the author himself regrets writing. This isn’t how he intended it to be, and I will respect that. When he begins revising the chapters, I will work on them. When this happens, I will post more information on how this will affect my translations as that will effectively bring my concurrent series up to four.

I do not want to thin myself out so much that everyone feels the series are updated too slowly.

Thanks to anon for informing me that he updated his page saying all of this.

Here’s the link to the unfinished (Story 4-16).

Sorry for those hoping to see how Forsaken Hero ends… but I believe waiting for the ‘true’ ending will be better when all is said and done.

In the end, I am slightly off-put by this turn of events. Not sure if I am going to work on Dragon’s Bloodline right now. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.


Forsaken Hero — Story 4-14

Trying to finish Forsaken Hero this week since homework will pick up a LOT next week according to class agendas, so yeah…

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Here ~(‘.’~)

If you guys want to read something pretty messed up with an interesting premise, I recommend checking out Hardcore OP-ness. I’ve been following it for about a week now and it gets two new chapters a day, so yay for active stories!

Seriously though, it is the most f*cked up thing you’ll read for a long time. NSFW tag on that thing~

Forsaken Hero — Story 4-12


I just realized how badly I interpreted 【夢現のラビリンス】. So, umm.. sorry for that. It’s closer to “Trance Labyrinth” or something along those lines.

Also, I somehow changed my translation of it between Volume 2 and Volume 3… while having the arc titled with what I use in Volume 3. Dunno how that happened. I’m going to fix it now.

Also also, Fuuko’s ability『世界検索』: [World Retrieval] -> [Global Search]. This was referred to as [Grand Library] by the author at the start of the story if I recall correctly, but was changed later on for some reason. [Global Search] is muuuuuuuuch better than [World Retrieval]. Not sure why I didn’t go with that from the get-go.

Hope you enjoy the chapter!

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Here ~(‘.’~)