(R18) Happy Peach — Chapter 6

Chapter Six


Headaches are painful. It’s clearly abuse. Normally, when my head would hurts, or when I have a headache, I’d think I should lay down.
However, I understand the nuance. Headaches are painful. By emphasizing this twice, together with saying my head hurts a lot and deliberately misusing it, it brings the effect of despising the other party.

And here I am, with my head hurting.

“Is it here…?”

Even when I tried to open the window with the key, the key didn’t move. It was probably sealed with something like instant adhesive.

Changing locations, I put the key in another window.

“This one’s no good either…”

Walking around the whole house, even though I tried all of the windows with the key, none of them budged.
Of course, the first thing I tried was opening the front door. So I accordingly noticed that the key didn’t open it. But at the time, I didn’t think that the entire house’s windows were also bound with adhesive.

“Using adhesive since you don’t want me to leave the house, that way of thinking is childish. Moreover, she actually did it. I wonder how much it’ll cost to fix it?”

If it were just the first floor I could understand. But why the second floor too?
Even if I could open a window on the second floor, it was impossible to descend to the ground. At best I could raise my voice to call for help.
Despite that, all of the house’s windows as well as the doors were completely sealed with adhesive. Even if it was ordinary to think about it, don’t actually do it!
Since the repair costs would be stupidly high. You should’ve done something that wouldn’t become a problem later.
Is it the thinking of a child, or just a characteristic unique to the rich?

“S-sorry. Though my mother isn’t a bad person, she’s does strange things when she’s troubled about something.”
“Yeah, huh. Kurihara-san was like that before too you know? Though you’re unexpectedly able to behave calmly now.”
“I think so.”

Due to my response, Kurihara-san’s cheeks blushed as she looked down, embarrassed while fidgeting.
When I told her not to talk to me at school. Though she didn’t talk to me, she wandered nearby and began to chase after me, taking actions that made my order have no point.
When she sacrificed herself to lead Solange-san away, she seemed to shine brilliantly.

Though probably, I don’t have room in my mind. Kurihara-san is an old episode, while Solange-san is currently ongoing.

“Can we leave if we break the window?”

With Kurihara-san knocking on the glass window, she said that while she glanced at me.

“Yeah, you noticed too then. We can definitely leave if the window is broken. But we can’t fix it after.”
“Yeah yeah, that’s right, that’s right, it’s just as Katou-kun said!”

While Kurihara-san nodded eagerly towards my words, she stood next to me and grabbed my left hand.
Since we’re in her house, I don’t think I would’ve worried even if she didn’t grab my hand though.
Well, it’s fine I guess.

Walking down the hallway, we passed by Solange-san who fainted from water gushing from her ass, then went down the stairs.
We headed to the front door. Because I was surprised about not being able to open the door earlier, there was something I.

“It was like this after all huh. Compared to a child’s idea, there aren’t any oversights…”

I confirmed there to be a telephone in the hallway. As I feared, when I put the receiver to my ear there was no dial tone.
When I checked to see if the cord was still plugged in, as I feared, the cord was cut.
This is why rich people are bothersome. They break phones without a second thought.
Even though it was a wireless receiver, I gave up since the main part was broken. There’s probably the main telephone at the entrance. Though saying this does nothing, the other phones in the house are probably destroyed as well.

“Is there a cell phone?”
“Yeah, Mother has one.”

Letting go of the telephone, when I asked Kurihara-san if there weren’t any cell phones, she said Solange-san had one.
Solange-san is no good. Since she’d gone to the extent of breaking the telephones, she naturally would have hidden her cell phone. Thinking about the worst case scenario, there’s a possibility she may have thrown it away. Just looking for it would be useless.

“Kurihara-san doesn’t have one?”
“Yeah, I don’t have one. Since mom said that even if she bought me one, I probably wouldn’t use it, so she said no. But now I want one.”
“That so…”
“I want it now because, that’s, umm, that’s, w-with Katou-kun, e-mail, I-I want to…”
“Hmm, but since I don’t have one either it’d be impossible.”

My left hand was grasped tightly, Kurihara-san looked at me and blushed dazzlingly, dejected from my answer.

“Let’s check the next one.”
“… Yeah.”

Leaving behind the telephone, the depressed Kurihara-san withdrew her hand and walked away.

We headed to the living room. The feast was still laid out on the table. Looking at it with a sidelong glance without stopping, I headed for the kitchen. Then I checked inside the refrigerator.
There were fruit and vegetables, as well as meat and fish. There were juice and tea too. Alright, if it’s like this I don’t have to worry about rushing.

“Kurihara-san, listen to me.”

I turned around towards Kurihara-san who was still feeling down and asked her while looking straight at her.

“I told my mom that I’d be staying at Kurihara-san’s house today. Therefore, if I don’t go back tomorrow, she’ll question it. In other words, even if we can’t get out of here, some time around tomorrow evening or the next morning at the latest, I think she’ll come here.”
“… Y-… yeah.”

Kurihara-san blinked her blue eyes in surprise, then eagerly nodded after a bit of a pause.
Yeah, she didn’t understand me.

“In brief, even if we don’t try to forcibly leave, since my mom will be here by the day after tomorrow, we’ll manage somehow. There’s plenty of food and drinks too. So lets not break anything.”

Kurihara-san nodded without a pause this time. Whether she really understood me is somewhat questionable, though.

“Then! If Katou-san’s mother doesn’t come to pick you up, Katou-kun and I can stay together!?”

Yeah, though it seems like she more or less understood me, her train of thought was different to mine after all. That’s that huh, although I’m not in a hurry, I might need to think to get out of here as soon as possible.
Before Kurihara-san starts doing strange things.
But it’d be bad to break the glass in the windows or doors. Saeki-sensei always says it’s bad to recklessly break things.

If it comes down to it, maybe I should search for Solange-san’s cell phone after all? Before that, before making things more complicated, I should make sure Solange-san can’t move.


Leaving Kurihara-san waiting in the living room, I retrieved Solange-san’s ass peach that was stuck onto the faucet.
Then after putting the ass peach into the bag, I went back to the living room.

The ropes that bounded me to the couch were there. I’ll use these.

Putting the ropes into my bag, I ordered Kurihara-san to seiza on the floor, but before I knew it my hand was being held.
I didn’t tell her to move though… But oh well, I couldn’t care less about that order anyways, I just gave Kurihara-san an order since she was doing things on her own. So even though it was violated, I don’t particularly plan on doing anything about it.

Going to the second floor with Kurihara-san, I approached the unconscious Solange-san. Then I poked her with the handle of the mop I brought to make sure. I poked her boob obviously.
Her boobs moved magnificently. But Solange-san herself didn’t stir. I approached even closer to confirm, and it appeared she was still breathing.

“Kurhara-san will take her legs.”

Kurihara-san raised her right hand to my words and went around to Solange-san’s legs. Then she squat down and grabbed both of Solange-san’s ankles.
After seeing that, I grabbed both of Solange-san’s wrists.

“Let’s carry Solange-san to her room. Can you tell me where it is?”
“Yes! It’s two doors down from my room!”

Kurihara-san answered my question lively. I see, it’s two rooms away from Kurihara-san’s huh.
That’s wonderful. To begin with, how many rooms are on the second floor? It’s good that I didn’t look for it without knowing that. In my house, there are only two rooms on the second floor. Without even needing to look for it, you’d be right half of the time. I understood with her answer just how disconnected we were.

Pulling on Solange-san’s wrists, we proceeded down the hallway. Solange-san’s ankles were being carried by Kurihara-san as she followed behind with short but brisk steps.
I pulled almost all of the weight, Kurihara-san only had her feet. So although it looked like what Kurihara-san was doing was insignificant, it wasn’t.
By having her carry her legs, it became very easy to pull her.

Somehow arriving at Solange-san’s room, I opened the door and went in. The interior didn’t seem like it was Solange-san’s, it had a chic and modern atmosphere.
Though I thought it would certainly be a childish room, it was unexpectedly adult-like. It might be Kurihara-san’s dad’s preference.

Like with Kurihara-san’s room, Solange-san also had an excessively large bed. We then put her on the bed.
Since we pulled her down the hallway by force, the skirt Solange-san was wearing slipped down. Since the sleeve of the wrist that I was holding was pulled, Solange-san’s shirt was pulled up, and her outer garment almost came off.
I saw the cleavage of her large boobs, as well as her lacy pink underwear. Moreover, her whole body was wet.
She won’t be able to change clothes while tied up huh… It would be bad if she caught a cold too.

“So that she won’t catch a cold, how about taking off her clothes?”

Kurihara-san lively replied to my suggestion. So then the two of us began to take off Solange-san’s clothes.

Seeing Solange-san become naked, my penis grew large from her big boobs.
Her skin was snow white and her nipples were pink, and although they were beautiful, they somehow seemed delicious.
Due to my penis suddenly growing, I shifted restlessly.
Noticing that, Kurihara-san moved in front of me, kneeling in place and taking down my pants. Then she put my enlarged penis into her mouth, sucking it eagerly.
Though the ass peach feels good, Kurihara-san’s mouth also feels good.


I felt refreshed from letting it out in Kurihara-san’s mouth. Moreover, she diligently cleaned it up after I took it out.
Evidence that she’s accurately remembered the content of that ecchi book. Even with Kurihara-san’s bad memory, she could learn something after spending time on it.

With me feeling refreshed, and although I stared at Kurihara-san greedily, I decided to prioritize the goal for now.

Looking down at the naked Solange-san, I thought. If I tied her up with ropes after clothes are put on, it would become necessary to remove the ropes again if we had to change her clothes.
If she’s tied up while entirely nude, I’d only have to dress her with clothes on top of that. That way it won’t be necessary to take off the ropes to change her clothes.
Saying that, I tied up the naked Solange-san with a rope. Both hands were tied behind her back, and so that her arms couldn’t move I tied the rope around the top and bottom of her boobs, connecting the bindings. Because of that, the already big boobs were emphasized even more.
Then I tied up her legs, perfect. But then I realized. If I tied up both of her hands and both of her feet, it would be difficult to put clothes on her, or more precisely impossible.

“Then I’ll leave her as is.”

I found the solution immediately.

“Kurihara-san, could you look for the cell phone just in case?”

When I tied up Solange-san, Kurihara-san squirmed while holding her skirt with both hands, and nodded at my words with a slightly disappointed face.
Since she sucked my penis, I think that Kurihara-san has also wanted to do something that feels good without permission.
That was too optimistic. When you do something good, you aren’t supposed to ask the person for a reward. That’s what Saeki-sensei always says. I don’t think that Kurihara-san has heard it. Or maybe she forgot it even though she’s heard it?
But it’s kinda sad. She such my penis with everything she had.

“Then, Kurihara-san. Take off your clothes and look for it. Be ready for use at any time.”

When I said that with a sigh, Kurihara-san nodded with a smiling face and began to cheerfully undress.
I’ll let her anticipate it.


Though we searched Solange-san’s room, there was no cell phone as expected. Because the telephones were broken, she wasn’t likely to hide it in a place so easily found. I’m doubt that it’s even in the house.
I found something instead.

“It’s full…”

There was a big box in the closet. There were many tools in it.

“Wonder what this is?”

I took a stick-like tool out from it. It was a string of balls slightly smaller than ping pong balls.

“T-that’s, it seems to be put in the ass. Since I’ve peeped at mom doing that…”

The naked Kurihara-san who was down on all fours next to me gave me an upward glace while answering with blushing cheeks.

“Eeeh, is that so? I’ll put it in a bit so face your ass to me.”

Turning around on the spot, Kurihara-san turned her ass towards me.
I stuck it into the center of her ass hole with a quick shove.


Her ass shook with a start. The balls liked up on the stick completely went inside the hole.
Yep, Kurihara-san’s reaction wasn’t good enough. That’s right, the large ping pong balls she’d been laying are larger than these balls. You could even put your hand inside, so putting these in at this point is no big deal.
Let’s try something different.

Fishing around inside the box, I found a big tool.

“Massager? I wonder if she has stiff shoulders from her big boobs?”

Taking it out, the tip of the electric massager was spherical.

“T-that’s, it seems to go against a sensitive place. Though when mother did that, since a big voice came out when it was used, she seems to have used it after I went to sleep.”
“Heeeh, a sensitive place huh. Where, for example?”

Kurihara-san’s eyes swam about from my question as she gulped down saliva. Then with a face dyed deep red, she got up.
Kurihara-san stood up from all fours, squatting on her knees. Then she spread her legs and opened her crotch with her left hand. Her vagina was open to see.
Extending her right hand to her vagina, Kurihara-san touched it with her finger.

“T-this is the most sensitive place. When the massager touches this, it seems to become strange.”

Pulling her finger up above the main part of her vagina, she peeled the skin back and a red bean appeared.
Ah, I know what that is. It was described in the ecchi book. Girls seem to become strange when it’s touched.
Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve seen one for real. Since the ass peach is too convenient, I haven’t played much with Kurihara-san herself.

“Can I put the massager there?”
“O-okay. It’s okay if Katou-kun wants to do it.”

Strange she said… I wonder what’ll happen? Kurihara-san said I could do as I like when I asked from my interest being roused. If that’s so, let’s do it.

The electric massager’s cord had to be plugged in to be used, so I put it in one of the room’s outlets. Then I turned it on.
With the low vibrating sound, Kurihara-san’s breathing became rough. Watching Kurihara-san, lot’s of ecchi juice overflowed from the girl’s most important place. She looked at me with expectant eyes.


I pressed the vibrating electric massager against Kurihara-san’s vagina.


Kurihara-san’s body went into intense convulsions that hadn’t been seen until now, her face in agony while screaming. Then, clenching her teeth, drool started dribbling from her lips.
Rather than feeling good, it looks painful.
When I took took away the electric massager, Kurihara-san’s body jumped. She was frantically breathing, and balls of sweat burst from her hole body.

“Did it hurt?”
“T-though it hurt, I-I, since the pain was good… it was amazing.”

When I asked, Kurihara-san gave a strangely attractive expression and said that.

“Then let’s go again.”
“Ngiiiii-!? Agaaaaaa-!?”

When I suddenly pushed the electric massager against her, Kurihara-san who had let down her guard bend backwards and pushed out her boobs. Like a fish on land, her hips spasmed.
Yep, though it only looks like it hurts, the person herself says it felt good. Though for me, pain is my weak point…

“Ngiiiii-!? Agaaaaaa-!?”

The scream that resounded through the room felt a bit unpleasant to me. Rather, it was annoying.
When I thought if it would stop soon, from a little below where I held the electric massager to, liquid spurt out.
Did she pee? It may have come out from the pain.

When I took the electric massager away from her crotch, Kurihara-san continued to spasm. Her breasts shook like pudding.
Watching the scene, my penis suddenly grew, I got horny.
Huh, I’ve struck something good here.
I took Kurihara-san’s ass peach out of the bag and put my penis in it. Then I pushed the electric massager back against Kurihara-san’s vagina.

“Naaaaaa-!? Ngiiiii-!?”

Just as I did that Kurihara-san’s body jumped, her back warping and sticking out her boobs and her waist convulsing.

“I-it’s like what I thought after all. This is–amazing-”
“Iaaaaa-! Higiiiiii-!”

Though the scream was noisy, the ass peach tightened. Towards the unprecedented clamping, I almost drooled. I couldn’t believe that pressure from the ass peach as it convulsed. But since the ass peach doesn’t move on its own, there was just the pleasant tightening and vibration.
Though the ass peach had to be moved by hand, I wonder if there’s a better method?
So I suddenly came up with something.
I pulled my penis out of the ass peach and took the electric massager from Kurihara-san’s vagina. Then I put the massager against the ass peach’s hole.
The sphere at the end of the massager is slightly smaller than my fist. It should enter the hole. But when entering the hole, I put fingers in, not as a fist. But the tip of the massager was like a fist from the start. It was probably a bit unreasonable to put it in.
But even if I say that, I tried it anyways.

Though I put strength into my hand, yep, is it impossible anyways?”

“Ahi-, ahii-”

As a result of pushing the top of the massager into the ass peach’s hole, the vibrations seem to be transmitted to Kurihara-san’s ass.
More than when it was on her vagina, it looked like it felt good.
Though apart from that, it was impossible, it didn’t go in. To be able to put this in, it seems like it still needs to be trained.

Giving up on putting the massager into the ass peach’s hole, I turned it off and placed it on the floor. Then I fished inside the ‘tool box’ again.
When I saw a tool described in the ecchi book, I became interested.
There it was. A quail-egg shaped tool. I think it’s called an vibrator egg. There were a lot of them.
A cord extended from the oval sphere. There was a switch on the cord. When I switched it on to try it out, it let out a higher pitched sound than the massager as the sphere vibrated.
Well, I wanted to try it out once before this. But I couldn’t since I didn’t have the tool to do it.

I put the vibrating sphere against the ass peach’s hole and forced it in. Unlike the massager’s tip, the small sphere smoothly went inside the hole.


Kurihara-san’s body shook. But the reaction was smaller than when I tried to push in the massager. But I don’t really mind. Because this is something for me to enjoy myself.
In addition I took out two more egg vibrators and put them inside the ass peach’s hole. Then I turned them on.


The sound coming from inside the ass peach was audible. The egg vibrators clashed against each other. Looking at Kurihara-san, she raised a pleasurable voice with pink blushing cheeks.
Alright, this is good.
I put the ass peach on the floor and approached Kurihara-san, lifting her waist.
Kurihara-san was in the posture of when I pushed the massager against her, and turning her around with my left hand, opened her legs. Then with me raising her waist, her ass came to just the right height.
Placing my penis against her ass, I thrust.

“Ku-, this feels the best so far-”

My penis pushed into her hole. And according to my expectations, the inside of her hole vibrated with amazing force.
Making use of the ass peach’s features, my new idea was to make a vibrating ass hole.
Even if I put something into the ass peach’s hole, so long as a part of it protrudes out of it only the hollow is transferred to Kurihara-san. That said, the cord stuck out from the ass peach.
Doing that, even with my penis in Kurihara-san’s ass, the vibrator egg didn’t get in the way. Moreover, it vibrated.
With the excessively good feeling, I became engrossed in thrusting my hips.

Letting it out once, my curiosity sprung up.
There was a tool that was hard to put in, let’s try it.
With my penis in Kurihara-san’s vibrating ass as it was, I picked up the massager.
Kurihara-san was gasping for breath, seeming to have guessed from my actions, she swallowed her saliva.
Though her blue eyes seemed afraid, she seemed to anticipate it.

“Naaaaaaa-!? Higyaaaaaa-!?”

I pressed the massager against her vagina. Instantly, her ass was abnormally firm and she gave a scream. Moreover, since the inside was vibrating, it felt unimaginably good.
After tasting this once, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied by other things anymore.

Thrusting my waist while engrossed in her ass’ amazing pressure, I let it out twice without pulling out my penis.


Since I was tired we took a break as expected. I felt hungry for something.
After tying the nude Solange-san up with the rope, we put her on the bed as she was. So that she couldn’t do anything strange, I decided to restrict her actions.
Though the massager couldn’t get inside Kurihara-san’s ass peach, I think it could get inside Solange-san’s ass peach.
My expectation wonderfully turned out right and the tip of the massager went into Solange-san’s ass peach snugly.
Then I turned it on.
Screams sounded through the room. The Solange-san that had fainted woke up to the excessive shock, doing nothing but shouting.
I took the exhausted Kurihara-san downstairs with me, away from the annoyance.
And now, though I relaxed on the living room’s sofa, I kept hearing the screaming from the second floor.
I’ll go check after a break.


The cooking Solange-san prepared was entirely delicious.
I ate so much that I couldn’t move from the sofa.
Next to me was Kurihara-san, wiping my mouth from the water I drank.
You don’t need to mind that much.
By the way, I kept the egg vibrator in Kurihara-san’s ass peach. So it was still vibrating in Kurihara-san’s ass.
When I put my penis into the vibrating ass hole with the electric massager against her crotch, it felt good… When I recalled that, despite being tired, my penis grew.

Though I suddenly remembered it, the stick that I got from inside the box. The globes on the way down the stick were smaller than the ping pong balls so I thought it wasn’t very interesting. However, it definitely vibrated.
Even if the three egg vibrators were put in, the length was still shorter than this stick’s. In other words, if I put that into the ass peach and let it vibrate, it might be possible for all of Kurihara-san’s ass to vibrate.
Speaking of desire, the balls should be small if they vibrate. Since if the balls were big, the hole would open to that size.
I’ll fish around the box for it later.


Before I knew it, my shoulder felt slightly heavy. Looking to my side, Kurihara-san who’d put her head on my shoulder was sleeping and breathing steadily.
Somehow or another it seems she sat down on the sofa and fell asleep.

Looking at the clock hung over on the wall, it had been near two hours. Then I realized, Solange-san’s screams that I’d heard from the second floor disappeared.
Though I wanted to go check it out, Kurihara-san would wake up if I moved. Besides, I was sleepy too. Therefore, I decided to check it out later and closed my eyes to have a nap.


When I noticed the weight on my shoulder had disappeared, I opened my eyes and looked to my side. The figure of Kurihara-san wasn’t there.
I was surprised and tried to stand up, but the area near my crotch was heavy. Looking down, Kurihara-san was peacefully asleep with her head on my crotch.
Though I wondered if her head slipped down from my shoulder, that probably wasn’t it. Since my zipper was undone, and Kurihara-san was holding my penis.
If she just fell down while asleep, something like that wouldn’t have happened.

Maybe she woke up and fell asleep midway?

When I shook Kurihara-san’s shoulders, she dimly opened her eyes. She smiled while half asleep. Possibly by instinct, she put her lips to the tip of my grasped penis and kissed it, then brought it into her mouth as she was. Then she began to move her head slowly.

The sound was sloppy. I wondered why, maybe because of the egg vibrators in the ass peach, if were to compare it to the pleasant feeling when I pushed the massager against Kurihara-san’s crotch, it wasn’t as amazing but was oddly comfortable.
It might feel good since I just woke up.

When I finished letting it out into Kurihara-san’s mouth and she finished cleaning up my penis with her mouth, I went up to the second floor. Then I entered Solange-san’s room.


Bound with a rope in complete nudity, Solange-san who was on the bed convulsed with her eyes wide.
With this it’s the second time huh.

I asked Kurihara-san to bring some water, and I pulled out the massager from Solange-san’s ass peach.
Since it was left inside for a considerable amount of time, the ass peach’s hole stayed open. Though it started out loose, it was even more so now.

When I approached the bed to check on Solange-san, she kept convulsing even with the massager removed.
The bed sheets were wet. She probably peed herself.
When I lifted her leg to check out her ass hole, it was in the same state as the ass peach. Open wide. With this it wouldn’t feel good at all to put in my penis.

When I lowered her leg, Kurihara-san entered the room. She held a cup in both hands. When I took the cup and put the water into my mouth, I placed my lips on Solange-san’s. Then I pushed the water into her’s like slowly breathing out.
I heard a sound come from Solange-san’s throat, so I knew she drank the water correctly.
When I separated my lips from hers and lifted up my face, I saw Kurihara-san with watery eyes and blushing, puffed up cheeks.
I wonder if she’s sulking from what I did to Solange-san? It couldn’t be helped though, since Solange-san was unconscious.

When I beckoned Kurihara-san over, her cheeks puffed up some more.
I caught hold of Kurihara-san’s wrist and pulled, sticking my body to her’s and touching my lips to her’s.

“Now it’s even.”

When I separated my lips from her’s and said that, Kurihara-san’s eyes opened wide and she blushed deeply. Touching her lip with her right hand’s finger, she stopped as she was.
Though I can’t tell if I cured her mood, it should be fine since she’s quiet for now.


I would regularly transfer water to her mouth-to-mouth to the Solange-san who remained unconscious, and each time Kurihara-san’s cheeks puffed up.
It couldn’t be helped that each time I did that, Kurihara-san’s her mood got worse.

Solange-san, who’d convulsed with wide eyes, was now appearing to have a carefree smiling face as she slept peacefully.
She probably won’t get up until the morning.

“Maybe I should have broke a window…”

Holding ornamental bears in both hands, Kurihara-san said a dangerous thing.
It seems she wasn’t that amused by me giving water to Solange-san mouth-to-mouth.
Even if I put Kurihara-san back in a good mood, every time I do that to Solange-san her mood would just gradually worsen.
Kurihara-san showing her feelings was rare. I don’t know what to do.
Though I thought it would be fine staying until mom notices something wrong and comes here, it seems it’d be better to devise an escape plan.

Honestly, I thought of a secret plan a while ago. Though I don’t know if it will go well, it’s worth trying.

“Kurihara-san, could you write the address of this house on some paper?”
“Eh? O-okay.”

Though Kurihara-san tilted her head to the side at my request, she wrote the address on a piece of paper. When I received the paper, I rolled it up. Then I took florist Onee-san’s ass peach out from my bag and pushed the paper into the hole.

I beg you ass peach, sent this letter to Onee-san.

I felt anxious. It was likely to not go well. Although the letter definitely moved into Onee-san’s ass, I wonder if she’ll read the letter or not?
When you feel discomfort from your ass, you’d let it out in the restroom.

“Kurihara-san, could you write the same thing as a moment ago on some more pages?”

Kurihara-san nodded again while looking curious, and wrote three more of the same things down.
If it doesn’t work the first time, there’s no choice but to do it more times. Though it still might be let out into the toilet.
However, I think it’ll work out. Looking at Kurihara-san, the feelings that flow into the ass peach seem to be transmitted something. And as for which I’ve poured the most affection into, it’s florist Onee-san’s ass peach.
Therefore, the feeling that I was in trouble was surely transferred through the ass peach to Onee-san.


Holding the two ornamental bears, a vein rose to Kurihara-san’s temple as she wandered around inside the room.
It seemed that she’d throw it towards the window with enough momentum to break it any time now.
As for Solange-san, she was smiling and sleeping without a care.
She’s mad at her sleeping face huh…
But I’m the one that made her faint, so I don’t see the problem with it. I think that she learned her lesson this time, and Solange-san was lonely after all.
Therefore, if she doesn’t tie me up with a rope, next time I might properly come to eat.

While thinking such a thing, I rubbed Solange-san’s boobs.
Though her hole was loose, she has very good boobs.

“I’ll break the window after all!”

Bringing up both of her hands, Kurihara-san began to run and throw the bear ornaments towards the window.
I jumped up from the bed, grappling Kurihara-san from behind.

“Uu! Even mine, even my boobs will be that be that big eventually!”
“Calm down Kurihara-san. Whether the boobs are big or small, each pair are different. The difference, I don’t know until I rub it.”
“Uu! Uuu!”

Kurihara-san bit her lower lip with teary eyes at my persuasion.

“Then h-how about my boobs!?”
“The best. They’re rank A.”
“Then mother’s!?”
“Best of the best. Rank S.”
“Uuuu! Uuuuuu!”

Letting out a groan, Kurihara-san struggled violently to hurt the ornaments at the window.
Won’t Kurihara-san stop it. How much do you think a pane of glass costs? My pocket money for a year probably wouldn’t be enough.
Something like breaking it, that’s for rich people.

While we struggled, a chime at the front door rang out.

“Kurihara-san! Help may have arrived!”
“Noooo-! Break the window-! Mother is STUPID-! Mine will be like that soon-!”

Though help may have come, Kurihara-san was still going to break the windowpane. Why does she want to break it so much?
I dragged Kurihara-san who was acting violently to the first floor against her will.


I arrived at the front door, then remembered. Kurihara-san’s house had a gate with an iron fence. The time to the house was on the gate.
In other words, if the door didn’t open, there was no point coming to the door.

“Kurihara-san! Where is the intercom?”
“Eh? Umm, walk into the living room–”
“Let’s go!”

Since I asked in a loud voice, Kurihara-san became flustered. I took her hand and ran to the living room.

“Kurihara-san! Since I don’t know how to use the intercom, can I get you to use it?”

Entering the living room, when I raised my voice at the start of my speech, Kurihara-san nodded with round eyes and ran up to the intercom. I chased behind her as well.

As I thought, florist Onee-chan was reflected in the screen of the intercom.
It went after all. Good job ass peach, you did well.
Looking at the screen in front of her, Kurihara-san cast a sidelong glance towards me.

“By any chance, is this Katou-kun’s friend?”
Kurihara-san was judging me with reproachful eyes.
Thinking about it normally, you’d probably think of florist Onee-san as someone coming to Kurihara-san’s house as a guest. Besides, the ages of florist Onee-chan and I were different, so you couldn’t find any point of contact.
But I told Kurihara-san to write the thing on paper. And then I took action when the chime rang. So taking that into account, it became a strong possibility that florist Onee-chan was my acquaintance.
Though I thought Kurihara-san wouldn’t notice, she unexpectedly was sharp in that area…
I was a bit impressed.

“Yeah, that’s right, this person is florist Onee-san. When I came to visit Kurihara-san before, I brought flowers remember? I bought the flowers from Onee-san’s shop.

Though in reality I wanted a potted chrysanthemum.


While looking at me reproachfully, Kurihara-san let out a somewhat disapproving voice. Her cheeks puffed up a little.
She seemed to object florist Onee-san being acquainted with me.
Though Kurihara-san always attended to me, I was somehow happy to see her looking at me with dissatisfaction.
Wait, now isn’t the time to think something like that. It seems Onee-san will go back if she isn’t replied to soon.

“Kurihara-san! Don’t sulk and hurry up! If Onee-san leaves we can’t get out any more!”
“I don’t really mind not being able to leave. Wherever Katou-kun is, I’m fine.”

Saying that in a prickly manner, she puffed out her cheeks and faced away from me.
Though I was a bit happy seeing that, it was troublesome. And even if I couldn’t leave right now, I wouldn’t be so troubled. But since Kurihara-san wants to break a window, even I have to do my best.

“It’s fine already, I managed to do it somehow. Kurihara-san wasn’t useful at all.”
“Eh-!? Ah-, that’s-, I-”

Shaken by my words, Kurihara-san’s prickly manner reversed in a hurry.
Seeing such a Kurihara-san, I was excessively turned on.

“Hey, since Kurihara-san is already good, take off your clothes and point your ass towards me.”
“Eh? Ah, o-okay!”

Pretending to be displeased, I gave Kurihara-san an order. Then Kurihara-san quickly took off her clothes and became naked, pushing out her ass with her back towards me.
Pulling down my zipper, I pulled out my penis and stuck it into Kurihara-san’s ass.


It swallowed my penis in one gulp. The vibrating interior tightening against my penis.
Though I forgot about it, I left the egg vibrator in Kurihara-san’s ass peach. Though it felt good, since I knew using the massager felt even better, I wasn’t completely satisfied…
I reached forward towards Kurihara-san that was leaning forward a bit, grabbing her boob. Then I pressed the button on the intercom screen.

[Ah, is this on? Excuse me, I’m Kurahashi from Flower River.]

I heard the voice of florist Onee-san from the screen. Onee-san bowed in the screen. Though I did press the button properly, it seems it worked well.
With Kurihara-san’s boob in my hand, I began to thrust my hips. Then I put my mouth to Kurihara-san’s ear.

“She’ll hear you if you let out a sound.”

When I whispered that to Kurihara-san, she covered her mouth with both hands and nodded.

“Onee-san? It’s me, remember?”

While hammering my waist into Kurihara-san’s ass, I asked towards the intercom.

[That voice… it was Kikuo-kun after all. I never would have thought…]

Though she seemed surprised, Onee-san seemed to understand from that. Apart from that, who is Kikuo? Is it me? But my name is Akiharu… (TN: Kikuo -> Chrysanthemum Boy. Onee-chan says kanji, while MC sounds it out)
I see, Onee-san doesn’t know my name. Then it’s fine I guess.

“Yeah, it’s Kukuo. I’m in a bit of trouble right now.”
“The key to the house is broken, and I can’t get out of it.”
“The windows won’t open too.”
“The telephone doesn’t work either.”
“Though at worst I’d have no choice but to break the lock and ask a vendor-san for another, does Onee-chan know of a better way?”

Though Kurihara-san was covering her mouth with both hands, whenever I nailed her hips she let out a sweet voice.
Though I told her Onee-san would be able to hear her if she let out a voice, she couldn’t hold it all in. Rather, I feel that more sounds came out.
I wonder if it’s related to the egg vibrator in the ass peach and her nipple being played with by my finger?
Somehow, it seems like her nipple was slightly bigger and firmer than before.
It’s amusing when Kurihara-san trembles from being played with by my finger.

[Though I couldn’t hear it that well, was that the groan of a girl just now?]

From Onee-san’s question, Kurihara-san’s ass shut firmly. Her body stiffened too as she let out a great deal of sweat.
She probably became afraid of Onee-san finding out.

“That’s the sound from the television.
[Ah, so that was it.]

Onee-san easily believed me. Not in my dreams would I guess that something like this would happen on the other side of an intercom.

“Naaa-, feels, good, gooood-”

Then Kurihara-san’s voice raised a bit louder.
She was probably relieved to know that Onee-san misunderstood it as the television.


Let alone the front door, I was worried about how I should explain to Onee-san why the windows couldn’t open either.
Thinking normally, if you can’t get out you also can’t get in.
Even so, I couldn’t say anything about Solange-san. That I was tied up by a rope and locked in the house, I felt it would probably be a big problem if the police learned about it.

Therefore, I decided the daughter of the house would explain it.

“Ah-, that’s-, I-I-, naa-, am-, K-Kurihara-aaaa-, Kozue, I-I’m th-the daughter of the h-house and-, ah-, played around-, hiii-, can’t leave-, comiiiiing-”
While being pounded by my penis from behind, Kurihara-san persevered to explain. Hearing that, Onee-san had on a complicated face in the intercom’s screen.

[Eh? Television? That sound really came from the television?]

And muttered such a thing.


In the end, Onee-san also couldn’t open the door or windows, and also thought that we shouldn’t break a window. She decided to contact a supplier in the morning. Well, obviously.
Since the telephone was broken, we have no means of communication. I also don’t know where the cell phone was hidden.
If that’s the case, I have to keep Kurihara-san from throwing the bear ornaments through a window.

As she left, Onee-san said it.

[I had a feeling Kikuo-kun needed help. Even so, though it’s strange, I feel like Kikuo is always by my side.]

Onee-san didn’t feel the paper coming out of her until the end.
But since she came to Kurihara-san’s now, surely she must have seen it.


It was morning, and just as florist Onee-san said, a supplier came out.
After checking that Solange-san woke up, I had the supplier remove a window. I could leave the house safely.

Solange-san seems to have reflected considerably and apologized to me many times. But if anything, I felt cruel for what was done to Solange-san, so I didn’t push there.
After that, Solange-san stopped running after us day after day. So I would come over to Kurihara-san’s house to visit.
However, when I’m off guard Solange-san would show off and immediately nestle close to me. At times like that, I’d put the massager in the ass peach. Then, with a bestial roar, she would tremble. It was amusing to watch.
Of course the person themselves didn’t know the massager was in their ass, but recently she wouldn’t faint anymore. Instead, it reached the point where it felt comfortable. Then she would snuggle close to me on purpose.

Since then, I often went to meet florist Onee-san. When I went to visit Kurihara-san’s house, I took the opportunity to go to the flower shop.
A chair for my exclusive use was put in the shop. I sat on it and drank tea, watching Onee-san work. Then I secretly played with the ass peach.

No matter how much I intensely played with the ass peach in the shop, Onee-san would keep on a smile serving customers. Somehow or another I want her to have a sloppy face like Kurihara-san. I put in vibrator eggs and stirred them around with the bead stick. But she still wouldn’t get rid of her soft smile.
As one would expect of a pro, she was tough.

But when customers went away, she would crumble down weakly, sitting on the floor as her hips convulsed. And without fail she would glare at me.
Onee-san seemed to vaguely notice I was doing something. She probably doubts me because of that letter. But she seems to not be able to say it because she doesn’t have proof.
So to find proof, she welcomes me with a smiling face when I come to visit. But she can’t find evidence, nor avoid be enjoyed by me.

After all I’m playing with the ass peach before the person herself, it’s so much fun.

So, heading to Kurihara-san’s house today, I walked with Kurihara-san.

“Kikuo-kuuun, heading home now~?”

I heard a voice from behind me. Only florist Onee-san would call me Kikuo.
When I looked back, probably returning from shopping at the supermarket, Onee-san waved her hand while running over.
Seeing that, the person next to me clenched her teeth, glaring at Onee-san like she would shoot her dead.

“Hello Kozue-chan. You’re dazzling today as well.”

Ignoring Kurihara-san’s glare, Onee-san greeted her with the smile cultivated on many customers.
No matter how much she glared, I was pushed by Onee-san’s hands into the the shop. I’m treated lightly by Onee-san after all, and Kurihara-san slumped forward depressed.

“Katou-kun, Kozue~! I made a cake today!”

Solange-san rushed over with great timing. When I’m with florist Onee-san, Solange-san had a high probability to appear as well.
Though she promised to not ambush me, I think she probably always watches me from somewhere.

“Hello Solange-san, you’re also beautiful today.”

Towards Solange-san who was running over while waving both arms, Onee-san gave a polite greeting.

“Youko-chan too~! Youko-chan can come home and eat the cake too~!”

Though Solange-san is shy, she seems to like florist Onee-san. She was friendly, probably because she listened to her.
Solange-san would also often come to meet Onee-san and buy things from her. It seems like Onee-san treats her as an important customer.
As expected of a professional.

When Solange-san and Onee-san are together, Kurihara-san would puff her cheeks up and look away.
Though Kurihara-san has the number one largest boobs in the school year, not to mention comparing them to Solange-san’s and Onee-san’s boobs, she was also shorter and more childish. She seemed to worry about it.
Though the boobs’ size are important for sure, since Kurihara-san has the most comfortable hole, she’s magnificent.

Other than that, it can be very fun when the three meet.
As a matter of fact, these three’s asses are all secretly being fingered.
Since Kurihara-san is shy.
Since Solange-san thinks it is an evil spirit.
Though Onee-san vaguely notices me as the criminal, she doesn’t think it’s the same for Kurihara-san and Solange-san.
Therefore, I put my hand in my bag and flicked the various switches.


When I do this when the three are together, they all awkwardly try to desperately conceal it. The spectacle is every amusing.

“A-ahaha! It’s good weather today too!”

While laughing with a crimson face, Solange-san tried to change the topic by bringing up the weather.
By the way, for Solange-san’s ass peach, I confiscated ‘it’ from the box in her room. An amazingly huge dildo was put in. Its size was more than double mine.
When it’s turned on, it stirs around in her belly.

“Naa-!? Hiu-!?”

Kurihara-san didn’t have the composure to even change the topic, and though she desperately tried to keep calm, her waist was twitching as she let out a splendid voice. No matter how you looked at it the group of them understood the cause of the abnormality.
By the way, for Kurihara-san’s ass peach, I only put in some ping pong balls, the stick of vibrating balls, and some of the vibrating eggs.
The stick and vibrators would vibrate the large amount of ping pong balls that were transferred. A very interesting sound came from her belly. Kurihara-san also seemed to feel very good, her recent favorite.

“K-Kozue-chan, are you feeling ill?”

Onee-san was slightly sweating, but she was the most casual of the three.
The Onee-san that wouldn’t let out a change in tone while serving guests, similarly hid the abnormality when Kurihara-san and Solange-san were there.
By the way, several vibrating eggs were put into Onee-san’s ass peach, but that wasn’t all.
Among all the tools Solange-san had, I used the tool that I recently understood how to use. A small electric pump. A thin rubber tube installed in the pump, it was possible to pour liquid into the pump. Therefore, inside my bag was a plastic bottle filled with water attached to the ass peach.
So water steadily flowed into Onee-san’s stomach, and moreover along with the vibrating eggs’ vibrations.
Looking at Onee-san’s stomach, you could tell it was swelling little by little.
Since she was able to remain calm on the surface, all I could say is that she’s amazing.
But she occasionally looked at me with a sidelong glance. It might be considerably painful.
You gotta show me proof if you want me to stop.

I thought that while looking at the three. Life together with the ass peach, every day was HAPPY.



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