(R18) Happy Peach — Chapter 5

Chapter Five


According to the promise with Solange-san, I decided to alternately shift between studying at my house and Kurihara-san’s house.

Going to Kurihara-san’s house after school on the first day, Solange-san was waiting at the front gate. With an anxious expression, she was fidgeting back and forth in front of the gate.
I hid behind a telephone pole and secretly watched her.
After about an hour had passed, Solange-san was still in front of the gate. She quickly hid behind the gate when a person passed though.
Stranger anxiety through and through huh. Though she was able to come for greetings at my house…

Two hours passed and it became dark. But Solange-san was still waiting in front of the gate.


I called out to Kurihara-san who was hiding behind the telephone pole with me.


Kurihara-san, who was closely snuggled up to me, inclined her head and looked at me.

“Want to go to my house? Since this looks somewhat bothersome.”

Asking that, Kurihara-san smiled.


She nodded lively.


Three weeks passed since then.
I’ve been very bothered recently. Because it felt dangerous in various ways to go to Kurihara-san’s house, I decided to continue going to my house. It’s come to the point that Solange-san appeared near my house frequently.
It appears that she’s been waiting for us to come home. Then when she sees us, she chases.
For that reason, I can’t head straight home after school.

Though Kurihara-san’s dad seems to be a busy person, I feel the reason he doesn’t come home isn’t just because of work.

In the end, Kurihara-san and I don’t meekly come home after school. Since Solange-san would ambush us.
Though it’s not only a bad thing. While it may be true the beauty has big boobs, without being tempted by her appearance, I could study this thing called repentance. In this sense, I thank Solange-san.


It became our daily routine to kill time in the library after school.

Since I was avoiding Solange-san, though I thought a feud would form between Kurihara-san and Solange-san, it doesn’t seem to be like that.
For Solange-san who doesn’t seem to have pride as an adult, she seems to only have pride as a mother. Therefore, I wouldn’t pester Kurihara-san about it.
Even so, though I wanted to avoid talking about it, because of Kurihara-san, it was talked about even if I didn’t ask her.

I wonder if she’s a person of poor caliber. Yet her hole is loose. [TN: Person of poor caliber is ‘small vessel person’. Punny.]

Pretending to study in the library, I loaded Kurihara-san’s ass peach with my penis. By the way, it was only me that was pretending to study. Though Kurihara-san was seriously studying, her grades didn’t improve.
For the sake of doing it during the study meeting in the library, I kept it in mind to not use the restroom as much as possible this morning. The reason is that I wanted to pee in the ass peach.

Kurihara-san and I sat down at the long table in the library to study. We spread out textbooks and notes out on the table. Then, while Kurihara-san started studying with a serious look on her face, her face grew red as a lot of sweat appeared on her face. Her lips trembled.
The cause? I urinated in the ass peach.
Since she was enduring it, I kept peeing large amounts, like a watering can. It feels very good, and moreover since the inside of the ass peach was convulsing nervously, it was an indescribable pleasure.
It’s entirely become a habit.
Then, when I loaded the ass peach with my penis, Kurihara-san’s ass hole would be left open. When I pee like that, it obviously just comes right out. Since her ass hole wouldn’t be closed.
Though if that happened Kurihara-san would leak, it’s alright. Since Kurihara-san wears a diaper.
It’s so extremely embarrassing when I peed in the ass peach that Kurihara-san’s face turned red and she cried.
Even though it should have been very amusing to see Kurihara-san like that, for some reason I felt a pain in my chest. I might have some kind of chest illness.


By avoiding Solange-san’s interference, my peaceful days returned. On one such day, I heard from Kurihara-san that Solange-san said she would be away from the house for a bit. So she would have to look after the house after school.

“Does Katou-kun want to come to my house?”

During break time, after Kurihara-san ‘laid eggs’ behind the school building like always, she asked me while cleaning up the scatters balls.

“I’ll go, but if there’s any obstacles I won’t.”

While watching the nude Kurihara-san cleaning up, I responded.
Kurihara-san’s entire body blushed red, shaking her head while bowing deeply.
Do you want me to come or don’t you want me to come, which is it?

“When will Solange-san be coming back?”

I asked Kurihara-san who was acting suspiciously.
Kurihara-san’s mouth opened and closed, yet no sound came out. With Kurihara-san flusterred, I took off one of the clips that was pinching her pink nipple with my left hand, rubbing it. Simultaneously, I moved my right hand behind her, putting my fingers into her ass.


Kurihara-san looked towards the sky and drooled while I played with her nipple. While I stirred around inside her ass, she let out a nice moan.
After I watched the scene for a bit, Kurihara-san trembled greatly. With a jerk, she collapsed with all fours on the ground.

“Haah, haah… M-mother will come back… tomorrow…”

Breathing heavily, Kurihara-san answered so while staring at me.
Eh? Why’s she acting like this? What’s the meaning behind it?

“M-my head went blank from c-cumming, my stress went away.”

Did she read my thoughts? Kurihara-san explained something she didn’t hear.
Cumming isn’t when you go somewhere, but when pleasure reaches its peak. It was written in the ecchi book. Though while Kurihara-san was spasming, white liquid came out from the tip of my penis.
It’s definitely like Kurihara-san said, cumming releases a lot of tension. Using that seems to be a cure for Kurihara-san’s stress.
What are you thinking about? I thought that Kurihara-san was, again, difficult to understand in various ways.

“That soo… so she’ll be back tomorrow huh?”

Looking upwards, I muttered to the sky.
Ah, that cloud looks like cotton candy. It looks good… I’m hungry.

“Well, guess we’ll stay at Kurihara-san’s house today. Only if Kurihara-san is fine with it though.”

Asking while Kurihara-san looked up at me, for some reason my heart thumped.
Kurihara-san’s eyes opened wide, and for a moment stared at me without moving. Her blue eyes teared up and a smile covered her hole face.


Towards Kurihara-san who nodded deeply, I felt relieved.
I wonder why, but it was somewhat strange. My heart throbbed, it was painful. But for some reason a good feeling spread through me. Though, it hurt.
What’s happening to me? I should go to a hospital.


The room was dark. I can’t speak due to the cloth wrapped over my mouth. Even if the cloth were unfastened, I couldn’t use my hands since they’re bound behind me. Even if I tried to move, my legs were tied so I couldn’t stand up.
Only Kurihara-san could overcome my current situation. She skillfully escaped though.

Laying on the sofa in Kurihara-san’s living room, I prayed for Kurihara-san’s safety while watching Solange-san’s back.

Because Solange-san said she would be absent I came to stay at Kurihara-san’s house, but it was a trap.
By avoiding Solange-san, she seemed to have been considerably wounded. So she lied about being away from the house in order to lure us. Then she violently captured me. So, I’ve successfully fallen into her trap.

When I walked in from the entrance, Solange-san who’d hid behind the door embraced me.
By immediately knocking Kurihara-san away, she somehow avoided being captured.
I’d scowled at Kurihara-san who drew close to me to try and save me.
If we both got caught, we’d lose the chance to get away. So Kurihara-san hid somewhere, laying in wait for Solange-san to show a chance. Will she leave the house to ask someone for help?
I tried to convey my thoughts through my eyes, did my thoughts get through to her? Kurihara-san’s expression tightened as she nodded, running away.

“Even though I made a lot of delicious sweets! Even though I did my best to cook! Why did Katou-kun and Kozue avoid me!?”

Solange-san’s face distorted and looked like she was on the verge of tears, munching on cookies and muttering, “Even though they’re so good…”
The table was lined with dishes of delicious food. The living room was decorated with chains of origami, as well as a sign with “Welcome, Katou-kun” written on it in colored pencil.
Apparently, she was looking forward to me coming here.
What can I say? They’re immensely extreme. Her feelings are way too extreme. Saying she doesn’t have many people she’s on good terms with… isn’t this why she can’t make friends?
Though I thought that Kurihara-san resembled Solange-san in both appearance and personality, Kurihara-san isn’t as extreme in this.
With this, just a bit, I feel that I’be understood the reason Kurihara-san’s father doesn’t come home.


How long has it been since I was thrown onto the sofa? Since the room is dark, I can’t tell that well.
Solange-san is in the living room as usual, and although she was staying near the door, she didn’t leave the room.
Kurihara-san won’t be able to rescue me like this. Though she should be able to slip out of the house. Though she should be able to call for help.

“Let’s eat together. Solange-san told Katou-kun she was good at cooking. Kozue even called mother her pride. Fufu, proud of her mother, ufufu.”

Solange-san was muttering to herself. I felt sick.


Feeling like I heard my name being called, I moved just my eyes. But I only saw Solange-san. Was it my imagination?

–Katou-kun, behind you.

I didn’t imagine it. I definitely heard a tiny whisper.
Just after that, I felt something touch the back of my head. The cloth covering my mouth loosened.
It was Kurihara-san. Kurihara-san was behind the sofa. Though I thought she’d ran away, she was in the living room.
I thought that she’d left the house to call for help, but it was the opposite. I felt relieved.

–I’ll untie the ropes binding your hands and feet.

Towards the whisper that I couldn’t hear if I didn’t concentrate, I nodded.
Though even if my body became freed, if we didn’t manage to do something about Solange-san it won’t be possible to get away. If I’m found and caught, I’ll be bound more tightly next time. Moreover, if Kurihara-san is found, the Katou-kun Welcome Party will probably start.
Then there will be dishes that took her who knows many how many hours to make and a never ending barrage of questions.
That would be very bothersome. So I need to prevent that by any means necessary.
So in order to do that, we have no choice but to incapacitate Solange-san.

The rope on my wrists that tied my hands behind my back loosened, then the rope that bound my ankles together loosened after that. With that I’m free. But if I move she’ll notice immediately.

My last hope is the ass peach. Using Solange-san’s ass peach, I can definitely make her become unconscious.
I’m lucky. Although I’ve recently been leaving Solange-san’s ass peach alone, I brought all three since I was going to stay at Kurihara-san’s house today. However, I don’t have it right now.
Only Kurihara-san’s ass peach is in my pocket. The other two are in my bag. When I was caught by Solange-san, my bag was confiscated.
So I need to get the back while avoiding Solange-san finding out. But how do I avoid her realizing?

I laughed inwardly. I recently started a new experiment. It will help me.

I quietly moved my right hand, putting it into my pocket. Then I took out the ass peach.
I took a plastic bag out from Kurihara-san’s ass peach. This was a new technique, carrying things using the ass peach as a bag.
The plan was simple. I would pack the plastic bag into the ass peach, leaving some out of the hole.
That way, the result in Kurihara-san’s belly would look like the shape of a bag taking shape. Putting things into the bag like that, I could put things in without them getting wet with the viscous liquid.

By the way, the things stored inside Kurihara-san right now are: several ping pong balls, a recorder, castanets, and a pen and eraser. Since the end of the bag stuck out from the ass peach, only the cavity formed in Kurihara-san’s belly so she couldn’t eject the items by will.
In short, although she felt the foreign substances, Kurihara-san wouldn’t be able to know what entered her.

Although the largest thing that could be stored currently is the size of a fish, by steadily expanding the hole, I’ll eventually be able to store bigger things. Then, by substituting a bag for the inside of Kurihara-san’s belly, I could possibly go to school empty-handed.
So I took the necessary ass peach at the necessary time. Yep, it’s very convenient.

Placing five fingers against the ass peach’s hole, I pushed them in. I sensed Kurihara-san writhing in pain behind me, stifling her voice.
Pushing my hand in, it plunged into the hole. Behind me, I felt Kurihara-san tremble with a start.
Phew, it’s pleasant putting my hand into the hole. It’s warm and being wrapped by tight and tender feeling really eased my mind. But it isn’t the time to feel relieved.

Moving my hand around inside the hole, I searched for a ping pong ball. Though I found it without much trouble, the recorder got in the way and I couldn’t get it out.
Letting go of the ping pong ball, I grabbed the recorder. Then I pulled it a little with my hand.


Pulling my hand out from deep in the hole, the recorder followed behind. Though Kurihara-san was writhing fearfully behind me, Solange-san didn’t seem to notice.
Still, no matter how many times I see this mystery, it’s mysterious. Something several times longer than the ass peach coming out of the ass peach completely ignored the laws of physics.
Taking out the recorder, I heard rough breathing from behind me. As you’d expect, Kurihara-san was enduring to not let out her voice.
Then, I fought against the urge to blow into the recorder I’d taken out.
Solange-san would find out if I played the recorder right now. But even if I knew it was no good, I wanted to blow into it.
Even though I found it troublesome to play music when it was time to do so. Strange.

Somehow baring the impulse of wanting to play it, I put the recorder on the sofa. Then I hurriedly thrust my hand into the ass peach once again.
Now that the recorder wasn’t in the way, I was able to easily take out the ping pong balls this time.
I heard rough breathing like panting from behind me. Each time I took a ping pong ball out, I felt her tremble.

Of the three ping pong balls I took out, I grasped one, and checked Solange-san.
She was still hanging around the entrance to the living room. She probably thinks that Kurihara-san is going to come save me. Kurihara-san is behind the sofa, though.

Quietly getting up from the sofa, I faced the opposite wall where the entrance and Solange-san were and threw the ball.
The ping pong ball threw in an arc without making a sound. Plopping down on the sofa before it hit the wall, I pretended to be tied up.

The sound rang out and Solange-san quaked with a start. Subsequently, Solange-san turned towards the sound that was repeating intermittently.


But with the exception of the white ping pong ball rolling on the floor, there was nothing there.

“K-Kozue! Come out! I know you’re there! Mother knows that you didn’t leave Akiharu-kun here and escape!”

Solange-san looked around frantically as her face paled. There was nothing near the wall that the ping pong ball hit. In other words, there was no where to hide. Though since she heard a sound, she probably found it scary.

The moment Solange-san’s field of view left the sofa, I threw another ping pong ball against the wall. Then I returned to being ‘tied up’.


The sound resounded and Solange-san hopped with a start.

“K-Kozue! I-iii-it’s pointless startling mother! Mother isn’t afraid of apparitions or ghosts at all–”

While trembling, a chance appeared as Solange-san raised her voice and her face drained of blood. I threw the third ping pong ball towards the living room’s door. Then immediately returned to being ‘tied up’.


With the sound going off right behind Solange-san, she jumped and collapsed in place. She then shivered with teary eyes.
An amazing coward huh. So with Kurihara-san coming to my house so often this is what happens.

“K-Kozue! E-even though I pampered you so much before, don’t treat mother so coldly now that you’re friends with Akiharu-kun! E-even mother thinks that’s too cruel!”

Doubtfully saying that while looking around, Solange-san began to crawl on all fours like an insect. She was coming toward the sofa I was laying on.
Crap, I meant to lure her out of the living room, but since Solange-san was so easily scared my plan went wrong.
This is a problem. If she got close, she’d know that the ropes are undone. Even so I can’t tie myself up again.

While my thoughts caused me to break out in a cold sweat, Solange-san continued crawling until she was next to the sofa and forcefully embraced me without stopping. My face was suddenly buried in her huge breasts.
Amazing, they’re so big, absolutely larger than Kurihara-san’s.

“I-I have him! Mother has Akiharu-kun~! Come out if you don’t like that! Kozue! I know you’re there!”

Solange-san raised her voice while holding me tightly. Since her boobs were forced against my face, I couldn’t breathe. Although it was very painful, I felt it was a blessing.
Even so, probably carried away by fear, Solange-san didn’t seem to notice that the ropes that tied me were missing.

This is my chance. Solange-san was shaking too much and lost control of herself. I can use this chance to get my bag back and use Solange-san’s ass peach, though there’s one thing.
The essential thing. I can’t move. Since Kurihara-san doesn’t know of the existence of the ass peach, she wouldn’t get the idea of getting my bag back.
I can’t get it anymore. Is this it? When Solange-san calms down, she’ll notice that the ropes that were binding me came off. Then she’ll find Kurihara-san who’s hiding behind the sofa, and the Akiharu-kun Welcome Party will begin.
Do I have no choice but to participate in the Akiharu-kun Welcome Party?

Just as I was about to give up, something moved.


She screamed. Something that sounded like footsteps rang out.

“K-Kozue! I was you after all! It really wasn’t a ghost!”

The strength on the embraced loosened and her boobs went away from my face. I felt a bit of disappointment.
Swiftly looking towards the sound, I saw Kurihara-san opening the living room door and running off.

“K-Kozue! Wait!”

Separating from me, Solange-san started running after Kurihara-san out of the living room.
Yay, amazing, Kurihara-san made herself into the scapegoat to lure Solange-san away. I think this is the first time another kid grew up and became useful.

I jumped up from the sofa and ran to the bag that was placed at the corner of the room, picking it up. At that instant, strength overflowed from inside my body.
With the ass peach so near, I was reassured.
The ass peach was returned to me. Solange-san, it’s unfortunate, but it’s my victory. No, it’s mine and Kurihara-san’s victory.


Following the cute footsteps were hurried footsteps.
Kurihara-san attracted Solange-san’s attention. But one was an adult while the other a child, and even though by all rights it shouldn’t have been a match, it became a chase since neither of the two were good at sports.
But it probably wouldn’t last long.

Before Kurihara-san is caught, I need to do something.

Holding the bag with the ass peach in it, I immediately looked for the kitchen. I’d already thought of a plan. It was a sure win strategy.

A loud sound came from the second floor. Uh oh, did Kurihara-san fall down?

“Oooooow! Kozueee, mother fell dooooown.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at the voice. Looks like Solange-san fell down. The footsteps continued as before–


Then I heard a small cry happen as I thought that. Somehow or another, it seems like Kurihara-san fell down too.
I can’t delay any longer.

I found the kitchen without needing to look for it. That was much natural since it was connected to the living room.
Bolting for it, I took Solange-san’s ass peach out from the bag and stood in front of the sink. Then I stuck the faucet into the ass peach’s hole, turning the handle.
Water came out vigorously, yet not one drop spilled. The reason? It was all funneled into the ass peach.


I wiped the sweat from my brow at the echoing scream, leaving Solange-san’s ass peach where it was and walked.


When I got to the second floor, a miserable scene was exposed to me.

“Hiiiiiiii, ihiiiiiiii-”

Solange-san, who’d fallen in the hallway, had water spouting from her ass while screaming. It was a physically impossible amount of water no matter how you looked at it. That was expected, since Solange-san’s ass peach was sticking to the faucet going at full throttle.

“Nooooooo, it’s scaaaaaaary, saaaave meeeee-”

Trembling in fear at the strange phenomenon happening to her body, Solange-san was on all fours with water gushing from her ass as she asked for help while crying.
But judging by her blushing cheeks, it seemed to feel good. As expected, it is the main body of the ass peach that broke through the ‘千’ mark on its own.

“A-Akiharu-kun, help-, there’s an evil spirit in this old lady’s aaaaaaaassssss-”

When Solange-san noticed me walking, she clung to me with water spouting from her ass.
I quickly dodged Solange-san and looked down.


Solange-san cried as water gushed from her ass. Towards her goofy figure, I unconsciously laughed.
Solange-san noticed me laughing and her faced turned red as if it were burning, covering her ass hole with her hand. But with the hole covered, water collected in her belly. Maybe because it was painful, Solange-san had on an expression of agony and moved the hand that was covering her ass hole.

“Ahiiiii, nooooooooo-”

Since the water filled her belly, it gushed out even more vigorously. Solange-san’s eyes opened wide as she spasmed.
Let’s have her reflect of capturing me and tying me up. I’ll leave her like this for a while.
Though the second floor became flooded, well, they’re rich so it’ll probably be alright.


I walked down the second floor’s hallway, looking for Kurihara-san.
Kurihara-san was simple, so she probably chose a place to hide in a place she was calm in. If that’s the case, she probably chose her room. So I went there in a hurry. Since she simply chose to hide in her own room, she probably thought her getting could would be a matter of time.

Entering Kurihara-san’s room, I looked around. But I didn’t see Kurihara-san.
She’s probably here. I’m sure she is hiding in the closet or under her bed.
Though she’d come out if I called for her, there was an easier method to find her.
I took out Kurihara-san’s ass peach from my bag and pushed a finger into the hole, stirring it around.


I heard a sweet scream from the closet. She was there after all huh?
When I walked to the closet and opened the door, Kurihara-san was sitting with her arms around her knees. She was panting while drooling.

“Kurihara-san, found you.”

When I called out to her, Kurihara-san’s cheeks blushed and her breathing grew heavier, smiling.

“Yeah, you found me.”

Answering me, Kurihara-san stood up and leapt toward me.


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