(R18) Happy Peach — Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Three days have passed since I urinated in the ass peach. Since then, Kurihara-san has been coming to my room every day to desperately read the ecchi book.
I thought that should would surely have finished reading it in two hours. It took almost four hours, but she finished reading it.
And now, she’s currently reading the third book.

According to Kurihara-san, she forgot what she read first when she finished reading. So when she reads it again, she forgets what she read up to.
Infinite loops are scary.

But well, since Kurihara-san is quiet when she reads the ecchi book, it’s fine. Besides, since she said she would obey any order, I decided to experiment and verify various things.

First, I wanted to confirm that when I put something into the ass peach’s hole, it would go into Kurihara-san’s ass.
Sitting at my desk so that Kurihara-san wouldn’t notice, I unzipped my pants and took out my penis. Then thrust it into the ass peach’s hole.


My penis plunged into the hole. Kurihara-san trembled. I shoved it in all the way to the base.
Then, I put the ass peach with my penis in it into my pants.
Although there’s a bit of a bulge, Kurihara-san wouldn’t notice.

I turned my chair and looked towards Kurihara-san, and for the time being I crossed my legs to hide my crotch.

“Hey, Kurihara-san. How is it reading the ecchi book? Stimulating?”

Addressing her, Kurihara-san moved her mouth open and closed, trembling slightly. She then came to her senses and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.
It seems that it feels so good she drooled.

“I-it’s stimulating! It feels very ecchi!”

Kurihara-san didn’t try to hide it and replied straightforwardly. She missed sex appeal.
Why would you hide going to the restroom if you answer like that so obediently?

“Speaking of girls, they get wet when they’re excited. I want to see, so take off your underwear and show me your ass. I want to see it clearly.”

Kurihara-san was obviously in turmoil. When I say to show me, Kurihara-san would show me. When I say to take it off, she’d take it off. But now, her eyes swam about.
This irregularity was caused by the thing in her ass after all. She probably doesn’t want me to see it.

“That’s an order. If you don’t show it, do you want to go home? Kurihara-san, not obeying a command is like drawing legs on a snake. Get it? It’s useless. In other words, it’s useless doing that.”

Although my manner of speaking was a bit severe, I don’t want to skirt around the subject.

“G-got it. B-but, right now, umm, since my ass is a bit strange…”

Putting the book she had in her hands on the floor, Kurihara-san stood up and put her range into her skirt. Then she took down her underwear.

“Y-you said to make it easy to see, what should I do?”

Kurihara-san, who took off her underwear, was twiddling her fingers in front of her chest. She looked away as she asked that.
From her bright red ears, it was easy to understand that she was embarrassed.

“The way you often see it, the way in those ecchi books alright? Use your own judgement. Otherwise, what point would there have you been in coming here every day to read those ecchi books? If you still don’t understand, then you shouldn’t come here anymore.”

From my words, Kurihara-san hurriedly faced me with trembling lips and shaking eyes.
She looks like she might break into tears at any moment.

“I-I’m sorry. Since I’m an idiot…”

With tears collected on her blue eyes, Kurihara-san turned her back towards me. Then she opened her legs to shoulder width and bent over.

“M-my ass… is strange. I’m sorry…”

Saying that with her body bent over, she put her hands behind her and hiked up her skirt. Then, she grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart.
With a smooth motion, a girl’s most important area was exposed.
Probably because of her embarrassment, Kurihara-san’s body trembled slightly, and transparent liquid overflowed in large quantities from her important place.
Although she’s embarrassed, she seems pleased.

“See, you can do it when you try. I got a good view.”

Kurihara-san’s trembling stopped at my sudden words.

“A-a good view… t-thank you! Ehehe, I’ll do my best.”

Pleased from being praised like that, Kurihara-san replied in a bright voice.
Really, I can’t understand if this child is simple or complex.

Standing up, I moved closer to Kurihara-san’s ass, putting my face close to her ass.

“U-um—p-please don’t look…”
“Noisy, since it’s distracting be quiet.”

Kurihara-san bend forward more and stuck her ass out. I wonder if she feels exposed with it stuck out like that? Her squirming white skin was dyed pink.
However, she’s silent due to my scolding. Instead, she was sweating.

“This is… wonderful.”

While I ogled Kurihara-san’s hole, and although she is shy, she suddenly opened her cheeks so that I could easily see her hole.
And before my eyes, the hole was opened gaping wide.
The inside was in full view. Though there was nothing inside.

“Like that, don’t move.”

Telling Kurihara-san that, I reached a hand towards her nether region, and put my right hand into my pants. I then grabbed the ass peach with my penis in it, and slowly pulled it out.


I pulled my penis out. Kurihara-san’s ass shook as she endured it and let out a seductive voice.

“That is surprising…”

A strange phenomenon happened before my eyes. When I pulled my penis out from the ass peach, the hole closed.


Then, when I put it back it, it opened again.

“Na-, nhi-, hauuu-”

Kurihara-san’s ass hole opened and closed with sloppy sounds as I put my penis in and out of the ass peach’s hole.
To try it out, I put my finger into Kurihara-san’s ass hole.
It was perfectly hollow. Though the hole opened in the form of my penis, my penis wasn’t there.


When I traced the edge of the hole to confirm, definitely felt the sense of touching flesh. There was no penis after all.
What the heck is going on. The pen’s cap and pee was transferred, but my penis isn’t. No, since the hole is opening, it is transferring. But I can’t see or touch it.


I temporarily went back to my desk, pulled my penis out from the ass peach, and expanded the hole with my finger. I then put a pen cap in the hole.
The cap disappeared. When I hurriedly returned to Kurihara-san’s ass, I bent over and stared into her hole.

“It’s like that after all.”
“A-au… something cold is inside…”

Opening the ass peach with my finger, Kurihara-san’s ass hole spread open. And in the hole was the cap I’d put into the ass peach.
I carefully put my finger in and took out the cap.


The cap came out covered in viscous liquid. There was no doubt that it was the cap I put into the ass peach.

I see, when I put something entirely into the ass peach’s hole, it is transferred to Kurihara-san’s ass. But if it sticks out from the ass peach’s hole, it doesn’t get transferred. No, it does, but you can’t touch or see it.
This is amazing. Though it defies common sense, seeing it happen, I have no choice but to believe it.
Even if I can’t understand it, it’s the unmistakable truth.

If that’s the case, I’m even more interested.

I returned to my desk and took a string out from the drawer. I tied the string to the pen’s cap and thrust it into the ass peach’s hole. Then I went back to Kurihara-san’s ass hole.
Opening the ass peach’s hole with my finger, Kurihara-san’s hole also opened.


Looking inside Kurihara-san’s open hole, there was nothing inside.
Checking the ass peach, there was definitely the cap.
As expected, since I tied the string to it, it isn’t completely inside the ass peach’s hole. Like this only the shape is transferred to inside Kurihara-san’s ass, and although she can feel it, I can’t see or touch it.


Going back to the desk, I pulled the string and cap out of the ass peach. It should definitely be in the desk.
Rummaging through the desk, I took out a ping pong ball. Also taking out a compass, I made a hole in the ping pong ball. Stringing through the hole, I fixed it so that it wouldn’t untie. Then I added the viscous liquid from the ass peach, lubricating it.
Gently pushing the ping pong ball against the ass peach’s hole, it slowly went it.

“Ha… aa… s-something big… is coming iiiin.”

While unreasonably spreading the hole, the ping pong ball sank in little by little. Then, as soon as the hole swallowed the ball halfway, it gulped the rest down.
The ass peach’s hole closed with only the string sticking out.
As you’d expect, it was a hole that exceeded the ‘千’ mark. It really gulped down that ping pong ball.

“Aah, something went iiin, something went in my aaaass!”

I seemed painful, but after listening to Kurihara-san’s inviting groan after returning to her ass, I thrust a finger into Kurihara-san’s closed ass hole.


Kurihara-san trembled timidly. There was a hollow cavity inside.
As I expected. The cavity was in the shape of the ping pong ball. Although if I put the ping pong ball in it would transfer, but with the string attached, I can’t see nor touch it.

Amazing, the ass peach is amazing. This is an amazing feature.

I forced the string into the ass peach to test it out. I then thrust my finger into Kurihara-san’s ass hole.

“Aah, afuu-”

Feeling the string with my finger, I hit a solid object with the tip of my finger. The ping pong ball that I couldn’t touch a moment ago was definitely in Kurihara-san’s ass.
When I took the string out from the ass peach, at that instant the ping pong ball disappeared from Kurihara-san’s ass. But the cavity in the shape of the ball was still there.

What an amazing feature. An impossible thing happened right in front of my eyes.

The spirit of inquiry and curiosity welled up.


After pulling the string and ping pong ball out, I thrust three fingers into the ass peach’s hole.

“Naa-, ahi-, naaaa-”

I crammed five fingers into the ass peach. Although this would normally be quite unreasonable, since it’s Kurihara-san’s ass peach that exceeded ‘千’ it should work.

“Oooh-, naaaaaa-, you’ll break iiit, my ass will breaaaak, ogoooo-”

Kurihara-san let at an abnormal voice and trembled. Even though I’ve thoroughly groped it till now, this is the first time I’ve put my entire hand in. As you’d expect it was painful, and she howled like a wild beast.
Kurihara-san persevered, and I entered a little more.

The ass peach’s hole was opened abnormally wide, swallowing everything down to the base of my thumb, and from there suddenly swallowed my entire hand.


It went in, my whole hand went in. Wonderful. For the first time, I thought Kurihara-san was wonderful. Though in this case it was the ass peach that was wonderful, though that doesn’t mean that Kurihara-san wasn’t amazing with the imitated sensations.

Because my hand went in, Kurihara-san’s ass hole was opened as wide as my arm. The contents were completely exposed to see. The inside was unexpectedly grotesque.
While admiring it, I unzipped my pants and took my penis out. Then thrust it into Kurihara-san’s ass.
Then, I felt the foreign hand in the ass peach.

Just as I thought. The hollow was in the shape of my hand, but nothing touched my penis. However, to the hand that was in the ass peach’s hole, I could certainly feel my penis.
In other words.

“Naa-!? Ogo-!?”
“Wow, this feels good-”

When I grasped my penis with the hand in the ass peach, Kurihara-san’s asshole changed into the shape of my penis.
Normally speaking it wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t move my hips, but when I stroked my penis with the hand in the ass peach, it was like Kurihara-san’s ass was stroking my penis. In other words, just by standing there I was getting off.
Although I was stroking myself, I fell into the illusion that it was Kurihara-san’s asshole that was stroking my penis, and it felt very good.

“Ao-!? Ao-!?”

Kurihara-san trembled and let out a cry like a seal. Though whether it was painful or pleasurable I couldn’t tell, but at least it felt very good for me.

In the end, I let it out three times inside of Kurihara-san’s ass. And Kurihara-san fainted standing up.
As expected, this would push Kurihara-san away. Although I don’t think I’d say want her to come to my house again, at least there’s no problem even if she isn’t here because of the ass peach.

Though I thought that, Kurihara-san came to my house the next day as normal.
I don’t understand whether this person is bold or fragile.


During class, I worked hard with both hands in my desk, and Kurihara-san stared into space with unfocused eyes. Like she didn’t hear the class at all.

In the desk was Kurihara-san’s ass peach and a lot of ping pong balls. I pushed the ping pong balls into the ass peach one by one.
After putting my hand into the ass peach’s hole, it’s reached the point where ping pong balls go in easily.


When I pushed the balls in deeply, Kurihara-san trembled and raised a muffled voice. Though the whole class focused on Kurihara-san, I continued working with an innocent look.
How many had I put in? I lost count. Well, it’s fine. I kept putting them in.

Ping pong balls suddenly appeared in her ass. To Kurihara-san, this was nothing more than a bizarre phenomenon.
Even if she gets afraid and goes to a hospital, it’s impossible to find the cause. Besides, nobody would the that it transferred from the ass peach. In the first place, I’m the only person to know of the ass peach’s existence.
It was to the point that Kurihara-san was more surprised than afraid. After her ass being thoroughly fingered, it seems she became accustomed to the phenomenon. She seemed to depend on the existence of someone that gave her the pleasure.
If anything, she seemed to be more afraid of the phenomenon ending.


By the time for break, the ping pong balls in the desk had been reduced by half.
It’s amazing, the ass peach is amazing. No matter what I put in, the ass peach itself doesn’t change. Since everything put in is transferred to Kurihara-san’s belly.

I stood up from my seat, put the ass peach and a left over ping pong ball into my pocket, and left the classroom. Then I went behind the school building.
Restrooms are crowded during break. Even the restrooms for the special classrooms, other than after school, there were people there.
The point was, although people go behind the school building during lunch and after school, they don’t come during the day. In other words, this place was deserted.

After a while, Kurihara-san unsteadily walked over.
Her cheeks were blushed, breathing roughly, staring at empty space with vacant eyes. And she was holding her stomach with her right hand.

Kurihara-san walked in front of me and began taking off her clothes on her own.
It was an act described in the ecchi book he lent Kurihara-san. Ping pong balls stuffed into her ass, then something like giving birth to them.
Kurihara-san finally memorized the contents of the book and was able to do it without being told anything.

Folding the clothes she took off, Kurihara-san put them on the ground. She also took off her underwear and put them on the folded clothes.
Other than her white socks, she wasn’t wearing anything. No, there were clips on her nipples. That was described in the ecchi book.
As for attaching clips to her nipples, I didn’t order that. Kurihara-san did that on her own. Though it looks painful, it seems to feel good.

Standing at attention nude in front of me, Kurihara-san turned her back to me. Then she squat where she was with both hands on the ground and slowly raised her ass.
Her raising her ass made her look like a frog.

I squatted down in place, looking into Kurihara-san’s ass hole. Even though I’m very accustomed to it, it was a beautiful pink hole.

“Nuu-, nuuuuu-, fuuuuuu-”

Kurihara-san braced her legs and her whole body stiffened. Simultaneously, her ass hole twitches and started to move.

“Ooh, amazing, amazing.”

And with a pop, her ass hole opened. Something white began to show its face. Of course, it was a ping pong ball that I’d put into the ass peach during class.
The hole opened unreasonably wide and slowly, the ping pong ball gradually appeared, then dropped.
The ping pong ball fell to the ground with sticky strings attached, coming from the colon. The scene was like watching a turtle lay eggs on television.

“Haa-, haa–nuuu-, fuuuu-”

Sweat gushed from her whole body, Kurihara-san’s skin dyed in pink, and without resting soon began laying eggs.
Break would end soon if she didn’t hurry up.

A ping pong ball appeared in the open hole, and dropped more smoothly than the first ball.
The ping pong ball dropped to the ground with sticky strings and Kurihara-san was breathing heavily. She immediately began to lay the next one and her ass quivered.

“Aga-!? Higi-!?”

She made a pained groan that was full of pleasure.
I’m the cause. I pushed the ping pong ball I brought from my desk in to the ass peach. In other words, while Kurihara-san was dropping ping pong balls from her ass, a new ping pong ball appeared.
Even if she endured it, it wouldn’t end. Infinite loops are scary ya know.


Since she wasn’t frustrated anymore, Kurihara-san’s behavior calmed down.
She suddenly moaned in the middle of class, began to tremble, sweated abnormally, peed, Kurihara-san was surprisingly serious.
However, she still wandered about near me like before and running after me.
Though thanks to that, Kurihara-san’s reputation plummeted, so I wasn’t watched anymore.

Kurihara-san’s reputation dropped sharply, so although I felt slightly sorry, experimenting is fun so it can’t be helped.
In addition, it may be a good thing since the person herself is pleased.

According to Kurihara-san, those that were only her friends on the surface and clung to her till now left, and some true friends who were worried stayed.
I true friend will help you when you’re in trouble, I told her.
But since she’s not actually in trouble, I felt a bit of guilt.

Though I want to make up with Tamotsu-kun, it’s pretty hard. I wonder if there isn’t a good way…


After school, I prepared to leave the classroom and head home. Walking home from school, Kurihara-san joined up before I knew it. This became the usual scene.
Though I thought her a disappointing child in various ways, I thought she might be able to do things if she put her mind to them.

When I arrived home and went through the front door, there were unfamiliar shoes. A woman’s.

“Huh? Those are Mother’s shoes.”

Following me into the entrance way, Kurihara-san stood next to me and muttered.
Solange-san’s shoes? Solange-san came to my house?
That reminds me, I’ve neglected Solange-san’s ass peach recently. I always carry florist Onee-san’s and Kurihara-san’s ass peach. When I use Kurihara-san’s ass peach, florist Onee-chan’s ass peach is nearby.

Florist Onee-chan’s ass peach is spoiled by me trembles when it’s lonely, it’s the cutest after all.

Apart from that, Solange-san’s ass peach is loose and not that comfortable. Though I left it alone, it broke through the ‘千’ mark on its own, and it growing increasingly loose.
Though it’s bad to say, it’s to the point that it’s over-sized.
Kurihara-san’s ass peach that had exceeded the same ‘千’ mark on the other hand, its flexibility and closing power felt good.


Heading to the living room, Mom and Solange-san were talking with smiling faces.
Since Kurihara-san was a frequent visitor to my house, she seems to have come to give thanks for the previously given gift.
Solange-san is young and beautiful with big boobs. With Mom sitting across from her, the difference was obvious.
Mom, who never puts on make-up at home, was right on the mark today. But excessiveness is a taboo. Since she can’t win no matter what she does.

Fished with light greetings, I went to the second floor with Kurihara-san to study.
As usual, today I’ll happily carry out experiments with Kurihara-san and the ass peach.

“You should occasionally come by our house to play you know?”

However, Solange-san sat down next to Kurihara-san.
Soon after we got to the second floor, Solange-san came into my room for some reason.

“You know, I don’t have any friend. So when Kozue is out, I’m home alone.”

Smiling sadly, Solange-san said such a thing. Sitting next to her, Kurihara-san pouted her lips and sulked.
No friends huh. Even though she said something so similar to a certain somebody, it seems that since that certain somebody made a friend recently, she lost huh.

“Kozue clings to Akiharu-kun, and I’ve also often troubled you in your house, so, how about it? Think you could study at my house? Go to each others’ houses alternatingly?”

Solange said such a thing with bright blue eyes and both hands in front of her chest. Though she’s a big breasted beauty, she’s a lonely adult huh.

“Is the father late in coming home?”

So she wouldn’t notice, I sat on the chair before stuffing a ping pong ball into Kurihara-san’s ass peach and asked Solange-san a question.
Pushing ping pong balls in one after another, Kurihara-san blushed and began breathing roughly. Feeling good, she seems to have forgotten that she was sulking.

“He goes on many business trips, let alone coming back once a week, he can be gone for a month.”

Putting her hand to her cheek, Solange sigh with a ‘Fuu’.
So that’s why her ass peach broke through the ‘千’ mark own it’s own huh.

“Got it. Then excuse me for intruding in the future.”
“Future? Can’t you come by tomorrow? Since I’ll make some delicious sweets, how about it?”

It probably can’t be helped since she’s lonely, but Solange-san harassed me for an answer. Clinging on to her daughter’s acquaintances huh, guess she really doesn’t have friends…
Still, don’t you have pride as an adult?

“My mother also unexpectedly has free time. How about making friends with her?”
“U-… T-that’s…”

Solange-san looked down, putting down the hands in front of her chest, she nervously twined her fingers together. Then gave me an upward glance.

“I-if it’s an older person, it’s strenuous… From my view, if it’s Akiharu-kun, you seem admirable and easy-going…”

The same as a certain somebody, Solange-san answered very obediently. Though I understood it thanks to that, I think it’s better not to say it.
Well, whatever. Calling me honest here, I can go and visit without hesitating.

“Got it. Then I’ll head over to Kurihara-san’s house tomorrow.”

When I answered with that, Solange-san had on a smile that covered her whole face. With a start, she left the room saying that she would go cook some delicious sweets and cuisine.

“Kurihara-san’s mom, though she’s a beauty, she’s a pitiable person huh?”

While asking Kurihara-san, I pushed more ping pong balls into the ass peach.


Wondering if she didn’t hear me, I saw Kurihara-san tremble while breathing heavily and staring into nothingness, drooling slovenly.
Yep, both of them are bad.


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