(R18) Happy Peach — Chapter 3

Chapter 3


It would become a very troublesome thing. Though I thought that, it wasn’t like that looking at the outcome.

Kurihara-san was obedient towards me, and really listened to anything I said.
Consequently, when I told her to pee on the way home from school with an utterly dubious face, she really lowered her underwear and peed on the roadside.

Peeing outside is a crime. Although I didn’t really think that she would do it and was surprised, when I recovered Kurihara-san was squatting and peeing.
The sitting pose was safe, yeah.

Also, when I told her to strip in the physical education supply room during physical education, she really stripped. I hurriedly stopped her when she tried to pee of her own accord.
If she peed in the physical education supply room, the teacher would get angry. The room would reek of pee.

Towards Kurihara-san who selfishly acted on her own without being told to, I scolded her just a bit. Then Kurihara-san cried and begged forgiveness. According to her, she seems to have thought that she’d be disliked by me if she didn’t play it by ear and read my mind.
I can’t be read at all. That’s an entirely fruitless exercise.

Anyway, is appears to be true that should would listen to any order I gave her. Though foreseeing that she would do something I couldn’t predict of her own accord, I was stumped. Since the person herself was innocent it was even nastier.
So I dedicated to make some rules.

One, don’t anticipate my orders.
Two, don’t speak to me at school.

I ordered these two rules to be followed without fail.
And Kurihara-san obeyed by orders properly.


One week after I made the rules. Kurihara-san was more or less following the rules.
I say more or less because rather than not following them, perhaps I should say that she’s exploited a loophole in the rules.
Poking butt holes is her specialty, so it seems she’s good at poking holes in things.

When class ended, Kurihara-san stood up and started to wander around my seat. She stopped now and then, looking at me with twinkling eyes.
She certainly wasn’t talking to me. However, like this the rule of not speaking to me had no meaning.
The girls in the class also seemed to notice and began to question her inexplicable behavior.

Kurihara-san probably doesn’t mean any harm. I wonder if she thinks it’s fine so long as she doesn’t speak? Even though the current situation is more of a problem than speaking normally…
On that subject, Kurihara-san isn’t aware of that though, she appears to be a bit slow. She’s also bad at sports. In short, you should say she’s a person who’s only good for their looks.

Since Kurihara-san wanders nearby during every break time, it’s become impossible for me to grope the ass peach during breaks. Coincidentally, that means that Kurihara-san becomes frustrated.
Even so, I can’t play with Kurihara-san’s ass peach during class. If I did that, Kurihara-san would end up having to go back and forth from the infirmary.
Even going to the restroom, Kurihara-san follows me, like two people on good terms with each other going to restroom.
So other than times when I really need to use the restroom, I can’t grope the ass peach in the restroom.
In other words, Kurihara-san’s frustration accelerated.

“W-why? Why are you avoiding me?”

While walking home from school with Kurihara-san following me like usual, she asked with a sad face.
This person, is she serious? Has she really not realized it’s her actions that’s been digging her own grave?
Because of her excessively foolish behavior, I thought she was doing it on purpose at first. Her seriousness caused my mouth to hang wide open.

“S-since we left the school, you said you’d do ecchi things, you said right? Katou-kun said it right?”

Kurihara-san, who had been walking trudgingly, picked up her pace to stand next to me. Her blue eyes were sparkling with anticipation.
Though I certainly said that, I’m tired and not in the mood. Because of Kurihara-san, I’m utterly exhausted mentally.

I didn’t do something. I didn’t concentrate on the rules more. I think that if a person doesn’t do something from a to z in order, that person is no good.

“I’m going home for the day. I’m worn out from Kurihara-san’s bothering.”
“S-sorry! I-I didn’t mean any harm! Since I’m not that smart, was it something I said? Because I’ll do anything! Should I pee on the roadside again?”

In a hurry so that she wouldn’t be abandoned by me, Kurihara-san put her hands into her skirt then and there and lowered her underwear.
Looking around, several old men were walking on the street, watching Kurihara-san with dazzling eyes. There were some old women too, but they didn’t seem to notice.

“Didn’t I say that you shouldn’t do things on your own? I was just interested in where pee comes out from girls, not that I was particularly interested in seeing it. So pull up your underwear.”

Kurihara-san bowed deeply at my words and put back on the underwear that had been lowered to her knees. She was watching me with careful attention. So I put on a forced smile.
The passing old men glared at me and clicked their tongues.

“Then, what do you want to do? Will you go home obediently?”

I asked Kurihara-san while letting out a sigh.

“I-I’ll follow your order! S-so, I want Katou-kun to give me an order! I’ll do anything so order me anything!”

Kurihara-san replied in a bright smiling face. It was incredibly irritating.
Despite me hearing that she wants anything, she ordered it. Although I’d prefer a submissive appeal from Kurihara-san, it’s none of my concern. Because I heard it, I should answer frankly.
I was so amazed at the conversation that was so out of whack that my mental fatigue only increased.

Even though all I said that I was going home, she responded by saying she would do anything I said. If left like this, it won’t go anywhere.

“Hey, Kurihara-san.”
“P-please call me Kozue! It’s fine to call me with my first name!”

When I called her name, she said such a thing.
I don’t want to call her Kozue. I also don’t want to call her name without honorifics. If I did something like that, this person would be under the impression that the wall between us disappeared, and would just be more likely to do things on her own.
Tamotsu would like me to keep a fixed distance between me and Kurihara-san.

“Hey, Kurihara-san.”
“… Yeah.”

Since she wanted me to call her without honorifics, Kurihara-san became despondent.

“Want to come to my house?”
“…. Ueh?”

When I asked Kurihara-san, who was feeling down and hanging her head, she raised her head and let out an idiotic sound.
We stand out too much quarreling in the middle of the way like we are, so taking her to my house is better. Then she can go home when she’s satisfied.

“Don’t want to come? Then–”
“I-I’ll go! I’ll definitely go!”

Vigorously raising her right hand in response, Kurihara-san’s cheeks were dyed pink and a smile covered her entire face.


Arriving at my house, we entered from the front door. Behind me, Kurihara-san was emitting an aura full of delight while following me with a smile.

It’s troubling. This person, although she’s cute since it was dark her natural cuteness was suppressed. When she walked with a smile across her entire face, most people turned around to stare. In short, she stood out.
I wonder if someone from our school saw us… That would be troublesome…
I have to concentrate the rules after all. If I’m unlucky I’ll get bullied at school.

“Mom, I brought at friend home. We’re going to study together.”

Walking down the hallway and facing the kitchen, I opened the door and called out.

A friend? That’s unusua-… eh?”

Mom, who was reading a magazine while sitting on a chair by the dining table, looked up and froze.

“B-blonde hair? Blue eyes? Eh? This child, isn’t she Kurihara-san?”

With a quivering voice, mom asked me that.
Since Kurihara-san is famous. She was a popular topic during parent’s day. Which reminds me, I’ve never seen Solange-san on the parent’s days.
I get the feeling she doesn’t come because of anxiety around strangers.

“Eh? W-why did you bring Kurihara-san home? No matter how good your grades have been recently, how did you grab hold onto such a high level girl…”

Although I thought she was saying something fairly rude, meh. Whatever.

“P-pl-ple-pleas-good to meet you. I-I’m-K-Ku-Kurihara, Kozue. I-I’m… K-Ka-Katou-kun’s… friend!”

Kurihara-san introduced herself to mom and was fidgeting with a bright red face. Moreover, compared to her relatively quiet voice, she emphasized “friend” with flaring eyes.
Although moms usually are, this is also troublesome.
It’s best to get to my room immediately.

“B-but the tea-!”
“Don’t need it. It’s fine. And Kurihara-san isn’t a guest. We’re studying. It’s hard to focus if you do unnecessary things.”

After trying to get up to prepare tea from sitting, mom was stunned.

“Besides, if we fuss too much for her, it’ll be difficult for Kurihara-san. Since she came to study, for things like tea, cakes, or chatting, it’d be better off at a library. So don’t mind it. See ya.”

Giving mom the decisive blow, I turned around and started walking down the hallway to go to the second floor.
Because I started walking so quickly, although Kurihara-san tried to chase after me, she stayed and bowed towards mom first. Then she bolted and stuck close behind me.

“Don’t say anything unnecessary. Don’t do anything unnecessary. If you don’t follow those things, I’ll never invite you to my house again.”

Without looking behind me while going up the stairs, I spoke without facing her.

“I-it’s okay! Even I know that much! T-then, if I follow those, will you invite me over again?”

Although I heard Kurihara-san answer vigorously, hearing her voice, it seems she can’t help having her mind on coming to my house again.
I’m worried. After all, this child is very difficult to deal with. I’d be saved if she didn’t ask so many questions though.


We entered the room and closed the door. Kurihara-san entered the room behind me. While crossing her fingers in front of her chest, she looked around the room restlessly while blushing.

“Though it’s small, please endure.”

When I said that with a sigh and bit of cynicism, Kurihara-san nodded deeply towards my stiff smile.

“It really is! It’s small!”

And showing a behavior of paying attention to me, she obediently answered.
This child, I wonder if she knows what lip service is? Even if you think it is small, you don’t say it. Isn’t that much common sense?

“H-hey, Katou-kun. D-do you… have ecchi books? B-boys all have them right?”

Kurihara-san quickly drew near me, holding the sleeve of my jacket. My eyes blurred from hearing something like that.
An erotic topic right off the bat. Forcibly taking me that direction. It was probably because of her dissatisfied desires.
Even though Solange-san is emotionally weak, she’s strangely aggressive here. If I’m not careful they seem to take wild actions, it’s dangerous. Though if I don’t satisfy her, it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever go home.

“I have ’em. I’ll show you.”

Let’s do it quickly so she’ll go home. Thinking that, I took out several volumes ecchi books that were hidden and handed one to Kurihara-san.
Receiving a book, Kurihara-san probably didn’t think that I would actually take them out and her ears turned red as she became flustered. However, she hugged the book firmly.

“I want you to do the things described in the book. This is an order, understood?”

Even if she said she would do anything, it’s better to give it as an order. Moreover, making her read an ecchi book and saying that I want her to do what is drawn, it wasn’t necessary to be troubled about giving orders.

“G-got it! O-one moment! I’ll learn it!”

Nodding deeply, Kurihara-san sat down, opened her eyes wide and began to read the ecchi book with a bright red face.
She read with a very serious expression. Like the day before a test, it was like she was a person desperately trying to learn something by heart. I think no one has seen an expression like that towards that book though.
I had free time until Kurihara-san finished reading the book so I went to my desk and sat down. Taking out the ass peach of the florist Onee-san, I killed time by shoving my finger into the hole.
The ass peach jiggled joyfully from being groped. With my fingers inside, it desperately undulated the insides of its hole. However, its skills still had a way to go.
But still, the florist Onee-chan’s ass peach is still the most adorable.


Groping the ass peach, I suddenly recalled something.
Even if you let it out in the ass peach, the liquid disappears. Though I ignored it since I wouldn’t understand even after thinking about it, the experimental body is in the room right now.
This is a good opportunity. Let’s verify it.

I put florist Onee-san’s ass peach away and took out Kurihara-san’s ass peach.
I was amazed that the character for one thousand, ‘千’, appeared. Although the frequency I used Kurihara-san’s ass peach declined since six of the ‘百’ appeared, the speed at which the ‘正’ appeared increased. So after leaving it alone, ten ‘百’ appeared and it broke through to the ‘千’ mark on its own.
By the way, Solange-san’s ass peach mass produces ‘正’ at a terrifying rate. Though it only has four ‘百’ now, at the current pace it will soon overtake Kurihara-san’s.
Definitely her mother’s daughter.

On that subject, the florist Onee-san’s amount of ‘正’ hasn’t increased much. No, although it’s increasing at a good momentum, it pales to the Kurihara mother daughter pair’s rate.

I stuck a pen into the hole of Kurihara-san’s ass peach while thinking of that.


Hearing Kurihara-san’s voice behind me, she seemed to be surprised, looking away from the ecchi book in her hands. She muttered “Came after a long time” with shining eyes.
It’s okay, even if I grope it with her this close, there’s no way she’ll notice.

Turning towards the desk, I opened the ass peach’s hole with the pen to look.


Though I heard a voice from behind me, I ignored it.
And so an unbelievable scene happened in front of me.
The thing put into the ass peach’s hole, I never looked inside the opened hole. Something like that, I didn’t think of that.
There was nothing in the opened hole. However, the red meat just wriggled.
I pushed the pen in. After the pen went past the hole’s opening, it vanished.
What the heck is going on?
While leaning my head to the side, I pushed the pen in and out.

“Ah-, ah-, feels good. Though it would be better bigger-”

Though the thing behind me is noisy, I ignored it.
Pushing the pen in, there was definitely watery sound effects. The pen pressed against something hard and there was some resistance. In other words, there was the pen.
Pulling it out, the pen that had definitely disappeared was there, covered with a viscous liquid.
I stuck it into the hole again and enlarged it to look inside.

“Aaah-, spreading it so wiiiide, it’s embarrasiiiing.”

So noisy. Saying that it’s being spread with a voice full of so much pleasure like that, I understand.
Though I’d prefer it if she were more quiet since she’s distracting me, because I’d be troubled if she were quiet and noticed the ass peach leaving her as is is best.

I pulled myself together and looked inside the hole.

“Feels like their staring! Someone is staring at my shameful place!”

Aah, so noisy.
Hmm? Wait a sec. It’s embarrassing for you to be seen?
Sticking the pen into the hole, it vanished after passing the entrance to the hole after all. Then after pulling it out, it turned back to normal.
Though I knew it was a shared sense, was I wrong perhaps?
When I put it in the hole, though I’d understand if she’d felt it, saying that she was embarrassed from being seen, I get the feeling it isn’t just shared senses.

Perhaps… is the hole connected to Kurihara-san herself? In other words, the reason she can understand is that they are one in the same thing?
Then Kurihara-san is the main body, while the ass peach is Kurihara-san’s ass itself? Though I can’t understand what that means, I can’t think of anything else.
That reminds me, while groping the ass peach, I’ve never looked at Kurihara-san’s ass hole.
When I finger the ass peach, what happens to Kurihara-san’s ass hole?
I put the cap of the pen into the hole to try it out. Naturally, the cap disappeared.

“Ah, what-!? Something entered-!?”

I put the ass peach and the pen into the desk drawer, looking behind me with a sidelong glace to confirm.
Kurihara-san looked away from the book and touched her ass while surprised.
I’ve never left something in the ass peach. Though I said that, I have left my penis juice inside.
The liquid disappeared, and where did it go? And the pen’s cap?
If my hypothesis is correct, the pen’s cap disappeared into Kurihara-san’s ass hole.
If this hypothesis hits the mark, this has become absurdly amusing.
However, I can’t confirm it. If I put the pen’s cap into the ass peach then suddenly went to confirm it, even Kurihara-san would think it suspicious.
Besides, it would be even more suspicious that a pen’s cap came out from her ass hole.
So I entrusted it to Kurihara-san’s actions. She’ll say that she remembered something and rush to the bathroom.

“O-one moment, I just remembered something.”

Kurihara-san stood up saying that and left the room cheerfully.
It’s amusing that she moved as expected. Though remembering you have to do something, don’t you have no choice but to go home? I should have said that she could use the bathroom.
Incidentally, since Kurihara-san is at my house for the first time, she doesn’t know where the restroom is.
Well, if she checks rooms one by one she’ll eventually find the restroom, but I don’t think Kurihara-san would be that impolite.
In other words.

“U-umm… I-I don’t have any particular business with the restroom, but where is it? I-I want to confirm it…”

Opening the door, Kurihara-san who seemed uncomfortable peeked her face in.
Uh huuuh.
You’ll pee on the roadside, but it seems you don’t want me to know you need to use the restroom.
Simple or complex, I don’t get this person that well.


When I guided Kurihara-san to the bathroom, she said, “Here huh, got it!”, and followed me back to the room.
Then she sat on the floor to read the ecchi book. Though now her knees rubbed against each other restlessly, frequently moving her ass.
It can’t be helped that she was worrying about the foreign object in her ass.

“Ah, I just remembered something! I’ll be back soon!”

After a while, Kurihara-san raised her voice unnaturally, standing up and energetically left the room.
It seems that no matter what, she doesn’t want me to know that she is going to the restroom.
Why she is so obstinate about it, I can’t comprehend.

Before long, holding Kurihara-san’s ass peach, I left the room and went towards restroom.


When I arrived at the restroom, I put my ear against the door.

“What is it? Something’s inside…”

I heard Kurihara-san’s uneasy voice.

“I-it’s no good, it goes farther in when I put my finger in… what to do?”

Though she seemed to struggle taking out the foreign object in her ass, it doesn’t seem easy to take it out.
Even though she only needs to squat and force it out.

“I-I wonder if I should force it? No choice but to try it.”

I heard her embarrassed and shaking voice. I see, although the taperred point of the cap went in easily, it gets caught in the reverse? Didn’t think about that.
When it comes to that, although pushing it out is fine, how should you push it out?
Troubled for a moment, I thought of something good.
If things put in the ass peach go into Kurihara-san’s ass, then other things will work too.
Like a liquid. Right, I can pour a liquid into the ass peach and it will go into Kurihara-san’s ass. The cap should be washed out when I drain the liquid.

Though I decided on putting water in, I refrained.
Come to think of it, I kind of need to pee. Though Kurihara-san is in the restroom, and it’s troublesome to go down to the first floor, and I also don’t want to leave and stop the observation.
Yeah, I’ll pee into the ass peach. When peeing into the ass peach, the liquid will accumulate in Kurihara-san’s belly.
Although I don’t want to soil the ass peach, it will be Kurihara-san’s belly that will be soiled so it’s okay.

Pulling down the zipper of my pants, I took out my penis and stuck it into the ass peach.


A small scream came from the other side of the door, probably surprised at my penis suddenly being inserted.
Though since it was only about half hard, it wasn’t enough and I had to do it again. So I moved the ass peach up and down, taking it in and out with a sloppy sound.
Aaah, Kurihara-san’s ass peach feels the best after all.

“Aaah, nooo, not nooooow. Something’s inside, it’s getting pushed farther iiiin.”

Whining could be heard from the other side of the door, it was Kurihara-san’s cry driven by panic.
Saying that I put my penis in the ass peach, putting my penis into the hole means that I put it into Kurihara-san’s ass.
In other words, the cap of the pen that’s in the hole is pushed farther inside by my penis.
Though there was no feeling of the cap touching my penis. What does that mean?

“Ah, but it’s so amaaaazing, it’s been so long since it was put in, though it’s scaaaary, it’s going inside faaaast, it feels so good, don’t stooooop, keep goooooing.”

Although the foreign object was pushed farther inside and she was afraid that she may not be able to take it out anymore, on the other hand it felt good and she wanted it to continue so it blotted out the fear. She seems confused.
I was also feeling quite good and didn’t stop, not to mention the ass peach that had evolved, and I took my penis in and out of it in a trance.
I wonder if the ‘千’ was just for show?

“Aah-, aaaaaaaaaah.”

The hole clamped firmly, the resistance doubling the pleasant sensation, and my lower back quivered on it’s own. Then the mouth-watering pleasurable feeling was over and I ejected the liquid into the hole.
After a moment, the hole’s strength went away. Then, my urge to pee rose.

“Well then, I’ll do it without hesitating.”

I put power into my waist, though I felt a little guilty, I urinated in the hole.

“Haah, haah, eh-!? What!? Something’s coming in!?”

Breathing heavily, Kurihara-san let out a marvelous cry.
This is quite pleasant. It feels better than going outdoors, since it doesn’t come with the sense of guilt. Though the ass peach is also the same, peeing in the warm hole felt much better than going outside.
This might become a habit.

“I-it’s no good, it’s coming, it’s coming oooout!”

Finished peeing, my waist trembled, and Kurihara-san seems to have desperately hit her limit.
Hearing her sorrowful cry, I then heard the sound of liquid spraying.

Though I wasn’t able to confirm it, I’m certain the pee was transferred to her. In fact, the ass peach wasn’t dirty at all.
This is wonderful. The uses of the ass peach increased quickly.


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