(R18) Happy Peach — Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I wonder if that’s negligee? Although I don’t know much about it, Kurihara-san is wearing beautiful faint pink clothing. It was so thin and transparent that I could see her underwear.
As expected, her boobs were quite big. Well, they’re still quite small compared to Solange-san.

Kurihara-san’s face reddened and she quickly put on the beige cardigan that was at her bedside to cover her chest. I wonder if she caught my glance? She buttoned it up, hiding her breasts before getting out of bed.
Although wearing the cardigan hid the area from her chest to thighs, the below that was still transparent. It felt abnormally lewd.
Girls like this wears such transparent pajamas? Or is Kurihara-san special?

Moving to the table at the center of the room, Kurihara-san sat on the zabuton. [TN: Zabuton is a small square floor pillow.]

“K-Katou-kun too, please…”

She called out to me in a slightly trembling voice.
Prompted by Kurihara-san, I sat on a zabuton across the table from her.

Kurihara-san continued looking downwards and didn’t say anything. Time passed without anything happening.
To be honest although I’m incredibly uncomfortable, it’s fine. There’s nothing to talk about even if we spoke, and above all it’d be troublesome. Let’s start the experiment now then.

I put my right hand into my pocket and thrust my thumb into the hole of the parent ass peach. A soggy sensation was transmitted to my thumb.


With a start, the ass peach trembled. Kurihara-san who was sitting upright trembled as well.
Though I was already convinced, I wasn’t wrong after all. The person with that name on the ass peach and the ass peach shared senses.
When I moved my thumb in and out, the ass peach trembled slightly and the hole tightened.

“Nn-, ku-, fuuu–o-one moment sorry-”
Kurihara-san stood up and held her mouth closed with her hands, leaving the room with an unsteady gait.
Now that I’m alone, I took the ass peach out of my pocket. I then witnessed an entertaining spectacle.
The ‘正’ came up on the ass peach, rapidly multiplying by itself without me doing anything. The ass peach trembled violently and the hole was incredibly firm.

After a while, after the amount of ‘正’ increased by three, I heard the sound of footsteps at the door and I put the ass peach away.
Immediately after that the door opened and Kurihara-san entered.

“S-sorry. I remembered something and went to my mother.”

Kurihara-san gave an excuse even though I wasn’t listening. Her cheeks were dyed red and her breathing was rough. She seemed like she had a somewhat refreshed expression on though.

“I don’t mind.”

When I answered Kurihara-san, I thrust my thumb into the ass peach’s hole in my pocket. Now, the hole was larger than earlier and I stirred my thumb in it without mercy.


With her hand placed on the table, Kurihara-san who was about to sit on the zabuton, stiffened while half-sitting and trembled.

“S– sorry–. I remembered something again–.”

Standing up again, she once again left the room.
When I took out the ass peach to confirm, the amount of ‘正’ increased rapidly on its own once again.
I see, I get the jist of it.
Earlier I said that the person with their name on the ass peach shared senses with it, but it seems the opposite is also true.
In short, that’s probably it.
In other words, Kurihara-san left the room with the her asshole being fingered.

Stabbing three fingers into the hole of the ass peach for the experiment, I stirred it around mercilessly.

I think I’ve been doing this for about thirty minutes now? Meanwhile, Kurihara-san hasn’t returned.
No, not that she hasn’t come back, but can’t come back. She’s probably shut herself up in the restroom.
Because there was a chance that Kurihara-san might be able to do something if I stopped groping the ass peach, I stood up while continuing to grope it. Then left the room while removing all traces.

Wanding down the hallway, I heard a faint voice. It’s probably Kurihara-san.
When I approached the voice I arrived in front of the door. It’s probably the restroom.
Placing my ear to the door while groping the ass peach, the voice seemed to be Kurihara-san’s after all.
Desperately trying to muffle her voice, she was breathing roughly.

“F-feels sooo gooood, it’s increeeedible, moooore-, moooore inteeeense!”

She said it in such a low voice that I couldn’t hear it if I didn’t concentrate. However, I definitely heard it.
So it feels good after all huh? I was thinking that because of the ass peach’s reactions, but I guess I wasn’t wrong.
So Kurihara-san missing school was because of me after all.
I did something bad. From now on, I’ll pay attention to the time I grope it.
Since I had two other ass peaches than Kurihara-san’s, I can probably give more break times than before.

Returning to Kurihara-san’s room, I stopped groping the ass peach, put it into my pocket and waited for her to return.
After twenty more minutes, Kurihara-san came back.


In the end, I left Kurihara-san’s house without having any significant conversation with her.
Solange-san was very sad, she wanted me to stay and eat dinner with them, but it was troublesome so I turned it down.
Though both of them are beautiful, there’s nothing to talk about.It wouldn’t be enjoyable because I’d get uncomfortable and become worn out you know?

However, just as I was about to leave, Kurihara-san grabbed my sleeve and said, “I’ll talk to you at school next time!”
Talk to me huh… We don’t have anything in common to talk about. I don’t want the other girls in the class to pin me down with their glares either.
Without responding to Kurihara-san, I quickly left.


When I arrived home, after eating dinner, I told mom that I was going to study and shut myself in my room.
While I ate dinner, although I observed mom, as expected she was entirely different from Solange-san.
Solange-san sure is beautiful. Her boobs are big too. Thinking about her made me want to use the ass peach.

I entered the room and checked the ass peach.
Although the baby ass peach grew a little, it was still small and had a way to go. At this point not even the tip of a pen could enter its hole.
Thinking about it, the ass peach grew larger from being groped.
It might be that the more I care for the ass peach, the more it grows.

For now, since I was turned on I used Kurihara-san’s ass peach twice while imagining Solange-san. Though I feel refreshed thanks to that, sorry Kurihara-san.

Anyways, after that I continued to play with the baby ass peach.


As expected, the more I groped it the more the ass peach grew.
My first priority was to grope Solange-san’s ass peach. I also occasionally groped Florist Onee-chan’s ass peach.
As a result, they grew considerably. Solange-san’s ass peach grew to about the same size as Kurihara-san’s. Now Florist Onee-san’s ass peach is about two sizes smaller than Solange-san’s.
There’s a limit to caring for two at the same time, so I’m putting Florist Onee-san off for a bit.

With this, even though I still use Kurihara-san’s ass peach when I’m feeling turned on, I don’t leave her sore. Thanks to that she hasn’t been absent from school.
However, Kurihara-san seems more gloomy than before or something and is quiet.
I wonder if it’s because of the affection towards the ass peach. I might have to diligently care for it once in a while.
Additionally, although it’s reached the point that I can also use Solange-san’s ass peach, when it comes to the sensation and love towards it Kurihara-san’s comes in first after all.
On days that I used Kurihara-san’s ass peach, she seemed to even be happy, and was in good spirits too.
I guess affection is influencing it after all?


Half a year passed since then, and the school year went up a grade.
Kurihara-san’s breasts were also growing rapidly.
Even so, the amount of ass peaches haven’t increased.
Although it’s not that there isn’t other interesting girls, it’s more like I was trying to not become too interested in other girls.
Since if I got more ass peaches, I wouldn’t be able to cope with them all.
Three are enough. Each of the three are pretty and have their own personality.

Kurihara-san’s ass peach is easy to use in all respects. It’s flexible, strong in tightening, and is the most comfortable.
Solange-san’s ass peach is a bit bad at closing. The hole was probably big to begin with. However, its reactions were the most intense and was interesting. Because the hole was loose, I decided to use it when I wanted it to take a while.
Florist Onee-san’s ass peach takes the most effort. Or perhaps I should call it spoiled? If I don’t use it, it seems to cry by jiggling softly. And comparatively, using it feels the worst.
Well, even though I said that, it’s cute and I don’t mind taking care of it.

Therefore, I made it a rule to take Florist Onee-chan’s ass peach when I go to school.

With that sort of feeling, I spent my usual ordinary days.
Until that day.


After school, while walking down the hallway to leave, there was Kurihara-san. She was walking down the hallway alone.
Although Kurihara-san was surrounded by girls during school, it seems she was alone when going to and from school. Though I go alone, too.

Although I used to go to and from school with Tamotsu-kun, he doesn’t talk to me much anymore and I’m alone more often now.
This was due to my grades stabilizing at the head of the grade. Moreover my physical education improved about the same. I became famous, and was talked but a lot of girls.
It seems that Tamotsu-kun didn’t seem to find that amusing.
That doesn’t mean I liked being talked to, it actually annoyed me a lot. Since I can’t play with the ass peach freely when I’m attracting attention.
Therefore, it’s recently become impossible to grope the ass peach in the classroom. So I’ve been going to the restroom during breaks to grope it.

Apart from that, I was interested in Kurihara-san walking alone down the hallway and decided to follow her.
Kurihara-san was looking down, seeming lonely as she walked trudgingly. She arrived at a restroom that was particularly close to a classroom.
Classrooms like the science lab and chemistry lab weren’t that popular after school. Furthermore, they were considerably far from the rooms normally used for studying.
Though there is a restroom here, why did she head to a place like this?

I, who pursued Kurihara-san and kept a distance between us, saw Kurihara-san enter the restroom. I drew close to the restroom and listened carefully.

I couldn’t hear anything. Even when I looked around, there was no signs of anyone nearby.

I put a hand into my pocket and touched the ass peach.
Dangit, I should have brought Kurihara-san’s ass peach. As usual, I’d brought Florist Onee-san’s ass peach today.
Since this child was spoiled, it begins to tremble immediately when I don’t touch it. It’s a bit troublesome, but it’s kind’ve cute. Moreover, even though it’s not the best the inferior sensation from using seems, conversely, cute.

Even though I waited in front of the restroom for a while, Kurihara-san didn’t come out.
I could only imagine what she was doing. I’d encountered at this spot many times up till now. However, it being after school is strange. Returning home would be safer no matter how you looked at it.

Looking around the surroundings again, when I confirmed no one was there, I entered the restroom.


Most of the doors lined up were open. Only the last one was closed. Kurihara-san is probably in that one.
So as to not make noise, I carefully approached the last door, and strained my ears.

“Why, why? Although no matter how much I hated it, it happened forcibly at first, now I want it to happen, why-”

Kurihara-san’s voice resonated in the restroom. That voice wasn’t the muffled voice that I’d heard till now. With that, if someone entered the restroom they’d hear it.

“Did you get tired of me? Heeey, did you get tired of me? Did you!? Answer, and touch me like before-!”

Breathing heavily, Kurihara-san raised her voice in heartbreak. Along with the voice was a sopping kind of sound.
I’m not particularly tired of you or anything. It’s just that recently, Florist Onee-san’s ass peach has been unreasonable and I’ve merely been showing it some affection.
Kurihara-san’s ass peach still feels the best.

“Please, someone find me. It hurts, I’m not satisfied by myself. Someone please find meeeee!”

With that echoing voice, I understood why Kurihara-san came here.
Of course, with Kurihara-san’s ass peach not being used recently, she’s frustrated.
And so, she wants someone to grope her ass and was purposely raising her voice, eager for someone to do it.
But since she secluded herself in this unpopular restroom, she was afraid of actually being found.
Well, that’s how it is. If I grope your ass at school, you can’t come to school.

Should I be helpful, and tell someone about Kurihara-san here? If it’s Tamotsu-kun he’d be incredibly happy, and he’d probably stop ignoring me.
Althoooough, Tamotsu-kun is unexpectedly talkative huh. If he told everyone and Kurihara-san stopped coming to school, I’d even feel a bit of responsibility.

There’s no other way. Do I have no other choice but to do something here? To be honest, it’s troublesome, but I might be able to feel Kurihara-san’s boobs if I got on good relations with her.

Letting out a sigh, I knocked on the door. At that moment, a bang sounded out from inside.
She’s probably surprised. Though she wanted to be found, there was a conflicting desire of her not wanted to be found. Now she’s in a place that if she were found she’d have no escape.
Well, I have a feeling this is going to be awfully troublesome.

“Kurihara-san right? It’s me, Katou. Do you remember when I paid you the sympathy visit before? Don’t worry, although I don’t think it’s a good idea to finger yourself at a school restroom, I won’t tell anyone.”

More than awkwardly taking her into consideration, I was being honest. Kurihara-san should be at ease. Additionally, I seemed like I didn’t have ulterior motives.

“K-Katou-kun!? The same class as me, Katou Akiharu-kun!?”

Her voice coming from the other side of the door was trembling and sounded like it was going to burst into tears soon.

“Yeah, I’m that Katou-kun. In fact, I’ve known that Kurihara-san has been coming to this restroom to finger herself for a while now. But I haven’t told anyone you know? I also won’t tell anyone in the future. Therefore, I think it’s better if you stop doing something like this.”

It would be a problem if she were found out, and I’m also a bit anxious about it. Since it’s safe at her house, she should obediently return home and finger herself there.

For a while after that, silence ruled in the restroom.

Kurihara-san is beautiful and has big boobs, but this silence is a bit awkward… Although she’s cute for a girl, her charm as a person isn’t felt so much.
On the other hand, there’s the Florist Onee-chan. Her chattering nonstop is bothersome, but with her nature of always wanting to help, I wonder if her merits are better than Kurihara-san’s? Though I think that, I don’t understand it well myself.
Although Solange-san is the same as Kurihara-san and I’m interested in her because she has big boobs, her hole is loose and the shutting strength is bad.

Thinking about her blank surprise, with Kurihara-san’s lack of a response, I thought about turning around and leaving.
With this warning, it isn’t my fault even if Kurihara-san gets into trouble. It won’t be because of me.

When I started to walk, I heard a clanking noise, and the door opened up a small amount.

“Katou-kun, only?”

I could see her blue eye looking towards me.
There’s no one with me, I checked to make sure myself. I don’t think it would be good to leave this to someone else.

“Just me. Making noise would is bad. Right? So you should go home.”

Towards the blue eye watching me from the crack, I answered.

“R-really? Besides Katou-kun, it’s true no one else is here?”

Blah, so troublesome. I even confirmed it. Come on, hurry up and leave the restroom and go home.
Although I thought I might be able to massage her boobs if things turned out well, that already won’t work, she should hurry up and leave this place even one second faster.

“C-come in!”

Suddenly, the door forcibly opened a a white hand stretched out. Gripping my wrist, she forcibly pulled me into the stall.
After I entered the stall, the door slammed with a bang. It locked.

“I-I don’t believe you. Not telling anyone, I don’t…”

Her voice trembled. Raising her head, Kurihara-san glared at me with a terrible look. Her body trembled.
Enough about that, I doubted my eyes. Kurihara-san was naked. With the exception of her stockings, she wasn’t wearing anything.
Kurihara-san’s right arm concealed her big boobs, and her left hand was holding her nether region. With her ears blushing, she glared at me intensely.
It’s the first time I’ve seen Kurihara-san like this. With this, her boobs seem larger than when she has clothes on.

“Take off your pants!”

What is she talking about? With her naked, why should I take off my pants too? I don’t get it.

“No, unlike Kurihara-san I don’t have a hobby of getting nude at school.”

Kurihara-san’s face twitched at my words. Seems like I hit her weak point.
Still, Kurihara-san’s stern facial expression didn’t lessen and she stepped forward.

“Because I’ll tell.”
“B-because I’ll tell the teachers that Katou-kun attacked me in the restroom.”

W-what’s up with her. Threatening me while nude herself, what kind of education has she gotten? What must her parents be like!?
Oh, now that you mention it I’ve seen her mom. She’s beautiful…

“I-I don’t trust you. T-that’s why we’ll share the secret! N-neither of us will reveal the secret. It’ll be ruin for both of it. Right? If that’s the case I can trust you!”

Kurihara-san smiled widely even though she was trembling. What’s with that ‘Right?’? Come on. Saying that we’d both be ruined if the secret got out, but wouldn’t it just be disadvantageous for me? Since I’m not doing anything bad.

“Nope. Aren’t you just saying something like that at your own convenience? If I took off my pants here, you’d really have my weakness, so I won’t do it.”

At my answer, Kurihara-san began to cry as tears started falling.
Even if she cries, useless is useless. Although Kurihara-san doesn’t have my weakness now, she threatened to tell a lie about me, so if she really did have my weakness, I would have to listen to anything she said.
It’s impossible for me to accept conditions that are entirely disadvantageous to me.

“Th-then, what do I do for you to keep the secret?”
“Huh? I said I wouldn’t tell anyone you know?”
“… Something like that, I don’t believe it.”
“Blah, so troublesome.”

I unconsciously said it out loud due to how bothersome she was being.
I want to leave already. Although hidden by her arm, I was able to see real boobs and am satisfied. And now I want to just leave Kurihara-san alone.
When I went to the door to leave the stall, Kurihara-san moved to block the door by spreading her hands.
Ooh, boobs in full view. Furthermore, they were bouncing back and forth in reaction to her movements.

“Y-you’re not leaving. I’ll shout you know? Shout “help~!” you know? Wouldn’t that trouble Katou-kun?”

Kurihara-san opened her eyes as wide as she raised her voice. From her eyes, she’s completely forgotten herself. Rather, she was already shouting.
It’s just, we can’t talk in this atmosphere. I really don’t know what to do with today’s Kurihara-san.
Although they say it’s dangerous when a quiet person goes crazy, it’s true huh.

What to do? It was dangerous to get a hold of her weakness after all. But though boobs are beautiful huh. White, big and soft. They jiggle when Kurihara-san moves. They look like pudding.
Moreover, the ends were pink and were standing up. I want to touch them.

But you know, I don’t like losing to temporary desire… I have the ass peach, and don’t think I should do something risky like being lewd towards Kurihara-san.

“Don’t want to. Move over, I want to go.”
“No! I won’t budge!”
“If you keep being unreasonable, I’ll tell everyone you know? No matter what happens, I think that’s better than Kurihara-san getting a hold of my weakness. So, move over. Since I’ll keep your secret.”

From my words while staring straight at Kurihara-san, her expression saddened.
Seems to be my win. Well, it was natural. I gave a sound argument that couldn’t be retorted to.
But then again, I’m the one that made Kurihara-san become like this.

“… Please, please. You’re telling the truth, so… don’t leave.”

Tears began to spill from Kurihara-san’s blue eyes like rain. She fell to the floor on her knees and clung to my pants.

“Wanting to share secrets, it was a lie. I already knew from the start that Katou-kun wouldn’t say anything you know? I thought that “if it’s this person, they probably won’t say anything”, so I threatened you…”

Her small voice seemed to be a murmur as she spoke, trembling weakly.

“It’s painful. I’m not satisfied doing it by myself. I want somebody to do it and can’t stand it. But when I thought of the people I knew, it was scary…”

I understood what Kurihara-san wanted to say. I mean, dragging me into the stall from the beginning was to threaten me into it.
And so now she wants to persuade me with tears? Truly a troublesome person. It’s obvious that being involved with her would be indecent.

“I don’t even have friends. I don’t have anyone. Everyone hates me. Because I’m like this, everyone thinks to themselves that I’m bothersome. Even that sympathy visit, no, even coming to my house, Katou-kun was the first. Only Katou-kun… is my friend.”

I felt a chill down my back and tried to run away. However, I couldn’t move because she was clinging to my legs.
What to do, this person, she might be more dangerous than I thought. After crying up till now and clinging to me, she looked up towards me with a strangely ominous smile.
Probably nothing I say would help.

“I-I would never do something like annoy Katou-kun. If Katou-kun ordered it I’d do it. I’ll do anything for Katou-kun. Therefore, please make use of me…”

As Kurihara-san said that with her boobs pressed against my leg, she began to lower the zipper of my pants by herself.
Right after she said she would never annoy me, isn’t she annoying me right now?

Should I call for help? Though, if someone saw us right now, I think they would listen to what Kurihara-san said over me.
At the point where I was dragged into the stall, I was already in a disadvantageous situation.

With Kurihara-san having that weird smile, she took my penis out from behind my zipper. Then she opened her mouth and put it in.


I unconsciously let out a voice at the warm and slimy feeling.
It felt good, incredibly good.
Looking down, I saw Kurihara-san on her knees on the floor. Her chest exposed, her boobs were swaying.
With my penis becoming big and plump, I stopped thinking.

“Agreement… approved?”

Letting go of my penis, Kurihara-san said that while looking up and smiling at me.
Well, yeah, although it’s become something troublesome, her beautiful boobs are big. Besides, it feels good, isn’t that enough?


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