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8 thoughts on “The Magus of Genesis v3 — Illustrations

  1. judging by those pictures we are gonna time skip again in the future, and only the long lived ones are gonna stay

  2. Noooo Yuukiiii sob. She’s gone. Time is cruel. It has no friends.
    Once again the occult master dragon failed to learn immortality to short-lived mortals. Hundreds of years and that brain of him is no good kicking up the notch, extending in new heights.

    In the other hands. Oh a giant like Diane in Nanatsu no Taizai.
    Rin became more pretty than ever. So she got her feet in exchange of her voice? Classic little mermaid tale.

    Sigh… I supposed many cute, pretty, beautiful characters would passed away in this story since the dragon MC is not realizing himself and not climbing up his intellect towards advanced type of magic like immortality.

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