The Magus of Genesis v3 — Chapter 5


An Unexpected Attack



Big is good.

—Rin’s Diary, Page 1, Line 2


​ “Fire.”

​ If it were the me of before, even this short incantation would have caused such a large fire to come forth that it would be able to engulf a house. I had needed a second verse to shrink it down to be palm-sized.

​ However, the flames I produced from the book I held up were just large enough to cover the damp clay mounds, quickly turning them into bricks.

​ “… Yeah. It really is more convenient this way.”

​ What I’d scrawled onto the book’s page was a beautiful circle with a seven-pointed star—a magic formation. While limiting its power in accordance with the size of the book, it also ended its effect quickly afterward, acting as a sort of limiter for me.

​ With various magic formations drawn on the book’s pages, I could use them depending on what I needed. It was much more simple than having to draw a magic formation each and every time I needed something, as expected.

​ “Good, it worked!”

​ I flipped through the book to a certain five-pointed star magic formation.

​ “Fall slowly!”

​ Although I was proficient with flight magic and didn’t have to go out of my way to use a magic formation, I wanted to test out how effective it was. The magic formation shined and I could feel a floating sensation all around my body, so I jumped down from the roof I was on.

​ “… Uwaah!?”

​ Just then, my body began to drop at a rate no different from usual… so I may have let out a scream. Just before I hit the ground, my landing was suddenly softened by some soft underbrush appearing.

​ “… And you’re doing what, exactly?”

​ Nina was looking down at me as I popped up out of the leaves.

​ “Uh, sorry. It didn’t slow me down as much as I’d thought. Thanks.”

​ The magic formation was probably too small. I bet I’d need a circle large enough for my entire body to fit inside for it to support me fully. It’s great that you can anticipate the effectiveness of a magic formation to stay the same each time you use it, but you have to test it out the first time to know just how effective it is.

​ “Did you do it, Mentor!?”

​ Likely hearing my fall, the students—Rin included—came to me with wide eyes.

​ What I’d created was a three-story residence out of white bricks meant entirely for learning.

​ The ground floor was equipped with a kitchen and dining room, as well as rooms lined up for the students.

​ The second floor held the rooms to be used as classrooms and laboratories. The third floor held the staff room and a library… We still didn’t have many books to provide, though.

​ “It’s so big, big brother!”

​ Looking up at the building was a red-haired youth letting out a sigh of admiration, a Swordsaint. Swordsaint Yutakada.

​ Ataka’s son, Asaka’s grandson… From Yuuki’s point of view, he would be her niece’s grandchild.

​ He was fifteen as of this year. He was still a bit short and was generally calm despite his mischievous-looking appearance.

​ “Aaactually, Mentor, isn’t it too big?”

​ Next to him stood Aqua, an elf whose expression made her seem somewhat slow. She was Violet’s junior and, althoough still young, was a guardian of the forest. As her name implied, she was a stunningly beautiful girl whose eyes matched the aqua-colored flower in her hair. Her behavior and speech pattern, however, seemed to strive to be out of place with her looks.

​ As she pointed out, even considering three-story school buildings, this one was much larger than the ordinary.

​ “M-Me-Mentor, c-could it b-be, you—”

​ Lufelle spoke in a stuttering voice.

​ If I only spoke of how she appeared, I’d say she was an adorable girl of around ten years. Her height, however, was around five meters. She came here as an exchange student, a child of the giant race.

​ “He obviously did it for you! And don’t go crying at every little thing!”

​ The one to raise her voice as loud as she could was Tia.

​ Starkly contrasting Lufelle, she appeared to be a woman in her twenties. Along with the insectoid wings on her back, her body was so small that she could stand on someone’s palm. Contrary to her size, she was strong-willed and often wound up shouting at Lufelle.

​ These five—again, Rin included—would be comrades attending this college from here on.

​ “Yep. It wasn’t just for Lufelle’s sake though, of course. My true form is quite big as well.”

​ Lufelle had only been able to participate in the lessons by looking in through the window from outside until now out of necessity, but she should be able to study with everyone else now.

​ “This is going to be sturdy enough, right?”

​ Having walked up next to me at some point, Nina asked me a question half under her breath.

​ “Of course. I made it so that it’ll hold up.”

​ Unlike the elementary school that were single-story buildings, the college’s building was a multi-layered structure. It would have been a problem if anyone could just step through the floors, so I worked all the math out.

​ “Can I give it a go?”

​ Saying that, Nina held up her finger. Soon after, the trees around us began to stir.

​ “It should be fine…”

Should be.

​ Wooden arrows slammed into the building’s wall as I anxiously prayed for it to hold up.

​ “… It’s surprisingly sturdy.”

​ Nina muttered after clicking her tongue.

​ Seeing that the wall was fine and that none of the bricks were damaged, I let out a relieved sigh.

​ “I tested everything as I went, so it’ll be fine. Being so particular about the materials that went into it turned out for the best. The magic used on it gives it a totally different durability than when it was just mud.”

​ Clapping the building’s wall, I spoke.

​ It was similar to how we made paper from behemoth skin.

​ After failing countless attempts to make brick-built buildings, we came up with a working process. We’d collect mud, heat it up to bake it fire, then impart strength into it through magic.

​ “Looks fun! I wanna try too!”

​ Rin spoke up in glee and immediately began shooting bullets of water at the wall.

​ “Hey—…!”

​ You’re going way too hard at it!

​ Hearing what sounded like a machine gun on brick, I was momentarily stunned.

​ It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like minutes—

​ “Ooh… it lasted!”

​ Seeing that the school building was still standing tall and hadn’t collapsed, I shouted out in joy.

​ “Hey, hey, Mentor. Could I try too?”

​ “… Well, just don’t go too hard on it.”

​ Seeing Aqua pull up her sleeves in anticipation, I nodded. I already knew the abilities the four students held. Their magic shouldn’t have the same output as Nina or Rin.

​ “I know~”

​ Laughing to herself as she stepped up, she swept her hands out toward the building.

​ “Alright… that which is unseen, which is formless, that which causes the leaves to stur, the one who would be free, o’ maiden of the wind. Follow my will, become a giant’s arm and attack the one before me!”

​ Together with the conclusion of Aqua’s incantation, an incredibly strong gust shot through the air.

​ “Not so strong—!”

​ Seeing Tia about to be blown away as she screamed that out, Lufelle covered the girl with her massive hands.

​ Along with what sounded like a cannon hitting stone, the wall shook.

​ It wasn’t just Tia, the wind was strong enough to even begin moving me.

​ However, the building managed to endure it.

​ “Were you trying to crush me!?”

​ “S-Sorry… I thought you might get blown away, Tia.”

​ “Hmmm, guess that didn’t work~”

​ Seeming to not pay attention to how Tia was shouting at Lufelle, Aqua’s lips pinched together in dissatisfaction.

​ “It’s my turn next, right big brother?”

​ Saying that, Yutaka gripped some small stones in his hands.

​ “Sure.”

​ It would probably be broken if a Swordsaint were to attack it with their sword, but he already knew that.

​ Yutaka, not using any self-enhancement, raised the small stones and shouted.

​ “Fly, break!”

​ Break!?

​ The pebbles shot from his hands like meteors, striking the wall.

​ The water Rin had used couldn’t be compared with the stones’ mass.

​ Hearing the sound of rock being crushed, I froze.

​ “You’re amazing, big brother!”

​ Seeing the remnants of his assault, Yutaka smiled and laughed.

​ The remains were just the stones Yutaka had used.

​ “Water, wind, and earth were already used, so next is fire.”

​ Picking up a rock fragment from the destroyed stones, Tia struck the building’s wall.

​ “… Tia, what’re you doing?”

​ “Isn’t it obvious?”

​ Using the fragment to draw along the wall’s surface, the fae drew a beautiful circle on it.

​ She then ran some magic wire from there all the way over to my feet.

​ “He who flicks his tongues of flame, who is clad in red robes, who has sharp horns, who possesses the wisdom of ages, the fire dragon who is more mighty and proud than any else.”

​ “Hey, isn’t this cheating!?”

​ I screamed out in surprise at Tia, who was chanting at my feet.

​ Her incantation was one that would use my power.

​ “Heave your breath and burn all to ash!”



​ The magic circle birthed an oversized fireball which immediately impacted the wall.

​ “Did I do it!?”

​ “I hope not!”

​ Tia stared at the blast. It didn’t use most of my power since I was resisting, but it still caused a tremendous amount of smoke. Even with that much power, it should still be alright…

​ “Amazing.”

​ Nina gave voice to her astonishment. Given that it was purely a praise, it was unusual for her.

​ “Not a scratch.”

​ With the fireball’s fumes clearing up, it was as she said. The building still stood.

​ “Tch…. Whatever. Alright, your turn.”

​ “I-I’m fine. I don’t want to break something made so big for me.”

​ Lufelle turned down Tia.

​ “Yeah. As you can see, it’s safe. Use it without worrying about it collapsing or anything.”

​ “Yeah!”

​ When I said that, the giant girl smiled happily.

​ “Alright then, I guess now’s the time we decide your rooms.”

​ “Me first!”

​ “Oh, w-wait up, Tia.”

​ Lufelle followed Tia, who literally soared into the building, with her huge body.

​ And that huge body of hers… tripped. On nothing.

​ Her head slammed right into the wall… and even after enduring numerous magical assaults, it broke into pieces. Seeing the room’s contents exposed as the bricks collapsed as loudly as one would expect, all we could do was stare.

​ “… You did it anyway.”

​ Tia’s words just sounded empty.


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