The Magus of Genesis v2 — Postscript




​ Thank you for taking the time to read this book. Ishinomiya Kant here.

​ Thanks to everyone’s efforts, I was able to release this second volume. Truly, thank you.

​ The tale in this volume jumped forward five hundred years since the previous novel, but there are currently no stories written about that period for the series. Please rest assured.

​ It took around two million years to progress from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic era on earth, but we went through that in around five hundred years in this. Is that fast? Slow? It’s that sort of feeling.

​ I will now give a few words of thanks. Once more to the editors in charge I am indebted to. To Falmaro, who didn’t so much as frown at my complicated character designs as he produced these amazing illustrations. To my wife and daughter who provided me with much needed time to write as the deadline approached. To everyone who has read my books this far—

​ —thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


-Ishinomiya Kanto



Translator Comment:

​ Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this second volume of The Magus of Genesis. What did you all think of it? I hope I managed to render Ishinomiya’s story and character dialogue well enough! The whole Dragon Era chapter might have been a bit of a rough ride, so my apologies for the that.

​ Now that we’ve seen Mentor’s development as a character, I’m starting to feel like his nature as a dragon is being brought to the limelight. The first volume stated that his software changed along with his hardware, meaning that his mental state is still driven as a dragon’s would be. It was said that dragons are creatures that find themselves attracted to singular interests—astronomy in the case of Mentor’s mother and magic in the case of Mentor himself. I believe that the emotional trauma he feels from losing his loved ones is what causes him to become somewhat of an inactive recluse for huge spans of time, causing the time skips we see between novels. Periods of no massive technological growth stemming from Mentor mostly pulling into himself and focusing on research—which he is remarkably poor at without the various, fresh ways of thinking having those of other races around him provided!

​ It also seems that rather than a harem, what we saw in the prologue may be due to a series of monogamous relationships all exploding onto the scene at once after he somehow realizes how to resurrect the—the ephemerals, let’s say.

​ Well, for now it’s all conjecture, and conjecture is just conjecture… so now, on to the next volume we go!


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