The Magus of Genesis — Prologue



The Magus of Genesis



​ In an age long lost to legend and myth.

​ In an age where humans had still yet to establish a system of writing.

​ It’s said that there existed a Magus in a country named Scarlet.

​ It’s said that he imparted knowledge concerning language and writing, taught how to cultivate the lands, instructed the ways of raising animals, and brought about the gift—nay, the magic of fire.

​ It’s said that he was a dauntless youth, a dragon clad in scarlet red scales, a person worshiped far and wide.

​ It’s said that this man was the God of Civilization.

​ Yet strangely, his name had been virtually wiped from the records.

​ Therefore, he was simply referred to as—


​ —the Magus of Genesis.


​ Episode One of HHK’s Great People series.

​ This episode would discuss a legendary figure with many secrets: the Magus of Genesis.

​ “You’re watching that again?”

​ My attention stuck on the television, I heard a familiar, surprised voice from behind me.

​ “I just finished cleaning up, so I’m taking a small break.”

​ “I didn’t mean it like that… but okay.”

​ I know what she wanted to say, but I answered as though I didn’t.

​ Even I’m a bit surprised at myself.

​ I’ve probably watched this recording at least ten times by now.

​ “Every time I see you sitting hunched over in front of the television like that, you look like some old grandma.”

​ “Well, you are right about me being old.”

​ I didn’t want someone like Nina, a girl who’s older than me both physically and mentally, to tell me that, but no matter how much time passes she’s just as youthful as ever. Be it her glossy blonde hair or her flawless white skin, she barely looks like a teenager, much less an adult. It wasn’t just her appearance either, much the same could be said about her mentality. She’s lazing around on her stomach on the sofa and—judging by the sounds coming from her phone—playing some game.

​ “Really, Professor Nina… Please clean up after yourself!”

​ A girl with her black hair pulled into a bun appeared, her cheeks swelling.

​ Speaking of youths, this girl is Kanata. She looked like she was around twenty, but she’s definitely the youngest in terms of personality.

​ Mumbling complaints one after another, she made a seal and several dwarves appeared. They picked up Nina’s clothes scattered about the room and carried them to the washing machine.

​ “Sorry about that, I’ll do it next time.”

​ Nina said that, but even without turning around to take a look, I could easily imagine that she hadn’t even looked up from her game.

​ “What’s all the noise about?”

​ Finished with cleaning the dishes, a petite, red-haired girl showed up.

​ “Professor Yuuki! Please say something to… to this lazy elf shut-in!”

​ “Hmm. She didn’t used to be like this a long time ago… ah, is this that Great People series? Let me watch too!”

​ As Yuuki smiled with a troubled look on her face, she saw the program I was watching. She came flying over with a cushion to use after noticing what it was, sitting right next to me.

​ “Eeh… but Professor Nina’s been like that for as long as I can remember…”

​ Saying that, Kanata sat down next to me as well.

​ “I’ve already worked my share in life. I’m going to spend the rest of it how I want.”

​ “It all happened before you were born, Kanata. She used to be an incredibly hard worker. I’m sure she did easily ten or twenty people’s work herself.”

​ When I followed up on what Yuuki said, Nina rolled over onto her back, tapping on her phone all the while.

​ “Nina, Nina, could you taste this for me pleeease?”

​ Just then, Kruse appeared and plunged a spoon right into Nina’s mouth.

​ She didn’t seem to mind it either as she munched on it.

​ “How’s it taste?”

​ “Mm. It’s spicy enough… but he likes it saltier.”

​ “Roger!”

​ “Eeek! Professor Kruse, please don’t surprise me like that!”

​ Turning towards Kruse after hearing her lively response, Kanata shouted in surprise.

​ All she saw after turning around was Kruse’s head covered with her fluffy pink-blonde hair and her right arm floating in the air.

​ “Sorry, I’m busy right now and can’t get away from it.”

​ “Didn’t you just do that though!?”

​ “Oh come on, just get used to it already. It’s only ever just her arms, legs, head, and guts.”

​ “Uuu, I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat meat for a while…”

​ Well, it’s not as though I disagree that disembodied organs are a bit much for a girl…

​ “Now then, just need to cook it. Kana, pardon the intrusion.”

​ “Why’re you coming over to me—!?”

​ Kruse’s head floated over to Kanata, landing down on and fitting perfectly in her lap.

​ As for why… it’s definitely because her reactions are always amusing.

​ “That looks fun. Can Azel join in too?”

​ “Azel, good work. You finished folding the laundry?”

​ “Affirmative. Azel’s head can detach as well. Would that surprise you, Kanata?”

​ Followed by a popping sound, Azel removed her own head.

​ “Hmm. Azel, when you do it, it’s more…”

​ “Unfortunate.”

​ “Professor Azel, you’re so beautiful that it just looks like something that just happens naturally.”

​ It really is like how Kanata said. Even when she’s just a head, it doesn’t have that horror feeling to it. It’s probably because she’s so expressionless and looks so good. Her lengthy amethyst-like hair is like a work of art.

​ “H-hey now, I’m right here! So I’m not pretty am I!?”

​ Kruse’s also a beauty with her pink hair, but she’s just too extreme with her expressions.

​ “Professor Kruse, your cross-section’s a bit gross.”

​ In the end, Azel and Yuuki both sat down and watched the television with me.

​ “Come to think of it, is Master not here right now?”

​ “He’s out shopping with Rin right now. He should be back soon though.”

​ “Ah, looks like he’s back right now.”

​ When Kruse responded to Azel’s question, Yuuki said that without looking away from the television.

​ “I’m back~”

​ Just like what Yuuki predicted, Rin’s voice could be heard from the entrance way.

​ “Huh, Professor Yuuki? What did you use, detection-type magic?”

​ “No, I just heard their footsteps.”

​ Yuuki responded to Kanata absentmindedly.

​ “No no no no way, even if you heard some footsteps, isn’t that just everyone walking around outside? You can figure out who’s who?”

​ “It’s her race, it’s a bit weird.”

​ Although elves had incredible hearing themselves, it would be impossible for even Nina to be able to distinguish between that many people. She spoke with a bored tone.

​ And, as expected, being able to distinguish between people at that distance is definitely impossible for me.

​ “I’m wiped~”

​ Saying that, Rin dove onto the sofa. The blue-haired woman that could only be described as a cool beauty morphed into what looked more like an adorable ten year old girl—and immediately moved from the space left open for her onto Nina.

​ “You’re heavy! There’s a spot for you like right there!”

​ “Well I’m sorry that I take up the whole sofa myself!”

​ Giving the two a sidelong glance, my ears caught the sound of another person’s footsteps coming from the entrance way.

​ Pulling off that feat like Yuuki isn’t possible for me, but I would never mistake his footsteps.

​ “Welcome back.”

​ “I’m home.”

​ When I opened the door to the living room, a smile lit up across his face.

​ “Oh, everyone’s here… ah, you’re all watching that again?”

​ When he looked towards the television, he said the same thing as Nina.

​ But the difference was that he hadn’t said it with surprise, he’d said it with a tinge of embarrassment.

​ “Big brother, watch it with us. Though well, it’s already almost over.”

​ When Yuuki took his hand and brought him into our circle, Nina put her phone away and took position next to me.


​ — The Magus of Genesis, the enigmatic person who could be called the Guardian of Mankind could be among us even now, watching over us all —


​ With the announcer’s final words, the program concluded.

​ “—So.”

​ Nina spoke in a sarcastic tone.

​ “Oh Guardian of Mankind, what’s today’s bounty?”

​ “… Three spring onions, forty-eight yen each.”

​ “At least you’re protecting our finances, then.”

​ She responded to him, a smile making its way onto her face as she laughed in spite of herself.

​ “Hey, hey! I joined halfway through, I want to watch it from the start!”

​ “Ah, me too! I’ll bring my body here too.”

​ “Hold on, I’m going to put this stuff in the fridge so wait for me!”

​ Yuuki started making a racket and Kruse joined in asking for the same thing followed by Rin morphing into a large tiger and bolting into the kitchen like the wind.

​ Once everyone gathered together in the living room, I replayed the program from the beginning.

​ “Master. How true is this information?”

​ “Hmm… half of it’s nonsense, the other half’s explained weirdly.”

​ “So you’re saying most of it’s a lie!?”

​ Kanata hopped in their conversation when he responded to Azel.

​ It’s true, the [Magus of Genesis] talked about on television was an extremely respectable person, one who would never be wrong nor make a mistake. A godlike existence.

​ That the truth wasn’t actually like that… I know well.

​ However.

​ “Yeah, most of it is.”

​ Looking at the likeness drawn of the [Magus of Genesis] descending upon people living in stone houses, Nina spoke.

​ However, I also know well of the hardships he went through.

​ Although there was little truth left within the stories discussed in television programs, it’s for that reason that I can now close my eyes and remember those events like they’d happened just yesterday.


​ — It’s said that the country of Scarlet became the current Anayama Prefecture. The area’s rich folklore being what passed down through the years —


​ Together with that announcement, the video of a forest taken from above started playing.

​ Sighing within my heart, I looked to my side. He had done the same and was looking at my face.

​ The land of genesis, the promised land.

​ The place where it all began—


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