The Magus of Genesis — Postscript




​ Hello everyone. I’m Ishinomiya Kant.

​ The special prize for the Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest was being able to publish a novel, so I was able to publish this as a book.

​ It was an unexpected pleasure.

​ Speaking of Fujimi Fantasy Books, they were the publisher of the first light novel I experienced back when I was still a student.

​ I never thought that I’d one day be able to somehow have one of my own novels published, I’m deeply moved about it all.

​ Well, I got more pages to use for my postscript than I thought I would, so I wonder what I should write about?

​ I could speak imitate my great predecessors and speak lengthily about my frightfully adorable daughter while packing smoke into a pipe, but this is my first work, so I’ll restrain myself and speak about it for a little while.

​ I love those How I Began stories writers tend to do, so I’ll do something similar here. Everything that exists in this world as something now taken as commonplace was produced through the schemes and wisdom of someone who once lived.

​ Each one of those things have their circumstances, their history, and their story. However, those will, eventually, be forgotten, becoming something familiar in the world—becoming the norm.

​ That process is unbearably attractive to me.

​ There exists many different fantasy worlds in the world. Among them exists things like magic, spirits, curses, etcetera. When you read worlds like that, I always get the feeling of Who did it first? That’s what I wanted to depict.

​ And thus I wanted to write The Magus of Genesis.


​ I know that I’m no good at making a title. It is what it is.


​ Speaking of titles, the titles of each chapter should be immediately recognizable to players of Magic: The Gathering.

​ The sentences that follow them are flavor text.

​ They are sentences spoken by the story’s characters left for future generations, the wise sayings of real people, proverbs and the like, as well as sentences that add some flavor to the story.

​ I worried about the flavor text as much as the story proper a few times.


​ Finally, I would like offer a few words of thanks.

​ To everyone that picked up this book:

Did you enjoy the story? Being able to sway the hearts of our readers and perhaps leave even a tiny something behind is the joy of an author.


​ To the readers who cheered me on and supported the series back when I was only serializing it on Kakuyomu:

For you to follow me not just on my web publications but with this book as well, I am extremely honored. Thank you all for your support and patronage as I worked to publish this.


​ To the Kakuyomu administration, as well as everyone at KADOKAWA Fantasy Books’ editorial department:

For giving me such a wonderful opportunity, I thank you with all I have.


​ To Chief Editor:

I am immensely appreciative for troubling you in revising the web version style for publication, as well as for any further trouble. Truly, thank you for everything. I will definitely do better on the next one… probably.


​ To Falmaro, who worked as a wonderful illustrator:

You lit up my monochrome story with your vivid, good-looking style. Rather than being dismayed by how almost all of the characters would grow up or change for story reasons, you actually said that it was fun. Are you an angel?


​ To the designers, the printing office, everyone at the book making area, everyone involved with distribution, all of the bookshop workers, Sid Meier who gave me such inspiration, Wizards of the Coast, my friends who gave me their time in helping me work through my grumbles, my beloved wife and daughter who both supported me through all of my writing, and all of the people who are related to this book:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude. Really, thank you very much.



-Ishinomiya Kanto



Translator Comment:

​ Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this first volume of The Magus of Genesis. For this series, I decided to do something a little different than I usually do as a translator and localize everything. From the responses I’ve seen from readers, that translation style appears to be working out well for this series. I’m glad, it was a pretty big jump from what I usually leave in series like Lazy Dungeon Master, so I wasn’t sure what you all would think!

​ As we move forward into volume two and beyond, I’ll personally be making sure to keep in mind who was around in the prologue. I wonder if I’m spoiling myself like that? Hrm. Well, either way, the explorative and inquisitive tone this series comes with and what it makes me feel has been a joy. Be sure to thank the author and buy the books if you can, I’ve included links for doing so in the table of contents page!


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