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19 thoughts on “The Magus of Genesis — Illustrations

  1. a reincarnated dragon as MC <3
    This is the second one I've read, and I hope it'll be as amazing as the last one! Thank you for translating~

    1. What was the first? 😮
      Guessing either “The Crimson Dragon”, “Evil Dragon Reincarnation” or “Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg~”, if not then I must know @_@

        1. History points to the same thing happening in our past. Simple clothes came before a full fledged language.

          1. Rant: But she is wearing crafted metal accessories and the cloth is set with golden or yellow tint. Also its impossible to keep clothes this white without proper soup…….sign. Ok, it has also dragons and magic, and I`m here for the fun and lolis anyway…..

                1. I read along with my most current translated chapter, which in this case is Chapter 23 because of Patreon prerelease chapters ^^

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