Little Sage Ch. 9

Magic Sword

As expected, magic is overkill for a single slime.

Argo started ripping me a new one over the crater I made here, putting my levelling session on hold.

But also as expected a single slime didn’t raise my level any.

How disappointing…

In any case we decided to take a break, when I sat down in the clearing I took the canteen of Rico juice Amanda offered me.

By the way, to avoid getting my dress dirty Argo laid out a handkerchief on the ground. How very gentlemanly of him.

Come here my Rico juice!

Is it alright to put my mouth on it as it is? It’s fine, right?


Ahhh. Isn’t this the same Rico juice Gre-something1 brought me yesterday.

It had a slightly sour taste going down, like diluted cherry. I think it’d be better chilled.

Since it’s similar to cherry, it’d be great if it was as full of Vitamin-C.

I’m a little girl even if I say so myself.

No, because I’m so little, it’s important for me to take care of my skin from now on! Thank goodness for beautiful skin!

“Anyway, that was shocking! Using such amazing magic!”, said Argo, sat to my right. This is kinda embarrassing.

After all, that was the weakest lightning-type magic y’know. I might be a level 1 Sage, but in the first place my magic power is equal to a level 99 Mage’s isn’t it.

That being the case, I have to be careful when I use it, isn’t my magic power too OP?

Wao, what a relief. Using Fire Ball back then… Using my full power I might have caused a wildfire. Eek.

“What’s more you used an abbreviated chant.”

“Abbreviated chant?”

“Yeah. Normally to invoke magic you’d chant a long incantation. But you just used the spell’s name and the magic activated right?”

Yeah. I mean, in the game you wouldn’t say something like, “Lightning, heed my call. With your great power destroy my enemies, Thunder Arrow!”. Normally you just choose the Thunder Arrow spell from a menu and boom, it activates.

“Can you use any other type of magic?”

“Umm. There’s also Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth-types you know.”

“All-Attirbute huh… Pretty amazing.”

That so? It’s pretty much standard for any Mage in Elyusia Online though. As expected the game and real life are completely different things I suppose.

“Isn’t using all magic types normal?”

“Let’s see. For example, I can use Water-type magic, anything else is beyond me. Amanda can use two types though.”

“Yep, Fire and Wind.”

“As far as I know, the only other person who has All-Attribute magic available is the Captain. What’s more that absurdly out-of-spec guy can affix magic attributes to his sword.”

Attribute-aligned sword you say… Sounds like he’s the Advanced Class “Magic Swordsman”.

Perhaps there are more unreleased Advanced Classes in this world, or something?

Oh, but it looks like they don’t know about The Sage’s Tower, which means the Sage Class hasn’t been released right.

Speaking of Advanced Classes, besides Sage what else was there. I don’t really recall much that doesn’t interest me, but there was Magic Swordsman, Ninja, and what else?

However the Base Classes are Swordsman, Hunter, Mage, and Priest.

Yeeeep. I’m going to have to remain aware of the differences and similarities between my knowledge of the world and the actual common sense here. If I say something carelessly someone might realize that I’m not from this world.

“Oh, right. Because the Captain is spreading his fighting style Fort Izel has a large population of female knights.”

Ohhh. Is that right.

Ah, then, could it be that Leon is the Class-Change Master for the Magic Swordsman Class.

“In an ordinary swordfight women and men aren’t an even match. But, if you do this…”

At that, Amanda took the sword on her hip into her hands.

“O power of Flames that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Flame!”

With that spell-like incantation, the sword in Amanda’s hand burned up.

Oh, wait. The flames came out of the sword.



How do I put it, this really feels like a fantasy now.

“Amanda’s amazing, Amazing! Whoa, so cool!”

I unintentionally started clapping watching Amanda’s pretty face.


How I yearn for that kind of stylish beautyyyy.

“Yuri, look, look, I can do it too! O power of Water that dwelleth within me, I beseech thee. Through my sword, flow forth Water!”2


Argo san is also amaziiiiing.

Water currents flowed around the circumference of his sword.

And so when he held his sword up it looked like a waterspout.

“Hey, aren’t I cool too?”

“Yeesss. Both of you are so cool!”

“Hmhm. Such an honest reaction is good.”

Magic Swordsmen are so cool. Ahh, I wish I woulda raised my Swordsman level. My Mage level is 99, if my Swordsman level was also maxed…

Nah, Sage is best after all. I can use magic, I can use healing, what’s more, I can equip swords.

Oh, but can I get my Swordsman class to 99 somehow and use Sword Skills as a Sage?

But when I stop and think about having to level up all over again… Yeah. I’m over that.

“Niiice, so cool…”

“Thanks. But, Yuri, I think you’re more magic-focused than a swordsman.”

“I know right~”

I couldn’t defeat the slime, so I doubt I have any talent for swordsmanship.

“Out of everyone at Fort Izel, are there a lot of Magic Swordsman?”

“Hey now, that’s a pretty good way of saying it. We’ve just been calling ourselves Sword Mages, but Magic Swordsmen3 sounds good. Well, to be honest, knights are all sword-swinging muscleheads. Even before the captain spread his fighting style there were more swordsmen than mages.”

Huh. Now that I think of it, Leon, Amanda, and Argo are all Magic Swordsmen, does that mean they all maxed their base classes?!

“Adding magic attributes to a sword, it’s impossible if you can’t use magic right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, if a Mage wanted to, say they became a Swordsman, would they be a Magic Swordsman?”

“No. We’re all prior Swordsmen, magic was not our forte. But adding attributes to our swords does require a spot of magic talent.”

Then you can become a Magic Swordsman even without maxing your base class levels huh?

As I expected, this world and the game world are really different…

The Sage’s Tower… it seems they don’t know about it, but it does exist right…?


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  1. Georg, but he has been forgotten already
  2. I got a bit creative here, also asked for help regarding this line, I’ma think of something to change it up for the other elements if it comes up, but I wanted to be pretty chuuni about it and add in a little more flourish, so if you cringed a little, I think I did ok. The original lines for the chant just changed the Element but kept every other word identical which isn’t fun, and actually doesn’t work great in english
  3. He uses “Magic Sword Users” here, but that doesn’t fit with what they’re actually doing, since it seems the sword itself is not magic, but being enchanted by the magic the user holds. Also the distinction between a Magic Sword User and a Magic Swordsman is hard to understand in english I think, Sword Mage and Magic Swordsman are very clearly different terms, so that’s what I went with
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