Little Sage Ch. 8

VS Slime



Yuri Kujou here, formerly Kujou Yuri. It’s day two in this other world.

After everything that happened last night I wound up getting so tired I went to sleep without eating anything. Waking up to see Amanda’s giant knockers slapping me in the face, well, talk about a shock!

How do I put it, waking up to that was powerful enough to shatter any faint hope I had of going home.

While I was intensely flustered, Amanda gave a soft “Good morning” in the slightly husky voice of someone just waking up.

Wao.. even just waking up, a beauty is still a beauty.

My heart skipping a beat there is going to remain a secret.

Before I could get used to it, Amanda went and brought in a delicious breakfast to our room, from today on I’ll start raising my level immediately!


It won’t just be Amanda joining me, Argo is also coming along. I want to see how much magic I could use, but regardless there are stronger enemies than just slimes near the Magical Forest.

I seriously lucked out running into such a nice group of people right after coming to this world. It wouldn’t have been rare to have gotten attacked by a monster or robbed by a thief before running into anyone.

I have no clue why I came here, but I’d sincerely like to express my gratitude to these kind people who picked me up.

Sure, I’d love to go home, but moping around isn’t going to improve anything.

And that’s why, I’m going to push forward!

Do your best, me!

After about 40 minutes of following my escorts’ guidance we reached a thick forest. The first thing I’m seeing after coming to this world is this Magical Forest place.

That forty minute hike, wheeze, was rough for a city kid like me, gasp.

“There should be a slime, somewhere around… Oh, there, there it is!”

Looking at where Amanda’s pointing…


First slime found!!!

Can’t tell where it’s head’s at; there’s no eyes or mouth. Thanks to Elyusia Online I can still tell that’s definitely a slime!


Awww yisss, it’s on!

“Yuri, do your beeest!”

“Yuri, fight!”

Hearing Argo and Amanda’s cheers lifted my spirit a hundred-fold. I’ll give it my all!

After picking up my Cypress Staff I valiantly swung at the slime.


The slime just quivered a little.

That first attack seemed ineffective, so I swung again.


The slime just kept quivering.

“Hya! Hei, Hiyah, Tei!”

The slime just ignored my attacks and quivered with every strike.

After all that I got worn out…

The heck, why aren’t my attacks working.

“Um, hey. Yuri?”

I turned around when I heard Argo, for some reason he seemed tired.

“Yuri, you’re a mage right? Why don’t you use magic?”

Listen carefully! Such profound logic, I’ve got to explain properly.

“You see now.. That’s because I imagined levelling up by button-mashing A. Since mages and priests can’t equip swords, they can’t equip a Cypress Staff either, the only thing left was a Cypress Branch, y’know? But whacking things with a branch is just weird right?! And so, now that I can finally equip it I wanted to bash it with my Cypress Staff!”

Alright! I said it!

“…Yup. I don’t get why, but you wanted to hit it with a cypress staff. Right right. That’s good and all. But you know, it seems like that attack isn’t doing anything at all.”

“That’s right, Why is that?”

“No, I think it’s impossible to kill it with that attack?”


“‘Eeeh?’ nothing… no matter how cutely you complain, what’s impossible is impossible.”

Next to argo who had his hand on his forehead Amanda was delightedly saying “it’s cute, so isn’t it fine.”

But, uhh. I see, I can’t beat it with my Cypres Staff.

“Then, it can’t be helped, I’ll defeat it with magic… If it’s Fire, I might burn the surroundings and it’ll become a wildfire, so that’s out, Wind might cut the trees. Water is… The slime looks like it’d enjoy that. Lightning… Oh, Water is weak to Lightning.”

Certainly, that’s how Pkm*n work.

Lightning magic it is then!

“Thunder Arrow!”

I tried chanting with my arm raised.

Then I felt power flow towards my fingertip.

Imagine an arrow of lightning and shake it down!


Boooooom!!! With a great explosion countless arrows struck the slime. The cacophony of light and sound messed up my eyes and ears a bit.

The magic was probably only active for three seconds, but in that moment it felt like eternity.

And after the magic finally settled down…

There was no sign of the slime, instead there was a crater with a radius of five meters where it used to be.

Tha… That’s strange?

Could it be, I overdid it..?


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