Lazy Dungeon Master v2 — Sidestory


Monster Spawners


“That’s a good spot for a goblin spawner!”
“Yeah. A good place that doesn’t stand out. We could even move it later too if we needed.”

Monster spawners. They’re invisible magical formations, amazing things that can replenish up to five monsters at a time each whenever there weren’t adventurers nearby.
Although they cost one hundred times the price of the monster they spawned, everything spawned after the first one hundred can be considered as free.
However, they were different from the cases where one would normally summon with DP, these monsters wouldn’t give back DP even if they die. Well, they’d leave corpses though.

“… By the way, these goblin spawners…”
“Rokuko, don’t you want a personal goblin spawner in your room?”
“I mean, couldn’t you make a goblin harem?”
“But I said that I don’t have a goblin fetish! Why are you assuming that I’d have them serve me!?”
“Ah, right. Maybe it’d be better to summon them normally since it’s not like you’d go out of your way to kill them. That’d be rude.”
“Kehma!? I’ll get angry you know!?”

Fufufu, Rokuko, still lying to yourself.

“Right, how about we set up a jelly spawner too?”

Jellies are 1 DP apiece and have absolutely no strength, pretty much just small fry monsters. They’re shaped like upside-down bowls, their bodies wiggling and bouncing like pudding when touched.
If I had to say why we’d want to install spawners for them also, well, it’s for them to be eaten. In other words, they’ll become goblin food.
They’re even preferred for adventurer rations, they’re slightly sweet and thought of as better than badly preserved food. They have a really bouncy texture.

“More importantly, won’t these spawners be destroyed?”
“The magic formations for them are almost invisible, so they won’t be easily destroyed. I think? Just in case, it’s said [Dungeons draw summon-type formations] in the [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons].”

A spawner looks like a transparent magic formation. However, it shines for a moment when a monster is summoned.
To consider that adventurers might witness it by chance… Well, it is something that Haku-san wrote. Concerning spawned monsters, she included that they would only respawn things one time. She probably added that to manipulate how much people paid attention to it.
Well, since I’m also worried about adventurers venting their anger or stray attacks in the midst of battle being able to destroy it as well, it’d be better to set it up in a place that’s as out of sight as possible.

“But still, how do you tell the difference between normally summoned monsters and spawned ones?”
“Mmm, right. Just from looking at them, they feel a bit slow? I don’t mean that their responses are dulled though… like they don’t have any fighting spirit in them?”

As expected, being able to get them in large quantities means something’ll be missing?
The heck, they don’t have souls? No way.

“So they feel slow? I don’t really get it though.”
“You’ll understand when you see the goblins… Like they don’t have any desperation in them?”

To understand goblins… as expected of Rokuko.

“I didn’t summon goblins for years for nothing—I didn’t have any other intentions you know!?”
“I get it.”
“Do you really!?”
“Spawned goblins aren’t satisfying so it’s better to summon them right?”
“That’s not it!? It’s not like that you know!?”
“Really now? … Well, it’s fine. Then we’ll put a few goblin spawners here and golem spawners in the labyrinth area.”

It’s the same thing with golem spawners, but it’s perfect for their corpses to stay around as raw materials.
They’re summoned monsters that’ve been with me for a while now, but even though I say that, I don’t really feel any heartache for them. I guess it’s like goblins feel like living things, but golems feel like robots.
I’d rather use the non-biological-type monsters for their materials.
We wouldn’t need to buy ingots anymore if we get to the point of having ones for iron or other metal-type golems. Hmm, should I? I really want the iron. It’s all-purpose.
Besides, wouldn’t iron golem corpses turn into some good income for adventurers? A human-sized lump of high quality iron would be a huge deal after all.

“Maybe I’ll add an iron golem spawner, like a rare monster?”

A single iron golem (500 DP) one hundred times is 50,000 DP, but we’d have an unlimited amount of iron from now on.
… Ah, I don’t have enough. Tch, I used too much huh?
I’ll have to save up for it. For now, let’s go with attracting adventurers with magic swords and sending goblins and clay golems against them.

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