The Dungeon Master That Absolutely Won’t Work Before Indulging in Laziness



“Hey, hurry up and massacre those bandits!”

“No way, I don’t want to work…”

Spending my daily life in leisure, that was my pastime—until I was summoned into another world and met a blonde loli introducing herself as Dungeon Core No. 695.

“Save my dungeon. By the way, if the dungeon core is destroyed, you’ll also go down with me as the dungeon master.”

A dungeon with a single room. Moreover, one already controlled by bandits. This is a [Checkmate] no matter how you look at it. Guess there’s nothing to do but somehow get out of this situation so that I can [Not Work]!!

Arc One: Hey, I’m Suddenly in a Checkmate?
Chapter 1 – I Don’t Want to Work..!
Chapter 2 – I’ll die if I work…!
Chapter 3 – Figuring out the Situation
Chapter 4 – Let’s Deal with the Bandits Somehow
Chapter 5 – Let’s Make More Rooms
Chapter 6 – Let’s Use Magic for the First Time
Chapter 7 – The Bandits’ Boss
Chapter 8 – Going Well
Chapter 9 – Let’s Use DP
Chapter 10 – The Bandit Bought Slaves
Chapter 11 – The End of the Bandits
Chapter 12 – A Slave Called a Hug Pillow
Chapter 13 – Extra: Dungeon Master Kehma (Rokuko’s Point of View)

Arc Two: Information is Important. This is Serious.
Chapter 14 – Using DP to Create a Golem
Chapter 15 – The Potential of a Golem
Chapter 16 – The Potential of a Golem (2)
Chapter 17 – Magic Sword Golem and Clothes Golem
Chapter 18 – A Human Town for the First Time
Chapter 19 – Extra: Strange Adventurer Applicant (Soldier’s Point of View)
Chapter 20 – Adventurer’s Guild and the First Commission
Chapter 21 – The First Commission Completion?
Chapter 22 – For Now, One Night
Chapter 23 – A Human Town for the First Time, Day Two
Chapter 24 – Ranking Up and the Guild Head’s Story
Chapter 25 – Information on Dungeons

Arc Three: Finally, a Tutorial
Chapter 26 – Intruder
Chapter 27 – Dungeon Core No. 89
Chapter 28 – No-Good People
Chapter 29 – A Dungeon Battle…?
Chapter 30 – Major Renovations
Chapter 31 – Dungeon Battle, Onset of War
Chapter 32 – Dungeon Battle, A Fierce Fight
Chapter 33 – Dungeon Battle, Conclusion
Chapter 34 – The Difference Between Postwar Treatment and Words

Arc Four: The Human Village, Again
Chapter 35 – I’ll Be an Adventurer Even Though I’m a Dungeon Master!
Chapter 36 – Buying a Slave
Chapter 37 – New Member
Chapter 38 – Another Designated Commission
Chapter 39 – Also, Goblin Subjugation
Chapter 40 – About Time to Return

Arc Five: Preparing for the Dungeon to Open
Chapter 41 – Base (Dungeon)
Chapter 42 – Let’s Build an Inn
Chapter 43 – Cheat Discovered
Chapter 44 – Making an Inn and Employee Uniform (Maid Clothes)
Chapter 45 – Meat’s Misguided Common Sense
Chapter 46 – The Inn’s Program
Chapter 47 – Plans for Ranking Up
Chapter 48 – Onsen
Chapter 49 – Just Out of the Bath
Chapter 50 – This and That
Chapter 51 – A Quick Rank Up
Chapter 52 – Promoting the Dungeon

Arc Six: Dungeon Management, Begin!
Chapter 53 – Investigation Commission: Heaven (Adventurer’s Point of View)
Chapter 54 – Investigation Commission: Hell (Adventurer’s Point of View)
Chapter 55 – First Customers
Chapter 56 – Commission from the Guild
Chapter 57 – Rescue
Chapter 58 – Haku-san’s Visit
Chapter 59 – Inn, Suite Room 1 (Haku’s PoV)
Chapter 60 – Inn, Suite Room 2 (Haku’s PoV)
Chapter 61 – Suite Day One: Results
Chapter 62 – The Egg’s Identity

Arc Seven: Your Neighborhood Salamander
Chapter 63 – Opening?
Chapter 64 – Stupimander
Chapter 65 – Negotiations with the Red Dragon
Chapter 66 – The Second Dungeon Battle
Chapter 67 – Information Gathering (Eavesdropping)
Chapter 68 – Second Dungeon Battle, Onset of War
Chapter 69 – Second Dungeon Battle, Pursuit
Chapter 70 – Second Dungeon Battle, Boss Round One
Chapter 71 – Second Dungeon Battle, Boss Round Two, Conclusion
Chapter 72 – The Trap

Arc Eight: Stable Days?
Chapter 73 – Labor Shortage
Chapter 74 – Let’s Procure Some New Employees
Chapter 75 – Temporary Names and Additional Rooms
Chapter 76 – Employee Training
Chapter 77 – The Phoenix
Chapter 78 – Slots
Chapter 79 – Blacksmith Flag
Chapter 80 – The Blacksmith’s Arrival
Chapter 81 – Extra: Blacksmith 1 (Gozoh’s Point of View)
Chapter 82 – Extra: Blacksmith 2 (Gozoh’s Point of View)
Chapter 83 – The Game Room

Arc Nine: Let’s Develop the Dungeon
Chapter 84 – The Naming Ceremony
Chapter 85 – Extra: Worries (Rei’s Point of View)
Chapter 86 – Rei’s Consultation
Chapter 87 – Let’s Pay Back the Loan
Chapter 88 – Aristocrat’s Rescue Party
Chapter 89 – Welcoming the Intruders 1
Chapter 90 – Welcoming the Intruders 2
Chapter 91 – Did it…
Chapter 92 – Information From Haku-san
Chapter 93 – Now For Some Remodeling

Arc Ten: The Hero Visits
Chapter 94 – The Hero Has Come
Chapter 95 – Extra: Hero’s PoV
Chapter 96 – The Hero and a Meal
Chapter 97 – The Hero and his Story
Chapter 98 – The Hero and [Still Refused]
Chapter 99 – The Hero and Kehma
Chapter 100 – The Hero and a Match (Gambling)
Chapter 101 – The Hero and Meat
Chapter 102 – Extra: The Hero and Gozoh
Chapter 103 – The Hero and the Dungeon
Chapter 104 – The Hero and [Flame Cavern]
Chapter 105 – The Hero’s Repatriation
Chapter 106 – Meat’s Name and Making the Ring
Chapter 107 – Presenting the Ring to Rokuko

Arc Eleven: The Village, and Intruders
Chapter 108 – The Village
Chapter 109 – Consulting the Village Chief
Chapter 110 – Subordinates’ Growth
Chapter 111 – Rokuko’s State and the Speaker Golem
Chapter 112 – Intruder
Chapter 113 – Fighting the Black Wolf
Chapter 114 – Consultation With Our Neighbor
Chapter 115 – A Good Idea
Chapter 116 – Contact
Chapter 117 – Well, What Now?
Chapter 118 – Contact Once Again
Chapter 119 – Experiment Start

Arc Twelve: The Saintess
Chapter 120 – The Saintess 1
Chapter 121 – The Saintess 2
Chapter 122 – Progress
Chapter 123 – The Saintess 3
Chapter 124 – The Saintess 4
Chapter 125 – The Saintess 5
Chapter 126 – Making Magic Tools
Chapter 127 – Nerune’s Laboratory
Chapter 128 – The Saintess 6
Chapter 129 – Fundraising Countermeasures
Chapter 130 – A Cook

Arc Thirteen: The Saintess’ Serious Mode
Chapter 131 – The Village’s Name and the Saintess’ Time Limit
Chapter 132 – The Saintess’ Serious Mode 1
Chapter 133 – The Saintess’ Serious Mode 2
Chapter 134 – The Saintess’ Serious Mode 3
Chapter 135 – The Saintess’ Troubles
Chapter 136 – The Saintess’ Observations
Chapter 137 – Emergency
Chapter 138 – The Saintess and the Black Wolf
Chapter 139 – Euma-senpai
Chapter 140 – The Saintess and Flame Cavern
Chapter 141 – The Saintess and the Boss
Chapter 142 – In the Master Room
Chapter 143 – The Saintess’ Return Home

Arc Fourteen: The Extra Arc
Chapter 144 – Extra: Meat Blackdog’s Average Day
Chapter 145 – Extra: Hero Wataru and Rin
Chapter 146 – Extra: Rokuko’s Ring and Haku Raverio
Chapter 147 – Extra: Ichika and the Bar’s Slots
Chapter 148 – Extra: A Normal Villager Adventurer’s Day Off
Chapter 149 – Extra: What Uzoh and Muzoh Are Doing Now
Chapter 150 – Extra: The Winter Demon

Arc Fifteen: The Dungeon Core Assembly
Chapter 151 – Rin’s Parting Gift
Chapter 152 – The Dungeon Core Assembly
Chapter 153 – Father
Chapter 154 – Rankings
Chapter 155 – Core 666
Chapter 156 – Seniors to the Rescue
Chapter 157 – Team Match
Chapter 158 – Welcoming

Arc Sixteen: Preparations for the Third Dungeon Battle
Chapter 159 – Haku-san’s Imperial Villa
Chapter 160 – Touring the Imperial Capital 1
Chapter 161 – Touring the Imperial Capital 2
Chapter 162 – Touring the Imperial Capital 3
Chapter 163 – Touring the Imperial Capital 4
Chapter 164 – Touring the Imperial Capital 5
Chapter 165 – Touring the Imperial Capital 6
Chapter 166 – Touring the Imperial Capital 7
Chapter 167 – Extra: A Souvenir and Technological Innovation
Chapter 168 – Dungeon Battle Strategy Meeting
Chapter 169 – Making the Dungeon
Chapter 170 – Rokuko’s Five Back-to-Back 10,000 DP Gacha
Chapter 171 – 1,000 DP Machine Gun Gacha (x150)
Chapter 172 – Summon Gargoyle
Chapter 173 – Checking on the Village
Chapter 174 – The Day Before the Dungeon Battle
Chapter 175 – Extra: Meat and the Banquet

Arc Seventeen: The Third Dungeon Battle
Chapter 176 – Third Dungeon Battle: Onset of War
Chapter 177 – Third Dungeon Battle: Onset of War (Attacker’s Point of View)
Chapter 178 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 1
Chapter 179 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 2
Chapter 180 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 3
Chapter 181 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 4
Chapter 182 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 5
Chapter 183 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 6
Chapter 184 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 7
Chapter 185 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 8
Chapter 186 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 9
Chapter 187 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 10
Chapter 188 – Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 11
Chapter 189 – Third Dungeon Battle: Conclusion
Chapter 190 – Victor’s Delight
Chapter 191 – Rewards
Chapter 192 – Super Transformation
Chapter 193 – Third Dungeon Battle: End

Arc Eighteen: Finishing the Battle
Chapter 194 – Godly Comforter 1
Chapter 195 – Godly Comforter 2
Chapter 196 – Godly Comforter 3
Chapter 197 – Godly Comforter (Behind the Scenes)
Chapter 198 – A Promise Forgotten
Chapter 199 – Extra: A Promise Fulfilled

Arc Nineteen: The Mysterious Sisters
Chapter 200 – New Employees
Chapter 201 – The Interview
Chapter 202 – The Mysterious Sisters
Chapter 203 – Mock Fight
Chapter 204 – Peeping
Chapter 205 – A Bit of Remodeling
Chapter 206 – Probing
Chapter 207 – Magic Tools Shopping
Chapter 208 – Introductions
Chapter 209 – Wataru’s Side of Things
Chapter 210 – Rice
Chapter 211 – Teach Me Ontentoo-senpai
Chapter 212 – An Invitation
Chapter 213 – Introductions
Chapter 214 – Question Time 1
Chapter 215 – Question Time 2

Arc Twenty: Golen Village Has Been Targeted
Chapter 216 – Uwaaah, Weak Little Girl
Chapter 217 – Sleeping With the Little Girl
Chapter 218 – Succubus 1
Chapter 219 – Succubus 2
Chapter 220 – Succubus 3
Chapter 221 – The Little Girl Returns
Chapter 222 – The Little Girl’s Midnight Visit
Chapter 223 – The Little Girl’s Older Sister
Chapter 224 – Charmed
Chapter 225 – In the Shadows
Chapter 226 – On the Level of Taking an Arrow to the Knee

Arc Twenty-One: A Fickle Calamity
Chapter 227 – Leona
Chapter 228 – Acceptance Preparations
Chapter 229 – The Second Godly Beddings
Chapter 230 – And I Don’t Intend to Hide Her At All
Chapter 231 – Reunion
Chapter 232 – Someone Who Really Doesn’t Want to be Involved
Chapter 233 – The Existence Named Leona 1
Chapter 234 – The Existence Named Leona 2
Chapter 235 – The Anti-Leona Strategy Meeting
Chapter 236 – [Operation Eject Leona], Begin
Chapter 237 – Preparations
Chapter 238 – Commencement
Chapter 239 – No Stopping Until There’s a Punishment Game!
Chapter 240 – The Final Trial
Chapter 241 – The Beach
Chapter 242 – Confirmation and a Trap
Chapter 243 – Courage

Arc Twenty-Two: The Marriage Interview
Chapter 244 – A Letter From the Sia Family
Chapter 245 – Visiting the Sia Family
Chapter 246 – The Sia Family’s Request
Chapter 247 – The Sia Family’s Dining Table
Chapter 248 – An Outing With Mai O’Doll
Chapter 249 – An Outing With Mai O’Doll 2
Chapter 250 – Finishing the Outing
Chapter 251 – Fiance (Fake)
Chapter 252 – Persuasion
Chapter 253 – Escapism
Chapter 254 – Looking Into the Village Chief: Starting
Chapter 255 – Looking Into the Village Chief: Ending
Chapter 256 – Extra: Soap Bubbles
Chapter 257 – Looking Into the Inn
Chapter 258 – Looking Into the Dungeon Master
Chapter 259 – The Marriage Interview Discussion (Bonodol’s Point of View): Starting
Chapter 261 – Extra: A Certain Typical Dungeon

Arc Twenty-Three: The ‘Kuh, kill me!’ Female Knight
Chapter 262 – Before the Pretending
Chapter 263 – The “Kuh, kill me!” Female Knight (Former)
Chapter 264 – How About a Mock Fight?
Chapter 265 – (A Story That Doesn’t Really Progress)
Chapter 266 – Wanna Go to the Dungeon?
Chapter 267 – Yeah, Let’s Go to the Dungeon
Chapter 268 – The Waitress and a Secret

Omake 0 – LN v2 Side Story (Ch ~66)
Omake 1 – Ichika’s Q&A (Ch ~96)
Omake 2 – Rokuko’s Melon Roll Review (Ch ~115)
Omake 3 – Christmas (Ch ~119)
Omake 4 – New Year’s Day (Ch ~121)
Omake 5 – April Fool’s Day (Ch ~150)
Omake 6 – One Year In (Ch ~156)
Omake 7 – Rabbit Skewer Merchant (Ch ~156)
Omake 8 – Tsuia Gatekeeper (Ch ~156)
Omake 9 – Haku’s Past (Ch ~204)
Omake 10 – Rokuko’s Melon Roll Review 2 (Ch ~230)
Omake 11 – Nerune and Wataru

Guild’s Receptionist-san’s Story:

※There is a possibility that your image of Receptionist-san will be strikingly ruined.
HENTAI gentleman’s (lady’s) element warning. It’s fine even if you skip this.

Chapter 1 Part 1 – Encountering an Angel
Chapter 1 Part 2 – Encountering an Angel
Chapter 1 Part 3 – Encountering an Angel
Chapter 2 Part 1 – Angel Element After a Week
Chapter 2 Part 2 – Angel Element After a Week
Chapter 2 Part 3 – Angel Element After a Week
Chapter 3 – Rank Up Examination… Eh—
Chapter 4 Part 1 – Temporary Branch Office
Chapter 4 Part 2 – Temporary Branch Office
Chapter 5 – Something Big


※Differences exist between the web novel and light novel versions to some degree, such as Rokuko’s figure changing from chibi-loli all the way to bakunyuu-onee-chan. Please be aware of this.

Light Novel Volume 1 Illustrations
Light Novel Volume 2 Illustrations
Light Novel Volume 3 Illustrations
Light Novel Volume 4 Illustrations
Light Novel Volume 5 Illustrations

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  1. Well, it’s doesn’t seem R-18…but the LN (or it is WN? Don’t really care anyway => it’s a story) is pretty good and fun so~…….don’t know if i’m grateful, forgive you or something else…… I have little good feeling toward your choice?
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  4. You know I really hope he makes something like a boss area with 5 Golems with different skills or abilities and when the hero manages to damage them enough they combine together to form a Golem with all the abilities of the other 5 Golems. That would be awesome. Not to mention a huge Game changer for the Adventurers.

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  8. hmm after many months after reading this WN i thought of a funny idea…
    expand the dungeon on the surface to the 2 nearby cities,…..

    why build when you can hijack, installing a few fake dungeon cores would also make it very easy to travel.

    also if ya want to make a boss golem…

    use a pond with alot of Algea 1 meters deep, then the boss only need 2 be like 30 cm’s tall to defeat most adversaries

  9. Excuse me,, why chapters 150 onwards is not available yet but have the titles? Just wondering,, anyway,, thanks for the translation 🙂

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    Chapter 171 – 1000 DP Machine Gun Gacha (x150)

    Uwaa. What sort of absurd splurging is this? I’m looking forward to it.

  12. Thank you for translating this very great novel ^^

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  15. Excuse me, I’ve just find this and taken interesting in the story but I saw that they said there are differences between the WN and LN about the heroine is loli or bb. So before start reading, please anyone spoild me a little about the story? Like Is this a harem comedy or a romance between a stupid main and a baka loli tsundere despite there still better girls around him ? Because some reasons I have a trauma about the second so please fell me that it the first!!!

      1. you mean “anything except stupid”. That means the first right? If so I will start reading now, and though it’s a bit early but thank you for your hard work translating this anyway!

  16. Ziru-sama!! Can you please translate “Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite”? I like this novel but the translators dropped this novel :(( if you can, can you please translate these too?

    Thank you for translating lazy dungeon master I really like these novel because the MC is lazy 😀

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