Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 5

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Something Big


The season flew by and it became summer.

Now then, let’s go receiving Angel-chan’s service again today!
I headed to the inn’s dining room in high spirits.

A tunnel opened up near the dungeon at some point, causing the distance it takes to get to Pavuera to shrink a lot. Before that, people had to risk their life crossing over Tsuia Mountain or take several weeks to go around it, but now it takes around a single day if they kept at it.
For some reason though, the tunnel takes a toll fee. It seems to be a completely harmless dungeon, but it’s a mystery.

Oh right, there’s also plans to turn this village into a relay point, too. Right now the discussions are advancing splendidly and we’re looking for adventurers that have skills as a carpenter.

Well, my workload is increasing due to all of that as well, but it’s not a problem.
My fatigue gets blown away as soon as I see Angel-chan’s face!

Ah, Angel-chan isn’t in today? I’m willing to sue here.
Instead of Angel-chan, the person waiting on tables is the heretic that calls himself Angel-chan’s master.

“Why are you serving tables? It’s unpleasant.”
“Meat collapsed from extreme fatigue… It couldn’t be helped, so please bear with it.”

What did the heretic do!? He worked Angel-chan until she collapsed!?
The number of peddlers passing through the tunnel has increased lately, so there are more people to serve, but that doesn’t mean you should overwork her! I won’t forgive you!

Angel-chan hasn’t been slacking in her adventurer training and even does mock battles against adventurers every day… and you worked her until she collapsed!?

… Oh? Could it be that she overdid her own training and collapsed?
But even if that’s it it doesn’t change the fact you shouldn’t overwork people, so I win the case!

By the way, Angel-chan returned the next day.
Normally you’d have people rest properly after they collapse, yet he only let her rest for a single day… that guy really is a heretic.




Meanwhile, the inn’s Owner-sama seems very wise.
She appears to have hired three new people. Moreover, they’re live-in workers.

A residence was annexed onto the inn without anyone noticing. I don’t really understand what was being said, but it was definitely built at super speed… hmmm, it must have been a great carpenter. I wonder if that carpenter could make this place into a village instantly as well?

I’d really like to have her introduce me to the person some time, but it might be that it’s difficult to fund them?
Well, let’s keep looking for a carpenter adventurer as planned. The goal is before winter.

“Oi Silia-chan, I saw something amazing.”
“Oh? Gozoh-san. What happened?”

Gozoh-san… the Uzoh Muzoh brothers’ master turned up at the guild branch’s office.
An excellent C-Rank adventurer, as well as a dwarf that could be called a drinking veteran.

“Iron golems.”
“… What?”
“Iron golems are appearing. In the dungeon. I saw them in the maze, there’s no mistaking it.”

It looks like I didn’t mishear him.
Iron golems. Their entire bodies were made of iron.
As their bodies were entirely iron, they were in other words a giant walking iron ingot. A large lump of resources.

“… Did you bring one?”
“No, my weapon today wasn’t a good match. Fighting an iron golem with a knife would’ve been pretty hard yeah?”
“Ah, yes, it would.”

Hammer-type weapons were best for fighting iron golems.
Hammers weren’t that good for clay golems since they would destroy the magic stone in a single hit. However, since the profit in iron golems came from their entire body, that wasn’t a problem.

“I was planning on going for clay golems and stone golems today after all. I never thought that iron golems would make an appearance…”
“It’s surprising. Could you obtain one as soon as possible?”
“I’ll make preparations. Well, it’ll turn into an ore mine since iron golems’ve started appearing yeah?”
“Correct. So please, bring one back as soon as you can.”
“Leave it to me. Hammers are my specialty after all.”

Mines. There were two kinds.
One was the normal mine where people would dig out a hole.
Another kind was where a dungeon appeared with monsters that had useful resources. This was called a dungeon-type mine. With that definition, this dungeon just turned into a dungeon-type mine.
Furthermore, the mine would cause vast amounts of money to flow through the area.

Woooooow. This is big~!

“… We should hasten the schedule then. It should be simple after explaining the circumstances though.”
“Well I don’t know much about stuff like that. Do your best, Silia-chan.”
“Yes. It’ll go more smoothly if I had an actual article to show, so please work hard, Gozoh-san.”

Seeing Gozoh-san off, I decided to start working on a report to send to Ojii-chan. Let’s pass the baton over to Ojii-chan. Un.



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