Guild’s Receptionist-san

Temporary Branch Office

(Part 2)


I decided to hear Uzoh-san and Muzoh-san’s story in the adventurer guild’s branch office (tent).

“Well, Kehma-san said, [Hey, eat. You’re probably hungry.] Then that girl handed us bread. Maaan, that bread was really tasy… right Uzoh?”
“It was like I saw an angel for the first time, Muzoh.”
“Really…? Ummm, what about the trap?”
“Ah, right. Kehma-san saw through it instantly, that we needed to put the magic sword back in the pedestal to open the door… Moreover, he helped us by using his own magic sword!”
“Well Uzoh, I think he already knew about that mechanism. Kehma-san’s probably already conquered this dungeon so nothing in it can surprise him.”
“I-is that so?”

Crap, somehow Uzoh-san and Muzoh-san have become firm believers in that scrap. Did he brainwash them somehow?

“Moreover, a cheap two gold coins for the rescue fee. We’ll send money back when we return to Sia, so please pass it to Kehma-san.”
“Ah, if you wish we can go through the procedures to send money to him.”
“Really!? Then please do!”

Two gold coins each? Yeah, that really is cheap for that, but it’s also not a small amount of money. Even three gold coins would be enough to live for a year.
But really, it’s a small amount to pay for your life. It could be called exceptionally fair.

“Right. The information about that magic sword trap, could you add it to Kehma-san’s reward? Are you good with that Uzoh?”
“I don’t care. You didn’t even need to ask, Muzoh.”
“I don’t particularly mind… but don’t you need money?”
“We were prepared for death. We were saved for two gold coins, wouldn’t you want to pay it back as soon as possible? Right Uzoh?”
“It’s thanks to Kehma-san that we can even talk like idiots like this right now after all!”
“Really now… Well, if so that’s alright.”

After that, I heard the story from that scrap, getting information about that trap’s mechanism and the dungeon’s ecosystem.
… There are nothing but goblins, clay golems, and stone golems in it. It really is a monotonous dungeon. Even beginners would be able to dive into it so long as they’re careful about the traps.
I don’t know how far in it goes, but right now I know that it would possibly be able to be used for new adventurer’s rank up examinations.

There’s even the possibility that it’ll produce magic swords in the future, too. Alright, there’s enough to write a report.
Let’s have the Uzoh Muzoh brothers deliver it. It’ll surely arrive quickly like that.
… [Ordinary Cave] doesn’t seem to match this dungeon.
What kind of name will it get?




Several days later, an unexpected situation occurred.
The A-Rank adventurer [White Goddess], ancestor of Raverio Empire, and the adventurer guild’s grand guild master, unmistakably a heavenly existence, Haku Raverio made an appearance at this remote dungeon.
… I started to sweat.

“U-umm, t-today is also an auspicious day…” [1]
“Your formal greeting is appreciated, though I would like to quickly turn in to rest at the inn. You said you were the only one here… This dungeon will be under continuous management of the adventurer guild. Its title is updated to [Cave of Desires]. The difficulty is D-Rank or above. Understood? Chloe, pass the documents.”
“Yes, certainly.”

The black-dressed butler standing next to her, Chloe-sama, handed me the official papers from Haku Raverio-sama’s command… Although I said butler, she is a woman. Even I’m shocked at her beauty.
And then as soon as they finished handing over the documents, they quickly left… Aah, I was crazy tense there. My keigo is really not at the level to deal with her, really. [2]
If I had to liken it to something it’d be like confronting a dragon. I might have lost my life if I did a bad job. There was an order of knights that came to this dungeon for bandit subjugation, but there’s talk that they were executed after falling into Haku Raverio-sama’s disgrace and committing treason.

But even so, to come to an inn that could be called a cheap inn, wouldn’t the owner be committing lese-majeste against those two? [3]

… I’d be fine if Scrap Worm-san took the responsibility for it and got hanged, but please don’t implicated Angel-chan and them as well. Let’s pray that they can make it through this safely.

But well, in all probability, those two are the A-Rank adventurers that back the inn huh~. In that case there shouldn’t be any problems… probably!

… Well, for now how about I relax and get into the onsen?



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  • She is heavily, heavily butchering a polite greeting meant for marriage-related dates. Return
  • Keigo is polite speech, practically (or literally I guess) an art form of the business world in Japan nowadays. Return
  • Lese-majeste wiki hereReturn

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