Guild’s Receptionist-san

Temporary Branch Office

(Part 1)


When I reached [Ordinary Cave], I saw the inn that was there and my mouth opened wide.

The heck is this?

It’s a much more properly built thing than I thought it’d be. Just how many months would this normally take? Rather, there’s been no reports about anything strange going on here so did this really just happen?
Eh well, it should be alright though. At any rate an A-Rank Adventurer-sama was involved with this, so it’s not strange.

Thinking about an A-Rank’s influence, it wouldn’t be off for them to have the skill to build an inn in a few days.

Well, let’s immediately go and hear the story from the inn’s Owner-san.
The one at the reception, Sorin… no, Ichika-san, guided me to the parlor and called for the owner.

After a while, a blonde-haired beautiful girl wearing a simple white dress turned up. Her white skin fit her blonde hair well. There’s another angel!
And a strange person at her side.

“This is the first time we’ve met, Owner-sama… Why is Kehma-sama here?”
“Well, I’m employed here. Please think of me as something similar to a secretary for now.”

Huh? Secretary? Then stay quiet, I am the guild’s branch head! The branch head! I’m the only one in the branch though!”

“I see… I’d like to talk with Owner-sama for a moment.”
“What now, Owner?”

Owner-chan nodded with a smile.
… Dangerous, I have a nosebleed.

For now, I’ll endure the nosebleed and tell the important matters. I told her that I’ll be making a branch office in front of the inn, renting a room, and that the guild would take responsibility to pay.

… Even though I was talking to Owner Rokuko-chan, that terrible hindrance obstructed every single time. Hmm.

Eh. Meals are divided according to ranks, and they cost extra? Moreover the most expensive one is one gold coin? Hahaha, the heck. Eh? Ah, that’s probably proper to entertain an A-Rank adventurer like Haku-sama.
For now I’ll get the E-Rank one. I’m anxious about the dessert, but that is the limit that I could use for meals. One silver per day in addition to inn fees is intense.

Ooh, I almost forgot.
Let’s tell them about Uzoh-san and Muzoh-san’s rescue commission.

“… I want to accept the commission, but that depends on the inn. What now, Owner?”

Rokuko nodded with a grin. Bufufo—… so cute.
It looks like the rescue commission was successfully accepted, her caliber is obviously different from that scrap there!




And so with the conversation complete, I decided to immediately go and set up the tent.
The temporary branch office tent was quickly completed. I was trained by Ojii-chan, so I have experience in it.

This is my castle~!

Haah… it’s empty. Ah, but maybe it’s alright to not wait on customers for a while… Oh, he’s going to immediately do the rescue? Fumu, well please do your best. Hope you don’t come back~

… So much free time.
Rather, there’s no one coming at all. The only one was that scrap. Aaah, I’m wasting away~

But what should I do? There’s no one coming to go into the dungeon, so what should I do with my free time… I’m too excellent to not have anything to do. As expected of me.
Come to think of it, they said that the inn has an onsen in it huh.
I wonder if Angel-chan and Rokuko-chan would get in with me?

Oh, right. I just built this today. The branch office will go into full operation after calling adventurers here, so due to that, today’s business is over! It’s a nice idea if I do say so myself.

Now then, hello onsen~




Onsens are the best~!
Somehow, Angel-chan was there! Angel-chan was!


Angel-chan herself decided to lecture me on how to use the onsen while getting in herself!
Aah, I couldn’t hear her since I was so focused on her glistening smooth and tanned skin, there’s no way I could right? Even though I didn’t hear was Angel-chan said, I properly memorized her voice!

… It’s fine to not bring bathing wear?

And now, just out of the bath, a magic tool called a [Massage Chair] was waiting for me.
… Put in a copper coin and it moves for five minutes. This is the first time I’ve seen a magic tool like this you know!?

Let’s use it at once.

I sat, and when I put in the copper coin… o-ooh oooh…. this vibration, vibration, aaaah, it feels sooo gooooood… ah, I wanna sleep, sleeeeeep! A-ah—, but there’s a fine for sleeping!? T-that’s so cruel… hyah… ah—! Close, I almost fell asleep.
The five minutes passed without me realizing it and the vibrations stopped.

… This is ridiculously amazing.

Fortunately, there aren’t any guests but me here, so I have a monopoly. A monopoly!
L-let’s try it a few more times… Fa-fuaaa—! Aaah…




Several days later, when I was being completely carefree in my room, Ichika-san turned up.

“Heya Silia-chan. Uzoh and Muzoh were rescued safely~”

… No way. Rather, they were still alive?



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