Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 3

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Rank Up Examination… Eh—


It’s been a slow week since I was separated from Angel-chan.
To go to the mountain for training… haah, Angel-chan is very diligent, adorable, and courageous.

When I properly dealt with the morning rush, I happened to see a glimpse of black hair.
Angel-chan came!? Eh, so it was Scrap-san huh. No, Angel-chan’s together with him, good good.

“Hello. It’s been a week, hasn’t it. What business do you have here today?”
“Ah, first of all, please take this.”

Saying that, he put a bag filled with goblin ears on the counter.
… Let’s see, forty-five, enough for nine commissions.

“With this we should be able to rank up right?”

Did he do something illegal? No, I should think of this much as natural for a week of Angel-chan working by herself. There’s no question about it. Let’s go into the procedures for the rank up examination.
That former C-Rank is here too huh… Ah. For now I should report to the guild head, I need to ensure the examiner’s schedule…

“And that’s why I am looking for someone to be their rank up examiner.”
“In that case, I’ll be their examiner.”
“… Huh? Why?”
“Is there a problem? It’s fine to have them take it early. Just say it has to do with preferential treatment because you’re their exclusive receptionist.”

It’s fine, but please don’t give Angel-chan a strange examination and fail her alright?
Therefore, I took Angel-chan and her group to the training area.

“Been a while. My grandchildren.”

Wo~w, Oji~cha~n~. [1]
Well it’s alright. The rank up examination lead by the guild head began.
Its contents were simple, fight against the clay golem he makes with [Create Golem]. If the examiner didn’t have that skill they’d have to go out and find a monster to fight.

“It’s a bit rushed, but who wants to go first?”
“Well, I’m up for it, ‘kay Goshujin-sama?”

“■■■, ■■■, ■■■■■■, [Create Golem]” [2]

In response to the chant, a clay golem was summoned.

“Then, begin!”

Ichika started simultaneously with the start signal, easily crushing the magic stone.
… That attack was too fast!

“You were Ichika? Promoted to E-Rank… Next time wait until the golem moves alright? That wasn’t really a test.”

It ended before he could see her skill after all.
Well, for a former C-Rank like Ichika that was probably natural.

Then, next was Scrap-san.
I can’t wait to see what kind of disgraceful fight he shows us.

“Then, start—!”

This time he waited for the golem to move before starting.
The golem attacked. It won’t end painlessly even if this is an examination you know?


And then, the golem was cut in half as though it were nothing.


It was divided cleanly in a single attack.
A refined movement… as though they were repeated many times, a movement that permeated through his body.

“Kehma-dono, passed.”

Mumumu, you said that you had no battle experience you know? Perhaps, your abilities bloomed or something? You got that skill somehow.
Maybe I should re-examine him to some extent…

“Alright, next up is Meat.”
“You looked cool.”

Because he calls Angel-chan like a sex slave (Meat) his balance is at zero.
W-wait a moment. Angel-chan, you don’t have a weapon?”

“Are you ready?”

When the guild head asked, Angel-chan answered firmly. Hearing her response, the guild head operated the golem.
And so the fight began… and it was another instant kill.
Angel-chan slipped into the golem’s bosom. She picked out the magic stone with her pretty hand clothed in a glove. She seemed to have scooped out the magic stone by itself.

… As expected of Angel-chan, nothing wasted!

“… Alright, the examination is done. With this you’re all E-Rank adventurers… Silia, please process their rank up without delay.”
“Yes, certainly, guild head.”

I collected their guild cards and left to process their rank up.
See you soon, Angel-chan!




“Eh? A… branch office?”
“Yeah. I decided to establish a branch office at [Ordinary Cave].”

You want to establish a branch office at an empty place? I tilted my head to the side.

“And you will be transferred there.”
“Huh!? P-please wait, is this a demotion!?”

For an empty dungeon’s branch office, there’s no other way to look at it.

“That cave, it seems to be going through a [Transition Phase].”
“… B-but still wouldn’t it be hard to tell even an excellent guild receptionist like myself to suddenly leave to a place in the middle of nowhere to set up a branch office by myself!?”
“I didn’t say to go and do all of it by yourself… I won’t say it’s not possible though.”
“Eh? Isn’t a tent fine for a branch office? That is, though I think it’d be hard in various ways, at worst, since I can use [Wallet] to bring as much money as is needed, I could disregard most of it with enough money and official documents.”

Since I was able to obtain the space-time magic [Wallet] relatively cheaply, it was natural for me, the guild head’s grandchild, to learn it to this degree. It was the guild head’s (Ojii-chan’s) treat though.
It’s a convenient magic that gets rid of being limited on how much money you can carry around. It doesn’t seem to be known too much, but you could put one silver coin in and take one hundred copper coins out. Very convenient.

“Right. That’s why you’re a fit for it, Silia.”
“… Ah!? Please wait, I am an exclusive receptionist! I have adventurers assigned to me, I can’t leave this town you know!?”
“I knew you would say that.”

The guild head grinned.




Kuh… No way, Angel-chan uses the dungeon as her base…!
Moreover there’s an inn at the dungeon, and Angel-chan works there!
There’s no choice but to go there!?
It’s not like I don’t want to!

Aaah, I want to love her. I want to love and cuddle and hug her. I want to guide her!
I want to nibble on Angel-chan’s dog ears!

Ah, by the way, I look like this but I have around the average C-Rank adventurer’s capability. At any rate, Ojii-chan is the guild head. There’s various dangers, so I was trained with many skills drilled into my body.
I could become an adventurer if I felt like it, but unfortunately my base power isn’t that high… I’m a rear guard type.
Because I am keen enough to work as an excellent guild receptionist, it could be said that I can make use of others.
In the case of such an excellent me, there’s no helping it if such important and honorable work is left to me.

… I-it’s not a demotion! I’ll be the head of the branch office! Even though I’ll be the only person!

“… Now then… pull yourself together…”

I shouldered the rucksack filled with official documents… Ugh, the documents are heavy. But not to the point I can’t handle it. In truth, although this rucksack looks large, it uses a weight reduction magic tool. It’s packed with a mountain of documents, but it’s lightened to the point that even the rear guard-like me can carry it. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, the various things took a while to prepare.
Come to think of it, there was a C-Rank investigation commission put out by the guild for [Ordinary Cave]… but the person still hasn’t come back yet…
They were probably unlucky. Adventurers that don’t return can disappear in dungeons with no traces left.
They could have been swallowed or something like that. Or maybe they became monster bait?
Since their equipment usually disappears as well, it’s also hard to figure out if they actually died in the dungeon.

“Ooh? Why does Silia-chan have such a large load on her back?”
“… Ah, Gozoh-san. Is that alcohol in the daytime?”
“Aye, this is for work after all!”

He was an unusual one here, a dwarf adventurer, Gozoh-san. There was a leather sack in his hand filled with alcohol.
His partner, Roppu-san, is a human woman, but she’s also a drinker… they’re a good pair in various meanings. Both are C-Rank adventurers.

“So, what happened, Silia-chan?”
“Umm well, I shouldn’t say since this is a confidential matter, but there will be a branch office established by a dungeon nearby…”
“A nearby dungeon huh… and one without a branch office, was there one…? Ah, come to think of it there was one Uzoh and Muzoh went to see. Was that the one the investigation commission was for?”
“I can’t say any more due to business regulations.”
“Hahaha, Silia-chan is working hard.”

How rude. Aren’t I always working hard?

“Thank you in advance if the investigation commission is sent out again.”
“I thought Muzoh would be coming back though?”
“Oh my, if I answered that wouldn’t it seem like Muzoh-san wouldn’t be returning from the investigation commission? Therefore, no comment.”
“… Tch, you suddenly put up your guard, Silia-chan.”

Gozoh clicked his tongue. Well, I understand his feelings. The Uzoh Muzoh brothers are like pupils to Gozoh-san. They are all the same C-Rank now though.

“If you want to hear it by all means, please ask the guild head.”
“Right… but it’s different talking to such a cute girl, that geezer is a bit… well, it can’t be helped. Sorry for holding you up.”
“No no, it’s fine. See you again.”

I bowed to Gozoh-san in farewell and headed for [Ordinary Cave] in Tsuia Mountain.



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