Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 2 Pt 2

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Angel Element After a Week

(Part 2)


Finishing my negotiations with Grapher-san, I went back to Ricard-san.
I wonder if Angel-chan is still cleaning~?
I looked into Ricard-san’s house.

“Oh, Silia. You’re here again. The cleaning here’s over already, they’re heading to Kant now.”
“Ah, so it’s already over… By the way, how were the results?”
“… … Something beyond perfection! Even though I doubted it when Gutas’ place’s restroom was cleaned thinking he might’ve just replaced it… Gutas’ praises were real after all, seriously.”

When I looked, I saw that his bathroom turned enchantingly white… T-this time, her feet, and her u-urine caused… this shine…!
Ah, I’ve definitely smell something different than last time, a little pee. It’s mixed with the floral scent though…

“I wouldn’t smell it so much, I just used it a little bit ago, it’s embarrassing.”
“Ugeh—, please don’t have me smell something weird.”
“Hahaha, sorry.”
“Really… ah, then now I’ll go to Kant-san and see how things are going.”
“Come back anytime~”

I waved my hand to Ricard-san and went to Kant-san’s house.
Kant-san’s place is filled with apprentices and is quite noisy… ah, it really is noisy. I wonder if something happened? I decided to ask Kant-san about it.

“Ah, Silia. Long time no see, sorry but I’m really busy right now.”
“Did something happen?”
“Yeah. Here, a designated commission. Restroom cleaning.”
“W-was there a mistake?”

Uu, the downside of being an exclusive receptionist is that you have to be responsible for the adventurers you are in charge of and apologize if there is some mistake. It’s different when it’s for Angel-chan, but I really don’t want to apologize for that trash you know?

“Nooo, it’s really amazing. It’s well done!”
“Heeh, you’re talking about Angel-chan? Well, Angel-chan is amazing after all!”
“Angel-chan? No, no matter how I look at it that wasn’t the face of an angel…”
“What are you saying? Such a cute girl, is there any way to call her other than as an angel?”
“No, I’m talking about the guy you know? I think his name was Kehma?”

Huh? Please wait a moment. I think I misheard you.

“Well, he’s really good, I want him here.”
“… What in the world? Did you see an illusion?”
“Huh? Illusion? No, wait, look over here.”

Saying that, Kant-san showed me a wooden box.
… Un, I’m looking, but how is this amazing?

“In truth, I didn’t use nails for this.”
“… Huh? But it doesn’t look like it was made in one piece… does it use adhesives?”
“Well, it uses neither pivots nor adhesives. Ah, I said I didn’t use nails, but to be accurate, I didn’t use metal nails.”

… What? Since it’s a nail, it’d be something like iron or bronze right?
Nevertheless, what kind of nail doesn’t use metal?

“Don’t be surprised… Somehow, I used wooden nails.”
“… Wood was used for nails?”
“Yes! I opened a small hole beforehand with a skewer driven into it afterwards. It’s even unexpectedly strong, and it doesn’t stand out since it’s all wood! This is revolutionary!”

Hearing it in detail, apparently the cause of it seems to be that they had run out of nails, so that scrap irresponsibly muttered, ‘Isn’t it fine if you just use skewers if you don’t have nails?’
Hearing that, when Kant-san actually used a skewer like a nail… as the wood was soft and the skewer was hard, it was able to be used instead of a nail. He understood that he could even use it on harder woods if he opened a hole to use beforehand…

“You mean, this is that scrap’s achievement? Not Kant-san’s?”
“I don’t know, but we should focus on what’s important. I really want him here. He taught everyone knowledge that soaked into our bodies, to think that up is talent. I expect he could become a first-class carpenter.”
“A-ah, is that so?”
“What do you mean ‘is that so’? Nails have to be made of metal, even I thought that all the way till now. But today, I was reborn thanks to him. Even wood can be used for nails.”

U-uumu, the heck, I don’t feel right with Trash-san being praised.
Even though I’m interested in Angel-chan’s work here, let’s flee this time.




My willpower dropped a lot after that exceptional situation concerning that scrap.
What in the world is happening? Well, it’s fine, let’s head back to the guild and take a rest…

… Ah, even though I went to the central park, it’s unpleasant after all. Scrap-san is here.
Kant-san said that woodworking was revolutionized by that guy, but it was probably an illusion. I can’t see anything but that scrap resting while having a little girl clean a restroom by herself.
My hand slipping the other day already put me in debt to him, I’ve already settled it though.

… Now then, can I harass him somehow?
Even though he looks like he’s completely asleep to me, it’s a trap. It’s camouflage. Fake sleeping.
If I could just harass him… uumu, it’s no good, I can’t think of anything.
Let’s stately get closer to him.
Un, it’s fine being stately since this is definitely just my job. I’m different from that trash playing hooky!

Well, even though I’m in front of the bench now…
… Hmm, no matter how I look at is, isn’t he sleeping?

“Oops, someone dropped trash~ really, who would be littering~” [1]

Mu, no reaction.

His sleeping face is somehow amazingly happy, it’s irritating.
Because right now, Angel-chan is cleaning a restroom you know? Despite that, I can’t understand why he would take a nap.
Are you trying to provoke me? Oh? Is that what you want?

“Oh~, it’s garbage, it’s the worst~. The bench is being sullied~” [2]

That is, right now trash has fallen on the bench. In other words, there is trash on the bench, and trash = Scrap-san. This is the receptionist technique of slander.
… I wonder if that was too difficult for Scrap-san to understand? He didn’t react at all.

Hmmm, perhaps he’s just hearing the saint-like Receptionist-san concerned about the park’s littering issue?

Well, there’s no helping it since I am the superior and extraordinarily beautiful guild receptionist.
I am a model receptionist looking out for her adventurers after all!

“… I’m talking about you you know?”

Is he still not understanding? Even though I said it directly, there’s still no response…
Why? I’m not the enemy, even if this small fry says something I’ll just say I had nothing to do with it you know?

Gununu, but I still feel defeated!

I’ll let you go today! I’ll be scolded by the guild head if any of this gets exposed!
Please remember, sooner or later I will be the one to licky lick Angel-chan, you got that!?



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  • Small pun. ‘Dropped trash’ (trash is dropped) can also mean ‘Trash is lying down’ here. This pun is continued later. Return
  • See the above footnote. Also, read on for more explanation. Return
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