Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 1 Pt 3

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Encountering an Angel

(Part 3)


Now then, after that it was just around the time for the day’s work to end.
Mornings and evenings are both really crowded in the guild.
Even though it’d be fine if they just came all throughout the day…
Well, when the people wave finally broke, Angel-chan (and that trash carry-on) arrived.
As expected of Angel-chan to grant something like my small request.

Ah, that trash reported that he did the commission completely by himself. Seriously disgusting.
I handed the special reward to Angel-chan across the counter… kyaaa, finger, she touched… my finger! I won’t wash my hand anymore today! Her hands of purification were even able to clean that filthy restroom until it sparkled, so I don’t need to wash anyways.
Trash? Ah, un, you were there? It feels like you were laying down in the park though?

… Wait, why are you taking it!? Kuh, dammit. I forgot about the general rule: [A slave’s things are their master’s things, their master’s things are their master’s things]. But, aaah, Angel-chan looks so happy about being able to get that special reward from her work. Adorable. So adorable.

Then that trash asked if there were places that he should avoid staying at… No way, he still hasn’t decided!? ‘The slum is good enough for you to go alone! I’ll keep Angel-chan! I’ll be her new master when you kick the bucket!’ … is what I told him, but slightly concealed.
… Huh? Forty copper for a night’s stay? The heck, this guy can’t even do math?
You only earned eight copper today you know? Even with the special reward, that’s nine copper. Aren’t you like thirty copper short? Where are you getting the money… wha—!?
I-I just noticed something dreadful. Of all things, this piece of scrap is intending for Angel-chan to do ‘night work’!
The south district’s pleasure quarter prohibits children from taking customers, but the slum outside the south gate is another case altogether. There aren’t any laws there… shit, how much!? How much to buy the whole night!? Ah, of course I’m not planning on doing anything ecchi, I just want to caress her a bit! … Just a bit!
Well, I recommended [Sleeping Songbird Pavilion]—which is also my parent’s home—to him.
That place is just within his price range, and I can observe them even in the middle of the night. Fufufu, my resourcefulness is frightening…!

When I finished all of the guild’s work for the day and went home, it was already pitch-black outside.
… Somehow, me getting that process backwards was leaked. I received a scolding from the guild head.
By the way, when he saw Angel-chan’s registered name, the guild head was also worried. I also told him about that restroom cleaning work getting the highest evaluation, so when I explained Angel-chan’s usefulness, the guild head also responded with, ‘Hoh, that’s pretty amazing. If it’s true.’ Fufufu, it’s the end of that trash with this.

And so I returned to my parents home, but maybe Angel-chan has already left for her night work…? I thought that might have been the case, but when I asked my mother who was at the reception desk, it seemed that isn’t what happened.
… Eh? What did you say, mom? Room number seven? Isn’t there only one bed in there!?
Wouldn’t they definitely *beeeep* and *beeeep* with a single bed!?
Angel-chan, is your night-time succubus mode already in full throttle!?

Ahh mou, it’s hopeless. Angel-chan has been defiled. Well, she was probably like that from the start though.
Nn? There’s no reason to give up hope. At any rate, that Angel-chan has hands of purification. She can be restored even if she’s defiled. I’ve resolved myself on that.




I overslept! I’ll get dressed in a rush. Eh? What’s that? Room number seven became incredibly clean after Angel-chan left it?
… Uuu, I don’t want to check. There’s no way it could recover from that white stuff even if she touched it.

However, my worries were unneeded.
Right, since Angel-chan has hands of purification, it was already beautifully clean, reaching a level of clean that surpassed perfection. Same with things inside the room.
… The bed’s cloth is exceedingly white, it’s so impressive that I feel moved.
Wait, this isn’t the time to be getting moved! I’m off!

… Barely made it! Got here in time!
Eh? I’m late? No no no I just said I barely made it. Hey, I just saw Angel-chan pluck off a commission ticket.
Slipping through the adults, she made best use of her small body to sneak through the gaps between them and snatch a commission ticket… as expected of Angel-chan.
Come to think of it, she can write too can’t she. Even though that trash can’t… that means she knew how to from the start doesn’t it?
Well, that trash brought the commission ticket that Angel-took.
… A delivery… and rabbit hunting? It seems like a heavy load for a newbie.
Not even Angel-chan would be able to do them by herself. I told him, ‘You should stop you know? Are you planning on working Angel-chan to death?’ I concealed my intent thickly, but trash is trash.
Even though I definitely explained the penal regulations for failing commissions… did I? Un, I think I did.
At any rate, there was no choice but for me to register their acceptance, so I prayed for Angel-chan’s good luck.

When the wave of people calmed down, I showed up behind the supplies area.

“Hello. How’s today’s delivery commission proceeding?”
“Ah, Silia-san, It’s already done.”

… Huh?

“It’s already done!? The noon bell hasn’t even rung yet you know!?
“That tiny child adventurer is a wonderful worker, it happened in an instant.”

There’s no mistaking it, that’s Angel-chan!

“T-there weren’t any delivery mistakes either?”
“Nope, even though it was a pretty complicated area, she remembered just by seeing the map one time and brought five in one trip and easily brought the last two straight away. I even properly confirmed the receipt’s signature so there’s nothing wrong. With her amazing work there’s no mistaking she was born in this town.”

No, that angel came here from somewhere yesterday.
… But how? Angel-chan must be a genius.

So then next should be rabbit hunting?
Rabbits are cautious creatures, they’ll immediately dash away if they so much as see you. Even though it’s hard to just kill them, you need to hunt and kill them as cleanly as possible to make them into grilled meat skewers.
… Hmmm, as expected, this should be difficult even for Angel-chan.

Still, I can’t leave the town to go see how she’s doing, so let’s quietly just work and wait.
… Yeah, it’s not like I’m working another shift because I took a long lunch break yesterday and was late this morning you know?
I’m just eager to work. Oh dear, aren’t I just a beautiful, hard working woman. A model receptionist!

Un? A nominated commission? Haah, Gutas-san’s referral, restroom cleaning… so he wants Angel-chan to lick the toilet!?
Ah, come to think of it I didn’t say how she cleaned it huh.
… Maybe she’d clean mine too… Should I put out a nominated commission?




Before the evening, Angel-chan (and a trivial extra) returned to the guild.
She’s back pretty early from rabbit hunting.
… When I confirmed the commission ticket… yeah, as expected. It’s exactly as I thought. Highest evaluations. And for a large amount, one silver.
The newbie adventurers’ income went from ten copper on day one to one silver on the second. Moreover, they perfectly satisfied the rank up requirements with the subjugation commission.
Angel-chan is so wonderful that I want to worship her… Hm? Why can’t I? Isn’t it fine if I just crush and burn that piece of scrap that follows Angel-chan around?

This is already at the level of being a huge accomplishment. More or less, although it seems that the rank up requirements’ record of being satisfied in a single day has happened a few times, it was either from people dishonestly using ten-person parties with some amount of skill to split the work or a hero easily clearing subjugation commissions. Ah, nowadays its been decided that parties up to F-Rank have a limit of four people though.
For the time being, I went to get the guild head’s seal of approval for the rank up since it was needed.

“Because of that, I’d like to request Angel-chan’s rank up. You can ignore that extra.”
“Because of what!? Generally, setting aside that downtown commission, isn’t the subjugation commission that man’s work?”
“No, Angel-chan did it! I’m sure, because she’s Angel-chan!”
“That’s not a good reason… so this Angel-chan is that adorable is she?”
“Mou. First off she has magnificently lustrous black hair—”
“Oh, call her here for a moment. I want to see her as well.”

Suddenly, it felt like I was coerced by some of the guild head’s unknown nature.

“… Black hair, huh. Fufufu, perhaps, maybe?”
“G-guild head? Is there something wrong with black hair?”
“… … Silia, Business Regulation Clause 20.”
“Sorry, what was that?”
“The hero clause! Idiot!”

H-hero!? Eh, what, then… Angel-chan is a hero!?

“When registering a black-haired adventurer, you are obligated to always report it to the guild head without fail. It is very likely they are of another world’s hero’s lineage, or perhaps the hero themselves. —So, Silia? Do you have any explanation?”
“Sorry! I forgot since I haven’t used that clause at all!”
“Idiot! Are you even my grandchild!?”
“S-sorry Ojii-chan!”
“Call me guild head at the workplace!”

Then please don’t ask something like that! Mou.

“Well it’s fine, hurry and call her in. If she has black hair as you said, there’s a high chance of her being a hero… Ah, the hero clause, especially don’t let people other guild members hear about black hair things. This is also a business regulation.”
“Yes—understood! I’ll go and bring her, guild head!”
“Good… Ah, I also had black hair when I was young.”
“Eh? Ojii-chan was a hero too? Then, I’m the descendant of a hero!?”

A shocking truth was just revealed! I’m somehow a hero!

“[That’s how it will be]. Since heroes are kind to their town, using that technique is the recommended way to corral heroes. Most of all, since it would immediately be exposed without the person themselves calling themselves a hero, I’ll pretend that my father was a hero… Silia, your hair color isn’t black because you strongly inherited your mother’s blood, but you really do have an uncle that had black hair. Isn’t that good?” [1]

The hero was an illusion. Uu, the world is cruel. My dream was shattered.

“Now then, that black hair person was a slave huh… What, with my authority it’s easy to take away one or two slaves. Since that guy’s just a newbie adventurer, he probably wouldn’t have a problem with it if I just slipped some money over his way.”
“Then can I also be her exclusive receptionist, guild head?”
“In truth, it seems like you becoming her exclusive receptionist is somehow fate… I don’t mind. However, take care to never offend her.”

I went to go get Angel-chan in a happy mood.

Ah—. Come to think of it, that trash has black hair too… What should I do? I threw a rock at him.




“Idiot! You didn’t tell me that her master had black hair too!”
“Eh, I-I did you know? You probably just didn’t hear me right.”
“Look me in the eye and say that again.”

Tch, I’m repenti~ng.

“What would have happened if it weren’t for my cleverness and acting ability…? My guts feel cold. Well, either one of them is a hero or both of them are, I don’t care either way. Silia, you will be the exclusive receptionist to both of them. Keep a close watch on them.”
“Certainly… wait, how could both of them be?”
“They’re no different from excellent adventurers… at least, they might both be of the hero’s bloodline. Common sense doesn’t apply to them. Even if their black hair is just a coincidence, they are at the level of a hero.”
“Heeeh… ah, come to think of it they wanted to know about dungeons so I told them.”
“Is that so? Always make sure to understand the trends.”

Obviously. Well, when making this town your base, for less than forty coppers per night the best inn to use is [Sleeping Songbird Pavilion]. They’ll probably stay there today as well.
Oh dear, to be able to predict this, I did great.

“… But that alias. That Jou-chan you call an angel… I don’t understand her. Her eyes have determination in them, she’s well past her years. Strong, that one.”
“… Maybe I could replace my grandchild with her… no, it’s impossible huh.”

Nn? Aren’t I your grandchild?
Am I the thing you want to trade for Angel-chan?



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  • I… am failing at making that second sentence make sense in English. He’s saying that unless the person that called themselves a hero was actually a hero it would be immediately exposed, so he wants to call himself the child of a hero and lure potential hero/hero bloodlines to stay with the town by saying they may be his family. Return
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