Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 1 Pt 2

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Encountering an Angel

(Part 2)


After that, Angel-chan and that trash carry-on accepted the restroom cleaning commission.
… It should be fine. That trash man surely wouldn’t have Angel-chan clean it by herself.
Though it’s fine to the public since she’s a slave, for that adorable child to clean a restroom that has been dirty for years and where even [Cleanup] has no effect… a-ah, what? I’m a bit excited, no no, I can’t!
I’ll take a particularly long lunch break to see how it’s going… this is my surveillance duty to see if the newcomer is doing his job properly. It’s my duty. I, who works without even taking my lunch break, am a commendable guild receptionist.
There aren’t many people right now either after all. Let’s leave the counter to my excellent colleague.

Now now, I’m sure that the client was Gutas-san…. I remember verifying that when I judged the commission. That intensely foul restroom… I feel nauseous simply from recalling it. I actually vomited. Two copper coins inside the commission’s reward are from me. Shit.

Then, I saw that that tactless trash. And he was just walking away.
Oi. Oi. Are you seriously skipping out and leaving Angel-chan to clean that foul restroom alone?
It’s at the level where Angel-chan would be able to win in court if she weren’t a slave you know?

Ahh mou, there’s no helping it. When it comes to this, there’s nothing I can do, but I will help her.
In no way am I just wanting to be together with Angel-chan or wanting to watch Angel-chan cleaning bravely while enduring her nausea. Not at all.
… To leave someone named [Meat] in a restroom, by no means am I thinking about doing something in this strange situation you know?

A~n~ge~l~cha~n♪ I’m coming to help you~♪
… Ah, the door’s locked.

“… I’m in the middle of cleaning, so no.”
“Umm, I-I’m here to help you know~?”
“… I’m in the middle of cleaning, so no.”

Kuh—, it somehow seems like Angel-chan has an iron determination. Wanting to do her own work by herself, such a straightforward heart is dazzling—!
It can’t be helped, let’s head back.

“Nn? Oh, Silia. What are you up to?”
“Oh my, Gutas-san. Eh, I came to see how the new adventurers were doing.”
“… Ah, I see.”
“Gutas-san, what’s that brush for? Surely the client himself isn’t thinking about helping?”
“That’s not it, I just remembered that I hadn’t given them cleaning supplies. I didn’t think that they wouldn’t have brought sufficient cleaning supplies despite coming to clean the restroom, they are newcomers after all huh.”

I see, newcomers often forget to prepare themselves adequately for commissions.
… … Huh? But Angel-chan said she was already cleaning.

“It seems like it’s being cleaned already though.”
“What? … It’s fine in that case then, but are they really cleaning it? They didn’t come to draw water either.”

What the… This is serious. This now affects the guild’s dignity if it’s being cleaned like how I think it is. Let’s definitely seize that trash’s guild card if it’s like that, he appears to be skipping out after all.

“… Understood. For now let me hand it to them, I’ll go check on them.”
“That so? Please do.”

I received the brush from them and went to the front of the restroom again.

“Excuse me~”
“… I’m in the middle of cleaning, so no.”
“I came to give you cleaning supplies.”
“… I-I’m in the middle of cleaning, so no.”

Oh, she hesitated a little there.

“Are you cleaning without any tools?”

Eh, is she really cleaning without any? This is a grave situation.

“How are you cleaning?”
“… S-scrubbing, with my hands.”

Her hands!? No way, that toilet!? Bare-handed!?

“I-I can make it, cleanest.”
“C-can you!? Eh, but don’t you at least need water? To wash them… those beautiful hands…”
“… … I licked it off!”
“Licked it!?”

What did she just say…!? Does she stick dirty *beeeep* and *beeeep* into her lovely mouth!?
For her to go that far, j-just what in the world kind of vast experiences did Angel-chan have to cope with to do that!?

“D-don’t do that! You’ll wreck your stomach if you eat that stuff you know!”
“… I’m used, to it!”

She does stuff like that daily!? That f*cking trash, what things are you making my Angel-chan do!?

“Really!? Are you really alright!?

“I-I’m alright. So! My cleaning, don’t interrupt!”

Kuh—, she said I’m a hindrance so there’s nothing I can do…
Returning the brush to Gutas-san, I reported that they were more or less cleaning the restroom with their own implements.
As expected, I wasn’t able to say that it was being cleaned barehanded and with her tongue…
Whatever the circumstances, even if she’s a slave… you can’t make a girl do that.

After coming to see how it was going for a little while, I decided to kill some time.
Let’s use this time go to the central part of the park.
The park is calming, isn’t it. To be such a quiet place even though it’s inside of a town, I think it’s very wonderful.

… Ah, that trash is laying down…

I found that incredibly detestable thing. Angel-chan’s would-be Goshujin-sama, Trash-san.
He’s taking an unashamed nap on the bench.

For him to take a nap while having Angel-chan clean that restroom… that f*cking trash. I want to puke.
Oooh, it would be juuuust right if a stone fell at such a place wouldn’t it. Weeeell, it’s such a nice day out, this is fun to play with~ah nooo~it slipped from my hand (in a straight line)~

Then, even though I threw it with all I had, he caught it.
… He wasn’t sleeping!?

This is bad, for an adventurer guild’s receptionist to openly attack a guild member, it might be something to apologize for. He’s definitely done sleeping and will get up, then give me a disgusting smile and have me do an unreasonable demand. No, that’s not it. This was just a coincidence. My hand just slipped. That’s why I won’t have to apologize. Yeah, just an accident you know?
… I took a stance so that I could run away at any time and watched how it played out, but it didn’t look like he was getting up at all.

What’s going on? Is he just telling me to leave as a favor!?
Kuh—, it can’t be helped… let’s just obediently flee.
Y-you better remember this! … Wait, actually please forget!




I went back to where Angel-chan was again.

“Oh, Gutas-san. What’s wrong? You’re in front of the restroom.”
“Silia huh. It’s… yeah, it’s turned into something unexpected…”

What in the world happened… Huh!? No way, surely Angel-chan didn’t collapse from the restroom’s toxicity!?
I must nurse her back to health! I’d better uncover her chest so that she doesn’t choke!

“Well, uh, how do put it… I think it’ll be faster if you just looked yourself. Ooi, Jou-chan. Open up.”

When Gutas-san knocked on the door, an adorable voice responded and unlocked the door’s lock.
… Un, Angel-chan is adorable.

“Umm, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong?”
“Take a closer look. This is the restroom.”

Nn? There’s nothing weird here… wait, please hold up.

“Isn’t it incredibly clean? Umm, this, is it really… that foul restroom?”
“Yeah, like when it was new… no, this restroom seemed a bit yellowed even back then.”
“… Doesn’t it smell kind of like flowers?”
“Yeah, it smells good… I wonder if they used perfume? No, even the original odor’s gone…”

For the restroom cleaning, I wasn’t able to shut my mouth as it was just too perfect of a job done.
… Ah, come to think of it Angel-chan cleaned the toilet with her hands and mouth right!? Then right now if I licked the toilet it would be an indirect kiss…!?
My dignity as a person, or Angel-chan… Uuuun, how about let’s stop being a person for a while~♪

“Oi, Silia?”
“Ah, n-no, it’s nothing. But still, I almost kissed it out of reflex since it’s so clean and beautiful…”
“… Cut it out. You’ll wreck your stomach.”
“Hahaha… yeah, I would.”
“… Of course, I give the results of the commission top marks with no complaints. As for how it became this clean in such a short amount of time… I haven’t the slightest clue how it was done. Please give the additional reward to Jou-chan.”

To do this with her hands and tongue… Angel-chan, what kind of person are you…!?

“But… I wonder what to do now.”
“Nn? What is it?”
“It’s just, this Jou-chan won’t leave the restroom saying that her Goshujin-sama told her to wait for him. Really, how praiseworthy. What is he doing though…”

He’s just sleeping in the central park. That’s all. I didn’t say it though.
Alright, I’ll return the favor with this!



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