Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 1 Pt 1

Guild’s Receptionist-san

Encountering an Angel

(Part 1)


If I had to say something, this pair’s unusual black hair color isn’t common around here. However, they are still just here for adventurer registration.
Gatekeeper-san brought these two. Although it appears that one of them is a slave, from a glance I’d thought they were brother and sister. However, the next instant, the atmosphere froze.

“Meat, I’ll leave it to you.”

A slave is, in the end, a slave. As if to say that, the man naturally referred to the young girl as [Meat]… in other words, he called her a sex slave. When the girl answered normally, I doubted my ears for a moment.
What’s with this guy? Such an adorable girl, no, is it because she’s such an adorable girl? H-his sexual outlet…!? A girl whose arms are so thin they seem they’d break if they were touched ungracefully!?
T-this is… if I don’t protect her…! No, there’s no way I’m envying him you know!?
Ah, but isn’t she just adorable? This child’s black hair is so glossy I can even see rings of light reflecting from it. Her tanned skin is obviously smooth, it looks like it would feel amazing. Dog eared beastkin? A trifling thing! Isn’t her charm just so cute, like a pet? Isn’t she an angel?
As for the man, for him to have something like that, besides, umm, uwawah, no good, any more and… haah, w-what? I’m not envying him you know!? I didn’t fall for her on sight or anything!
… Ah, hold it back, hold it back, me… I have the bad habit of unintentionally getting excited over seeing small girls. Let’s calm down. That girl is so cute. Alright, I’m calm.

“It’s surprising… even though she’s such a small child…”
“Eh well, it’s because she was taught some useful things.”
“I-is that so?”

Whaaaaaat!? He taught her useful things like *beeeeeeep* and *beeeeeeep*!?
In other words, this Angel-chan with such an adorable face that looks like it was modeled to perfection… is like a succubus!?
She’s been expressionless since a little while ago, is that because she’s already experienced so many things and given up on life at her age?
With a body that already can’t live without men…!?

Calm down, me. I’m a receptionist, a receptionist. A very charming, capable receptionist.
Alright, work, me. Pay attention to your work, me.
I gave the simple explanation with a refreshing smile as always and began the interview.
… Sorry, I’ll confess honestly. I made a mistake in the order. I was supposed to give him the card after the interview.
Since Gatekeeper-san was a bit… well, because of him I went through the order backwards. Well, un, it’s alright since I could just take away his guild card if he does something improper? I won’t be exposed if nothing’s said to the guild head!

… Because it took money to make a card, he said I was a cheapskate when I said we wouldn’t return his money.
It’s just that I can’t reimburse them though. Well, even if I could, I wouldn’t want to give the man back his portion.
When I said that we could seize his card, he quickly changed his attitude. His lackadaisicality isn’t something I can trust.

Ah, let’s invoke the lie detecting magic tool…

I asked for their hometowns. When he said, “I don’t really know,” he didn’t speak as though he were just messing around. Nn? “Me too,” whaaat, Angel-chan doesn’t know either? Can’t be helped then♪

I asked for what they were good at. “I’ve never been in a fight,” eh, what? Does he think that he can become an adventurer like that? Moreover, he wants to somehow become a mage in the future!? You need money and connections for that… no, surely you don’t intend to force everything on Angel-chan while not doing anything yourself…!? Don’t make this quiet Angel-chan into a meat shield!
Eh? Angel-chan said, “I can work using my body. I’m even okay being beaten.” Is that from her coping with hardcore play? Angel-chan seriously is a succubus. I’ll embrace you! Rather, let me embrace you!

I asked them for their motives in becoming adventurers. However, “To improve my life,” well, un, that’s fine. You absolutely must be able to support Angel-chan. Eh? “Because Goshujin-sama told me,” in reality she doesn’t want to, was she forced!? Shit, what do you plan on doing if Angel-chan is injured!?

Finally, I asked for their criminal backgrounds and things they normally wouldn’t speak of. “Do you want to hear about my fetish?” I can figure out your fetish just from what I see even if you don’t say it! Angel-chan is adorable! She’s cared for perfectly, dammit!
Ahh mooou, I also want such an adorable child slave that calls me Goshujin-sama! Maybe I should go to the slave trader next holiday… though, such a cute slave would probably be super expensive… Something around ten gold coins.
Angel-chan said that she couldn’t remember… aww, it can’t be helped if she can’t remember. Aren’t a lot of things from before that Angel-chan can’t remember? A forgetful and violent clumsy child? Or maybe a drinking Onee-sama?
Wait hold on, wait a moment. Perhaps… Angel-chan, were you given some dangerous medicine!? Or a dangerous aphrodisiac that makes you forget yourself!? W-what a savage! It is this man after all, vigilance is necessary!

… Kuh—, I want to interview just this man if I could, but I can’t since this Angel-chan sticks to him. He hasn’t lied at all this entire time either…! In other words, they’ve both answered all of the questions honestly…!
At this point he’s almost entirely met the requirements for passing! Screw hiiiiiiim!!

“… What do you think of little girls? Please answer honestly.”

I added an additional question unintentionally. I hope that this man, no, this savage man reveals his faults…! I’ll reject him if he says any lie!

“Eh…? They’re cute, I guess?”
“I won’t lose.”

That’s right! They’re cute aren’t they! Young girls are the best! Aaaah that’s not a lie either, tch! Your young girl fetish is trash though! At least hide it a liiiittle!
Umm, Angel-chan, by won’t lose… umm, it’s that, right? That there are other Angel-chans, thaaat!? The dream where one isn’t enough and there’s a threeso*beeeep*!? Ah mou, please throw away that no-good man and come to Onee-san. How about it? Should I dogeza? Or maybe I should lick her *beeeep*hole? Should I lick Angel-san’s *beeeep*hole? What do you want?

… Haah, w-well, let’s think positively.
The both of them passed the interview without problem, so that means that the issue of me giving them cards beforehand will stay with me.
It can’t be helped. Let’s approve them… Tch, it’d be great if that man was attacked from behind though.
While concealing such a murderous intent, I gave them the detailed explanation of the guild.

“I see, I get it. Oh, should I watch out for anything else while staying in town?”
“… It’s better to keep away from the slum outside of the south gate. There, even though they’re slaves, they get treated harshly.”

That savage made such a cute child into a sex slave. At least please give her a more proper name. Or rather, please give Angel-chan to me.

“Thanks for the advice…”

It felt like he was being superficially polite there… that garbage man, he doesn’t seem to be reforming his behavior.



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