Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 8

Eighth Omake

Sia Gatekeeper


Sia’s gatekeepers had been busy these days.
A new dungeon named [Cave of Desires] had popped up around Tsuia Mountain. Additionally, a village formed around it.
Moreover, a cave that ran all the way through the mountain appeared as well, creating a new market with Pavuera.
Thanks to that, there were even people passing in and out of the gate that faced Tsuia Mountain.

“Hmm, I’ve reviewed your permit and luggage. Alright, no problems, you can pass! Next!”

Even this soldier, a veteran gatekeeper, had to work busily.
It was a good thing for the town that there were a lot of merchants travelling through it, as that brought it wealth. However, as the sheer volume of items that needed to be checked increased, it was also a burden.

“Mu? You don’t have a permit nor identification? … Look a bit suspicious too, hold up, I’m checking the wanted bulletin.”
“Hehe, Sir Gatekeper. You might want to see this.”

Saying that, the suspicious-looking man tried to pass the gatekeeper a small bag with some coins in it.
… That is, he was trying to bribe his way through.

“Alright, excuuuuse me, then…”
“Leaving so soon? You should stay, drink some tea… Oooi, is the [Guest Room] open?”
“Eh, w-what’re you doing, sir?”

The gatekeeper restrained the man while calling out. Making his way around to block the way through, he was awfully nimble.
An idiot that would hand over something like [Evidence] while purposely doing a crime definitely wasn’t an honest person. People like that wouldn’t slide their way through the gatekeeper’s willpower.

Like that, he handed a colleague the [Evidence] and went to the [Guest Room]… that is, he guided the prisoner to the prison.

“Such an idiot, seriously. As gatekeeper, I won’t let a scoundrel through this gate… alright, next!”
“It’s been a while, I came from the dungeon.”

The gatekeeper froze up for a moment.
This man was the one that had taken the adorable dog eared girl. Even though they looked like brother and sister since they had the same hair color, the one girl was his slave and, moreover, was called [Meat]… in other words, he’d given her a name equal to calling her [Sex Slave]. And even more than that, he’d heart that the man gave her that name for the adventurer registration as well. He was that kind of a man.
It wasn’t as though he’d committed any crimes.
However, if the gatekeeper had to say whether the man was good or evil, he’d lean towards evil.

“Mu, you… umu, an adventurer huh. Pay the toll if you don’t have a commission.”
“Ah, I was called over by the guild. Here, the letter I got from the guild.”
“Umu? … Fumu, truth huh. Alright, pass.”

Even scoundrels could make it through the gates if they passed the formal procedures.
The gatekeeper simmered on his helplessness.

“Alright, let’s go, [Kuro].”
“Yes, Goshujin-sama.”

Just then, the gatekeeper noticed that the name he called the girl wasn’t [Meat].
In a hurry, he stopped the man.

“Mu, wait a moment… Kuro? That child’s name, wasn’t it different?”
“… … Ah, yeah. It was. I changed it. I didn’t know it was something like that.”

He didn’t know. So it was like that, was it?
At any rate, it seemed as though he’d just kept using the name that was given to her from when he saved her from the bandits.
… And he said that he also formally renamed her at the Adventurer Guild, going through the official procedures for it… Even though he’d only been an adventurer for barely a year, he paid the ten silver coin charge to change the girl’s name.
The man was definitely D-Ranked. That should be a considerable sum to a D-Rank.

(… Fumu, so my initial judgement was right. Haha.)

The gatekeeper chuckled to himself.

“Sorry for stopping you. Thanks, you took a weight off my chest.”
“…? Is that so?”

The gatekeeper saw off the girl and the man who walked peacefully… It looked like he was going to be able to work in a good mood that day.


And so the gatekeeper continued on with his job with a veteran’s pride.



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