Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 7

Seventh Omake

Rabbit Skewer Merchant


“Haah~, drain the blood and the bloody smell goes away with it.”
“Yeah, here, chop the head off in one go, it’s fine just leaving it upside down.”

On a certain day in spring, I went to the rabbit skewer stand Oji-san and taught him the [Secret to Delicious Rabbit Meat].
The inn’s on track, so I don’t need to hide it anymore. Rather, if it’s just to the extent of knowing about bleeding animals, shouldn’t past heroes have brought that?

“Here you go, the twenty silver I promised. Thanks. Well, doubtful if I can actually use the method.”
“Hmm? That so?”
“The people that hunt for rabbit meat are mostly rookies after all. Scattering about so much blood would lure a lot of unnecessary enemies. Do you think that everyone is as strong as you, An-chan?”

Now that he puts it like that, I agree. If a rookie did something like that they’d probably get surrounded by beasts that got attracted by the scent of blood. They’d die if they aren’t skilled. Even I’d die without the golem assist.

“But well, there are traders that go hunting for them too. Ah, I’ll ask them, they should be skilled enough… That alright?”
“Well, I’ve already sold you the information, so do what you want with it. Ah, incidentally, here’s some rabbit meat. It’s already drained. I got it since I saw one on my way here. You can have it as the cost for some skewers.”

I handed over the rabbit I found on the way to Sia. I hunted it using Meat as an example.

“Alright, business talks concluded.”

The old man handed me skewers. Five of them. Considering how a single rabbit is worth ten copper and that each skewer is five copper, that’s a lot.

“Isn’t this too much?”
“Give them to that big boobed beauty as presents. Salt’s gotten cheap recently, so its seasoning’s gotten a lot better yeah?”

The old man laughed with a grin. Yep, Ichika’s going to eat well.
… Since they’ll be souvenirs, let’s buy a few more. Enough for Rokuko and the three girls.
I handed one of the silver coins from the information money I got a moment ago back to him.

“I’ll buy some more with this.”
“Haha, thanks for your patronage.”

As expected, I wasn’t able to hold thirty skewers in my hand, so I put them into a wood box with paper laid out in it. That old man was able to easily handle such a big order, he’s a model skewer stall owner.
Moreover, he threw in the box as a freebie. Thanks.



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