Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 6

Sixth Omake

One Year In


“It’s been about a year now hasn’t it?”

Rokuko muttered something.
One year… Hmm? What’s been a year? Ah, come to think of it…

“A year since Kehma came to the dungeon.”
“It’s been a year since you summoned me from my comfortable sleep in my home to a life-threatening situation huh…”
“Well yeah, that’s true, but… I mean…! Kehma’s snappy!”
“Thanks to you I’ve had to go through a lot of difficulties here. It would’ve been great if I could’ve at least brought my favorite bedding with me when I got summoned…”
“Un, umm, sorry?”
“Nah, it’s alright. I’m just feeling arbitrarily bitter after all.”
“Making that refreshed smile when is even more scary Kehma… u-uu, sorrryyyy.”

I patted Rokuko.


Then, Rokuko then imitated the sound Meat usually does and hugged me… Yep, today’s a big day. But don’t cling to me so much. My willpower will drop, don’t rub your legs against me… seriously, it’s gonna crumble.
It’d be really bad that happened with you rubbing your legs against me in that form.

“… Hey, today’s a special day, so can we make it an all-we-can-eat melon bread day?”
“I got it, I got it so please stop it!”
“Ooh, it worked like Ichika said.”

Yep, let’s tie Ichika up after this. I’ll remember this, Ichika.
Rokuko parted from me with a smile on her face.

“Kehma, you really like legs, don’t you?”
“Well, it’s at the point that I’m charmed by black stockings, but that’s normal.”
“… Normal? Muu, I have to ban employees from wearing black stockings.”
“Don’t be so hasty!”

I stopped Rokuko on reflex. For what am I providing the cosplay maid clothes and knee socks with various stockings as uniforms? Differing from Rokuko, the voluptuous Rei with her vampire white skin gives off a feeling that’s out of this world.
By the way, [Cleanup] is my strong point so please leave washing everything to me.

I have to change the topic. I can’t let Rokuko prohibit my treasure (black stockings).

“That reminds me. It’s been a year, so it’ll be a year since we picked Meat up too here soon huh?”
“That’s right, it will be… ah, the bandits, how nostalgic~”

I’ll have to give Meat all-you-can-eat hamburgers as a present.
Compared to when we first got Meat, excluding her appearance, she’s grown up a lot… Moreover, she’s the most skilled person in our dungeon at manipulating golems—a super slave. She’s even super strong even though she’s not a golem.
She’s definitely not the normal slave for this world. Yup.

… It’s a bit late, but is Meat some hero’s descendant? It shouldn’t be something like heroes can’t have dog ears, but… no matter how you put it, she’s excellent. Really, how did Meat become a slave, and moreover one in the slums? It’s too mysterious.
I’d asked her about her parents, but it seems like she still doesn’t remember much about her past at all.

“Hey, Rokuko. Who is meat?”
“Eh? She’s Kehma’s slave. Is there anything else?”

… Right, maybe it’s better to not think about it too much?
It’s not like I’d get more Meats even if I thought about it. It’d be convenient if I did thought.

“Alright… well then, let’s make today a commemoration party. Let’s party with everyone.”
“Yeah! Should we invite the villagers too? It’d feel like a spring feast.”
“You wouldn’t be able to have all-you-can-eat melon bread since it’d be seen though.”
“Okay nevermind!”

Rokuko easily discarded the villagers. A judgement seemingly fitting of our dungeon core, faithful to her desires.
Since it’ll be all our employees, I’ll have to supply things for the rats too huh. Cheese is fine, but recently they’ve been wanting to eat more things, so I’ve been rewarding them with fruits and meat. Unexpectedly, those rats are gourmands… Let’s have Kinue-san bake them a cake and some cookies.

“Rather, we’ll need some more employees soon, won’t we?”

The dungeon’s been expanded as well, so we’re getting pretty short-handed. Considering the inn’s management, it feels like there aren’t enough rest days. I mean, even though they don’t have many days off, they’re still giving it their all. Seriously. If it were me, I’d demand more time to sleep.
Along with the celebration party, let’s let everyone eat delicious things today.

“… There was a lot left over from the winter provisions right? Wheat flour… and wheat flour.”
“There was. Bake bread too?”
“Yeah… let’s have Kinue-san make up some doughnuts.”
“What’re those? They sound delicious!”

Like that, today, we had a party with everyone (rats and gargoyle included).
Furthermore, when I promised to make it up to Kinue-san since it felt like she wasn’t able to enjoy it as much because she was in charge of cooking, she demanded to be able to clean my room. I thought it was already good enough, but her face looked like she was in ecstasy from dusting my room, so I’ll just leave it at that.



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