Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 5

Fifth Omake

April Fool’s Day


“Heeh, so the first of the fourth month is a day that it’s good to lie?”
“That’s right, Rokuko-san.”

Because of that, the usual hero—Wataru—introduced April Fool’s Day to the dungeon.




“Kehma! Today is a day where you absolutely can’t lie!”
“Nn? That so.”
“It is!”

Proudly, Rokuko stuck out her chest.
… Ah, come to think of it, today’s April 1st huh? On that subject, looks like Wataru said something.

“… So, what do you do on the day that you can’t tell a lie?”
“Well… what kind of day is the day that you can’t tell a lie? Nothing would change from normal days right?”

Yep, Rokuko realized it… A day where you can’t lie, is in other words, nothing special for an ordinary person that lives honestly without lying even on special days…!

“Eh, no, umm… I was lying when I said that it was a day that you can’t lie on you know! Fufufu, you were tricked, Kehma.”

It looks like she already gave up on her lie. She really has no willpower.

“Oi Rokuko… you lied, but today’s a day where you can’t lie.”
“T-that’s not it! Today is really a day that it’s alright to lie on you know!”
“It’s not good to lie… I don’t remember raising such a child!”
“Uguh—, casually managing the dungeon for this year as it grew up isn’t a reason to say you don’t remember raising me!”

Even if it’s fine to lie today it isn’t that special for me. Really, I’m an honest guy. Really.

“Right, Rokuko, in truth, at some point my race changed from human into labyrinthian. You can see it on my status in the menu.”
“Eh? Really?”
“Status open.”

Saying that, I showed a screen that looked like my status using Menu-san’s memo function.

Name: Masuda Keima
Race: Labyrinthian
HP: 100/100
MP: 50/50
Attack Power: 21
Magical Power: 67
Wisdom: 83
Agility: 30
Willpower: 50
Luck: 50

And that was it. The values were suitable. By the way, though I wrote it in Japanese, Rokuko was able to read the memo properly as well. I wonder if it’s in range of the translation function’s scope, like the DP catalog?

“Heeh, so that’s it.”
“Here’s Rokuko’s.”

Name: Rokuko Dungeon Core
Race: Dungeon Core
HP: 100/100
MP: 10/10
Attack Power: None
Magical Power: Doesn’t Know Any
Wisdom: Rising Recently
Agility: Klutz
Willpower: 5
Luck: 9999

The values were suitable. Half of them weren’t numbers though.

“… O-ooh, what’s with the ‘klutz’!?”
“Well, you are a klutz.”
“Ah! But see how amazing my luck is!?”
“Yep, as expected of Rokuko.”
“Labyrinthian huh, Kehma evolved! I wonder if that’s something better than me? As expected of my partner in mind and body!”

Rokuko was smiling happily.
… Crap, the status was a lie you know~… Did I miss the timing?
Don’t you find it weird that part of your status is written in letters? Oi.

Wait, I get it, this is the first time Rokuko’s seen something like a status. If that’s the case she doesn’t know what’s normal huh.

“Sorry, this status is a fake one I made.”
“Eeh!? Really!?”


“I know about April Fool’s Day.”
“Gunu, you knew after all… But even so, Kehma. Those status windows you made for Rei, Kinue-san, and Nerune got me.”
“Eh? I didn’t make statuses for them though?”

No way, is that a new feature? When I opened the menu to look, Rokuko spoke.

“… Ah, that was a lie though~?”

Rokuko smiled.
I fell for it. I’m slightly mortified.

Well, she was probably satisfied with that, since the rest of the day went on without anything weird happening.



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