Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 2

Second Omake

Rokuko’s Melon Roll Review


That day, the melon rolls Kehma got weren’t the kind of melon rolls that Rokuko usually liked eating.

“Kehma, what are those~”
“These are… pastries.”

When she looked at the DP conversion list, it appeared that there was something like that.

“[Small Melon Roll Cookie]…?”
“Yeah, a pastry. Want to eat some? … Wait, I don’t even need to ask huh?”

No sooner than Kehma said that, she opened the photographic packaging with economical packages inside it, dumping them all out.
They were divided into palm-sized bags. Orange and green, two cute colors of bags.
The first bag she tore open was an orange colored one, arbitrarily picked. Inside were bite-sized and slightly thick cookies that looked almost exactly like melon rolls, which were Rokuko’s favorite. There was even a latticework pattern inside that looked like a melon roll.

“Heeh, pretty…”

Rokuko instinctively muttered.

“Sniff… sniff…”

She smelled them… they were exactly like melon rolls.
Then, she took a nibble.

… As though to savor that tiny morsel of a bite, she focused on its taste and crunchy texture. Then, the sweet flavor of a melon roll reached through her mouth.
Right, this could be called a proper substitute for a [Mouthful of Melon Roll].

“… This is good.”

Slowly, she stuffed the rest into her mouth. It was moist for a cookie, having the peculiar texture of melon bread. It was just right.
And then she took another of the same. This time, she ate it quickly.
She found it satisfyingly sweet.

How would the green bag’s taste?
She had already extended her hand towards it in anxiety. Opening the bag, she took out its contents.
This green one was for cream melon rolls. Naturally, it was bite-sized.

(It looks like there’s cream inside. Does this one smell stronger?)

When she took it out of the bag, she already smelled melon rolls.

“… I wonder how it tastes?”

Nom. Nibbling it, she felt that it had a softer texture than the melon roll cookies. Inside that fleeting existence known as the cookie in Rokuko’s hands, there was slightly green-colored cream. When she licked it, it tasted like sugary melon creme.

(Cunning. Though, I don’t hate it. More like, I love the taste!)

“This is, this is, very…”

Nom. Nom. She ate two mouthfuls of cream melon roll cookies.
The sweet smell filled her mouth, the melon cream’s flavor sticking to her tongue, delivering to her a viscous sweetness.

“…. Nn, nnn~…♪”

The melon flavor extended all the way to her ears… Even though it was small, it was a splendid melon roll.
She reached her hand out to the next small bag. She took this one without thinking, an orange bag.

(… The green ones had a better balance though.)

All the while she thought that, she continued opening the orange colored bag and threw a mouthful of the mini melon rolls into her mouth.

There were still many more of the small bags left.
Rokuko wasn’t able to keep herself from unintentionally smiling.




“Well, you ate it all in one go.”
“It was delicious you know! I’ll be anticipating more next time too!”
“That was enough for two or three days, though… well, it’s fine.”

According to Rokuko: [Even though they aren’t melon rolls, they have just as much good feeling to them as proper melon rolls. They aren’t fluffy but they’re elegantly lovable things if you like crunchy parts. They might be supreme as melon rolls to eat when you’re just a little hungry.]

It was a review that was hard to understand.



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