Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 12

Twelfth Omake

Seaside Barbeque


Kehma and the others had gone to the sea to celebrate the end of the Dungeon Battle.
Haku created her personal seaside dungeon [White Secret] for this celebration. And everyone was wearing a swimsuit.
Kinue-san in a maid outfit and Chloe in a butler outfit excluded.

“Everyone, the barbeque’s ready~!”

Hearing Kinue-san’s voice, I woke up.
I mainly just felt like eating the food rather than actually celebrate.

“Oh, Master. You woke up?”
“Yeah, of course… wait, what’s that?”

I looked at the ingredients that were prepared for the barbeque.
There were a few vegetables with weird colors thrown in, but they were just this world’s vegetables. That was fine.
There looked like there was some minotaur and orc meat and the like, but it all just looked like meat, so that was fine too.
For seafood, I saw some delicious-looking scallops… and red sea urchins?
But there was something mysterious, too. It was cut into thin rounds and was almost see-through.

“The translucent ones there are rounds of Ten-san’s tentacles. It offered them.”
“Eh, you can eat them?”
“They are quite nutritious. Chloe-sama also taught me how to remove the urchins’ poison, so I can cook them both with my [Cooking] skill now.”

W-Well, it should be safe to eat if Kinue-san says so.

“Also, umm, Feni’s under the grill… are we eating him? I’d heard that phoenixes are delicious, but…”
“The food’s flavor gets better if you grill it with magic flames.”
“Magic’s amazing…”

Feni had already been treated to some of Chloe’s fire attributed magic with [Firewall] and [Inferno], so he was eager to help out. Phoenixes do eat fire, guess it was some really high quality stuff.
Setting that aside, Ichika and Nerune had come back from fishing and it was about time to have the barbeque.

“Ooh, barbeque minotaur meat grilled with pheonix fire! My belly’s rumblin’! I even caught some starfish to eat but I’m not gonna get a chance!”
“Yeah, it smells great~, it was barbequed amazingly~. There’s sashimi too~”
“Well that’s good too but first off’s meat and more meat! Like fish and beef!”

I wonder how Japan would feel about minotaur meat. It’s usually super tasty… you’d never know it since the monster it’s from is a bipedal macho cow, but really, it’s great.
Chloe stood, grilling the meat skillfully.

“The defeated’s meat is tender. I set some aside for Rokuko-sama.”
“Wait, Underground Championship-san1!? That’s some good stuff! As expected of the White Goddess.”

… Talk about survival of the fittest.
By the way, the breakdown of meat to anything else is about nine to one. It was basically just a meat party. And alcohol.
The majority of us were primarily meat-eaters, after all. Misha and Meat in particular.

“Hey, Meat. You don’t want any vegetables? This grilled corn’s delicious.”
“… Om, nom nom.”
“—phuaah! Puppy! Wannya have a drinking contest!?”
“Misha, didn’t you just mention Meat’s age? Eat a squid or something.”
“This cat’s hungry!—Rather, Kehma-san, why’re you so cold with me!? Are you a dog lover!?”

What’s wrong with preferring my adorable pillow?
… By the way, everyone was wearing bikinis, but what’s up with Meat wearing a shell bikini and Misha wearing seaweed? Did they change?

“Oh, come to think of it, we’re nyot getting any phoenix meat~?”
“Hold up! Feni’s not food!”
“Misha? I’ll punish you later.”
“Eeeh!? Whyyyy!?”

Rokuko and Haku-san responded to Misha right away, ending with an impending punishment. It’s her fault for wanting to eat Rokuko’s pet. My condolences.
… Wait, Rokuko, that thing you’re eating right now—

“These transparent slices are delicious, huh!”
“Rokuko-sama. That is a slice of the tentacle slime’s tentacles. They are filled with energy for you.”
“Geh… Y-You can eat tentacle slimes!?”

Tentacle slimes taste good…? Maybe I should give it a shot? Just a nibble.

“Rokuko-chan, want to sleep with me tonight?”
“Huh? Yes, Haku Ane-sama.”

… Yeah, let’s not get in her way. Good luck, my partner.

Later on, Amelia, the lamia, arrived. Together with Sally, the living armor.
They came for the meat.

“Maaan, this alcohol’s great. This sake I got from Kehma-san goes great with the deep taste of the meat~”
“Come on. Amelia, could you please hold back? We still haven’t played any beach volleyball yet.”

Sally spoke to Amelia, who was drinking sake out of a wooden mug.

“Sally, you like beach volleyball?”
“I do. I’d like to boil the rules down a bit, though…”

… She knew the rules, but maybe I should buy a rulebook from the DP catalog?

“Kehma-san, are you up for some volleyball later too?”
“Nah, I’ll pass. I’m bad at moving about.”
“… That’s ufortunate. Oh well, at least Blackdog and Misha are here to play against.”

Saying that, the two of them went off to get more alcohol.

“… Oh. Haku-san, you’re not going for any of the alcohol today?”
“Not today. I won’t be able to swim with Rokuko-chan if I’m drunk.”
“Okay then.”

I took a bite of some meat… Aaah, so good~
For now, I stopped caring about anything and just focused on eating in a beautiful place.
… Oh, Dolche the wraith and Rei the vampire were on hands and knees the whole time.


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  1. I think LN-only character? Don’t recall a minotaur in the WN…
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