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Tenth Omake

Rokuko’s Melon Roll Review 2

~GariGari-Kun Rich * Melon Roll Flavor~ [1]


That day, Rokuko was relaxing under the kotatsu.

“Haah… eating melon rolls under the kotatsu is the best~. It’s getting a bit hot for it though…? I wonder if there’s something that’d cool me down a bit?”

At that moment, something unfamiliar appeared on the catalog.

“Melon roll flavored ice cream…?”

Rokuko purchased it reflexively.
An ice cream package with a strange-headed child eating a melon roll appeared.

“What kind of head’s that…?”

Well, the package was alright. She opened it from the bottom, pulling out the wooden stick covered in ice cream. It was yellow—an ice cream the color of a melon roll.
For ice cream, the main part came once it was put in your mouth.

She instantly stuffed it into her small mouth.
The first thing she tasted was melon-ish. This thing, it had the same sort of impression as melon bread? The taste came immediately?
It gave the impression of an elegant melon ice cream.
But when she tried to pay close attention to the taste, it didn’t taste like normal melon.
Unlike melon flavor, it wasn’t fruity. It had a flavor like a milky bread.

“Ooh, this tastes like melon bread.”

With that, she continued eating it. She munched on the shaved ice parts of it like someone might step on fresh snow. She couldn’t figure out the minor flavors like a custard taste she found since it was so cold, but…

“… Nn? What’s this?”

That milky flavor from earlier might have been from that.

“This melon roll flavor… it’s not something to make light of…!”

When she bit further into it, she felt some sort of crunchy feeling in her mouth.
It was a melon roll disguised as a cookie! Well, that’s a bad way to put it, but the depth of feeling it gave her mouth was just like a melon roll. However, it being like a melon roll was what made her happy.
After tasting the aftertaste, Rokuko was convinced that what its flavor was wasn’t melon ice cream, but melon roll ice cream.
It had the crisp bite of shaved ice cream. However, the aftertaste from eating a mouthful was definitely a melon roll.
It was closer to being a melon roll than a melon ball though. That might be natural, though, seeing as melon balls don’t label themselves as tasting like melon rolls. [2]

“… Ahhh, the bready mouth feeling after eating it was sooo tasty! Yeah, this is flavored like a melon roll. Fuuuu.”

Satisfied after finishing it all, she looked at the back of the packaging.
She noticed something in the bottom of it…
… A bouncy melon roll plushie…
It appeared it was something where she could send in the stick for by taping it to a postcard and mailing it in if the branding on stick matched the one on the Gari Plushie. She took a look at the end of the stick that she’d finished eating from. There wasn’t anything stamped on it.

Tch, a fail.

“Alright, one more!”

Rokuko bought another GariGari-Kun Rich – Melon Roll Flavor.

However, she was in another world, so she wouldn’t have been able to turn it in for anything even if it was a winner.
By the time she’d realized that, she had a stomach ache and locked herself up in the restroom.


*Please be careful of overeating.


  • It’s a Japanese snack. Here’s an image of the packaging.  Return
  • Melon balls are cute little things that have melon ice cream in them. Here’s a picture of one!  Return



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