Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 1

First Omake

Ichika’s Q&A


[Teach me! Ichika-senseeeei!]

“Ask me anythin’ ya want! Whether or not I answer’s a different matter though!”

In commemoration of the book being published, I’ll answer questions with Ichika’s point of view. Please, I’ll answer questions that want to ask things like delving into information.
If you have any, go for it.

※ Ichika’s kind of common sense is from dungeons, there’s a possibility that she lacks general people’s common sense. Please understand that.
※ Again, please understand that there are a lot of things that won’t be answered.



> How many dungeons have appeared so far?
> How many of those are still alive?

“Nnn… at least thirty, there’re probably more though… There’re some controlled by the guild and not released to the public, I dunno how many of ’em. Other than the famous ones and the ones I’ve went to I dunno since I haven’t asked~”

> Why does Haku dote on Rokuko (the origin)?

“Isn’t it ‘cuz she’s her imouto? I don’t get it though.”

> Haku is very vigilant towards god’s vanguard, but is he that strong?

“God’s vanguard…? Ah, the hero! Un, he’s strong. He’s got a unique skill that normal humans can’t get, at least one of em’, probably more. The one I’ve heard… [Super Hardening], it’s a skill that doesn’t seem to let any physical damage get through.”

Is what she said.



> Can [Maker] make preserved food golems?

“A golem that can eat itself… interestin’! Well, it probably could? Seems even water golems and stuff’re possible.”

Is what she said.



> What kind of ideas do you come up with for the dungeon games?

“Well, I dunno. I leave the dungeon stuff to Goshujin-sama and just do what he says~”

> I wonder if the world’s common sense can go through a revolution by the golems?

“Goshujin-sama’s golems themselves are already revolutionary! It’s been beyond understanding for a long time!”

Is what she said.



> How old does Kehma-kun look? Is he good looking?

“Ignorin’ the dark circles under Goshujin-sama’s eyes, normal? Un. He’s cool when he’s doin’ a trick yeah? These days he’s usually jus’ sleepin’ though…”

> The main characters’ (Kehma, Rokuko, Meat, Ichika, Haku) appearances, can you dig in and give what kind of feeling they give?
> Like hairstyle or height or ears.

“Goshujin-sama has black hair ‘n eyes, a guy that’s hard to describe. Ah, there’s those dark circles under his eyes despite him sleeping lots? Rokuko-sama’s about as tall as my belly button. Same with Meat-senpai. Rokuko-sama’s silky blonde hair goes straight halfway down her back, her golden eyes are charmin’ aren’t they? Meat-senpai has short black hair with adorable doggy ears that droops down. The position of her ears? Side of her head. Though there’s the wolf species that have ’em attached to the top of their head, Meat-senpai’s’re on the side. For me, I have an hourglass figure’s NICE BODY~! Nope! … Sorry, just kiddin’. Wouldn’t go that far… mm, well, I tie my hair behind my back. As for Haku-sama… grey hair, red eyes, what else… A beauty that’s scary like a demon I guess? Her figure’s like a divinity’s~”

> What’s the name of the empire where Haku-san’s dungeon’s in and what’s the name of the world Ichika-san and everyone are?

“The world’s name? Mmm, I haven’t thought about that at all either. World’s name huh… there’re other worlds, I dunno if there’s somethin’ added to distinguish ’em… that has nothing to do with general people huh. Ah, the name of the empire where [White Labyrinth] is is called ‘Raverio Empire’. Feels like our inn and Sia are both tiny pieces of the empire~”

> How does everyone at the inn spend their time off?

“Rokuko-sama does dungeon-like stuff. Meat-senpai practices movements with the golems and strengthens her body, it feels like she doesn’t get what restin’ is. I play slots in the game room. The three newbies are, well, studyin’… Eh? Goshujin-sama? Sleeps~”

> What kind of people are the rest of the S-Rank party [Dungeon Busters]?

“There’s [White Winged Goddess] Haku-sama and [Black Winged Devil] Chloe-sama, then there’s the [Four Kings]’ [Phosphorus Dragon] Amelia-sama, [Phantom] Dolche-sama, [Impregnable Fortress] Sally-sama, and [Violent Cat] Misha-sama. A six-person party.”

> The inn’s dining room, can things other than what’s on the meal tickets be made by special order?

“Right now Kinue-san’s makin’ those. Before, we didn’t accept any special orders though.”

> Which is better at cooking between Ichika-san and Kinue-san?

“I love eating! So I won’t be defeated if it’s about tongues? I’ll sample the food!”

Is what she said.



> What do you think about Kehma never thinking about his family that should be in his original world?

“Mmm, isn’t it fine if he does that while sleepin’? Well, I dunno though.”

> There aren’t any descriptions of the Japanese food Kehma eats appearing, isn’t he longing for it?
> Are they just not appearing since Japanese cuisine doesn’t match the other world’s people’s tastes?

“He takes things he wants to eat out with DP, so he’s not particularly starvin’ for it. Ah, he gets [Onigiri] or somethin’ with DP. He used to eat ’em before, but he gets a variety now. He likes [Tuna Sandwiches]… As for [Japanese Food], do we use chopsticks? There’re coarse adventurers that aren’t suited for ’em… so he decided to serve easy-to-understand food.”

> Can you take out single foods with DP? It feels like you could even take out the unnamed set meal if the kid’s meal could be. [1]

“They can. The [Grilled Meat Set Meal] is very tasty~. The oil from the meat fills yer mouth, the pleasure from following it down with rice… it’s violent! Wouldn’t it be even better combining it with curry!?”

> Where is the phoenix now?

“I’ve seen it at the dungeon’s riddle area when it isn’t in Rokuko-sama’s room. Well, it’s Rokuko-sama pet.”

Is what she said.



> Come to think of it, even though Haku-san and the adventurers get caught by the riddle’s solution—[Easy]—in the dungeon, can the local people (excluding literacy rates here) normally read and write the words? Is it universal?

“Riddles huh… That’s why studyin’ characters is basic for high ranking adventurers. Besides riddles, there’re stone monuments and stuff too~… wonder if those’re riddles too?”

Is what she said.



> ‘Wouldn’t it be alright if humanoid monsters and spirits with intelligence but no malice be adventurers, tamed pets, slaves, or something like that even in a town?’ [2]

“There’re tamers but not many of ’em. There’re dragon knights and stuff too I guess?”

> Though it looks like being released from slavery is just a dream, compared to being an adventurer before and your current life, which do you prefer?

“Right now, right now. Not worryin’ about debts is paradise. I even eat delicious stuff! Besides, meeting Slot Machine-kun was fate!”

Is what she said.



> Why isn’t Kehma-kun a girl?

“Come to think of it, I have heard about a magic that swaps your sex…”

> That world’s society is different.

“It’s good for societies to change.”

Is what she said.



> Although you taught Kehma a lie while knowing that you were going against your masters orders, it didn’t invoke punishment?

“I didn’t really tell a lie. I don’t know what kind of mechanism the collar uses, but Goshujin-sama’s personal settings’re lenient, there’s wiggle room!”

> When Rokuko asked about what ‘Meat’ means, how did you explain?

“Weell, I told her while demonstrating I guess? … Civilly, civilly!”

Is what she said.



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