Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 99

The Hero and Kehma


Then, three days had passed.

In these three days, we’d gotten around 4,500 DP from Hero Wataru. In addition, three day’s worth of inn fees, seventy-five gold coins. And twenty-five gold coins in meal fees… Uhuahaha! Uhuahahaha!
Ah, the amount Rokuko and I ate on the first day when the hero invited us was a treat from him, ten gold coins.
By the way, a sandwich is served for breakfast as a service.

However, the suite is amazing, it’s easy money whenever Haku-san comes over. Even without her tips to Rokuko, we’re getting DP directly as well. For some reason, when Haku-san is there our income from her is 0 DP per day.

“Hey Kehma, when will you give me that ring? I want it.”
“Nn, ring? What are you talking about?”
“You forgot!? … H-hey, the partner thing.”
“Ahh, ahh, that one. I remember, I remember. Yep. So, what kind do you want? Gold, silver, decorated?”
“Whatever Kehma thinks suits me is good!”

So she’s basically saying she’ll leave it to me, that’s the number one most troubling thing… well, it’s fine. It’s a present.
Rokuko has fair skin and blonde hair, so maybe something bright red? Roses or something would suit her. Making a ring with jewels… ahh no, maybe I should worry about how intense it feels? Should I look for some fantasy metals? Though orichalcum and stuff is really expensive in DP, the amount needed to make a ring probably wouldn’t be that much.

“It’ll probably take a little time, is that alright?”
“Yeah, umm, un, I’ll look forward to it!”

Rokuko left the room, squirming a little.
Did she have to use the toilet? No, that can’t be it, she doesn’t need to use it.

By the way, when I asked Ichika what [Partner] meant, it seems that it means [Companion]. Though partner also has the feeling of being related to marriage, it seems adventurers that are close also use the word partner. I’m told that they give each other matching accessories (not always rings).
So Rokuko was just jumping to conclusions about him proposing to her huh… no well, the hero himself confirmed it.

… Yep, it’s that. It’s not my self-conceit, Rokuko, isn’t it that she fell in love with me?
I had no inkling there was that kind of element going on at all though. If so, I really feel bad about it. I like Rokuko’s cute legs.
But if for argument’s sake I touched her—ah, I immediately felt Haku-san’s blood lust. My imagination is too strong.

[No, this is today’s results too. Please look, playing cards! Two boxes!]
[Oh my, that’s amazing. By the way, what kind of magic does Hero-san use?]

Nerune was talking with the hero at reception.
The hero hadn’t tried to make a pass at Rokuko since then. Even if he saw Rokuko in the inn by chance, he would just raise his hand and give her a simple greeting.
Hmm, what’s that guy scheming? I’m so bothered by it I can’t sleep…. grah. That guy’s disturbing my quiet sleep.

[So, will you eat the A-Rank meal today as well?]
[Hmm, it’s a bit much to eat the same meal after three days in a row, so let’s go with something else today. The B-Rank meal.]
[Would you like me to bring it to your room?]
[No, it’s fine. I want to eat in the dining room today. I’m also quite homesick over the system of buying food with meal tickets after all.]

Because of that, it doesn’t look like he’ll be having the A-Rank meal today. Unfortunate.
Well, even so it’s still one gold coin. He’s wantonly spending gold coins, but well, S-Rank adventurers probably have a huge income… I wouldn’t go so far as to risk my life for money though. If I can live as a good-for-nothing sleeper, that’s good.




While I was taking a catnap before I went to sleep, Rokuko came in eating pudding.

“Kehma, the hero is looking for Kehma you know?”
“… Not Narikin?”

For some reason, I’m getting a bad feeling.
I mean, right now I should only be acquainted to him as Narikin. Why’s he looking for me?

“Un, he’s looking for Kehma. For some reason, he was talking with Meat.”
“Uwaaah sounds bothersome… can’t you say I’m not here?”
“No, the usual adventurers are in high spirits saying things like: [If it’s him, that guy’s always sleeping in the inn] or [Kehma? Ah, that sloth] or [That boss huh, isn’t he the most informed about the dungeon?] Introduced like that, it’s probably impossible.”

And after that, she said everyone was treated to pudding. His generosity unsealed the adventurers’ mouths.
Tch, he was prepared.
Or rather, why’s he talking with Meat…? Ah, could it be ‘that’? After falling for Rokuko, now he’s in love after seeing Meat?

“… It can’t be helped, he’s calling me huh… Is he in his room?”
“He’s waiting in the dining room.”

It feels like he wants to talk in public on purpose.

“… He tried to take Meat to his room, but Meat didn’t want to so he’s waiting there.”
“Well, it’s not in his character for that hero to forcibly bring her to his room… However, he tried to bring Meat into his room, huh?”

I woke up a little and went to the dining room.
If possible, I didn’t want to meet the hero looking like this. Well, it’s probably fine already.
In the first place, meeting him as Narikin was just a wait-and-see. My true identity shouldn’t have been exposed, but I have a bit of an expectation.

When I entered the dining room, Meat immediately came and hugged me. The surrounding gazes focused on me.

“Yeah, it’s alright, it’s alright. What happened?”

When I pat Meat on the head, her tail and ears wiggled in delight. It calmed me down. Alright, let’s go back to my room and sleep.

“… Are you Kehma-san?”

The hero stopped me. C’mon, read the air.

“I am, but you are?”
“Wataru Nishimi… I wanted to talk about that girl, however, my intention changed.”

Judging from Wataru’s line of sight, he was probably looking at my hair.
… Now then, is me being Narikin leaked? My voice isn’t even different.

“It would be a little hard to speak here, could you come to my room?”
“Sure, is it fine if Meat comes as well?”
“… Err, well, yeah.”

Hero Wataru was a little flustered. For now, I brought Meat along to the suite. Some of the onlookers were curious but I just ignored them. Something like having a conversation with the hero, doesn’t this look like an event where he talks with a minor character?
On the way, Wataru spoke to me.

“… Are you Narikin-san?
“Nope. I’m Kehma.”
“Isn’t your voice the same!? Even though you said that you were leaving to restock!”
“Didn’t Narikin say that he had a scar on his face? Do I look like I have something like that?”
“Ah—, you really don’t… wait, no, I didn’t confirm that with my own eyes though!?”

Tch. He didn’t fall for it huh.

“You! You’re Japanese after all!?”
“My parents were Japanese, so I know a lot of things about Japan. It’s not like I know everything though.”
“… Oh, so that’s it?”

He’s obviously sad about it. I didn’t say that I’m not Japanese though.
Then, we reached his room.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”
“Umm, I asked you on the way here, but… that Ojou-san too, are her parents Japanese? She has black hair. With dog ears though.”
“I don’t know since I just picked Meat up. So, Meat?”
“… I can’t remember anything about my past. However, I’d be happy if it’s the same as Goshujin-sama.”

Good girl. I stroked Meat’s head.

“… So, you’re Japanese after all, Nakarin-san.”
“I’m not Nakarin, I’m Kehma.”
“Then Kehma-san… do you know the meaning behind [Meat]’s name?”

Nn? [Meat]’s meaning? It’s a general-use name for slaves. When I asked Meat, she said she wasn’t embarrassed as Meat and would work hard.
I asked Ichika to make sure, but it seems there’s a huge range of slang for it, so while it can mean [Pet] and [Hug Pillow], for adventurers in particular it also seems to mean things like [Meat Shield, [Meat Wall], [Bait], and [Decoy].
Those meanings imply disposable too, it doesn’t look like it means something that good. I asked Meat if she wanted to change her name, but she didn’t want to change it since it was the first name I gave her, so she told me that it wasn’t a problem and would work hard to suit her name.
… Well, I didn’t intend to throw her away you know? She’s my important hug pillow.
My profession is dungeon master so there’s no problem with having a bad reputation. That being the case, I just let it as is since she herself wanted to keep it.

“I know, but is there some problem?”
“Heeh… so you know about the name?”

He hit the table and it broke.
In an instant. The table was built to be very solid, but it broke with two lines originating right where Wataru’s fist hit it. It looked like the letter [V] breaking it.

It’s a bit late, but I started sweating a bit. Why, why did you suddenly attack the table!?

As I thought that, Wataru’s face also looked like, ‘Ah crap.’ Moreover, Meat took position in front of me while wielding the golem knife as to protect me, glaring at the hero.
This child, so cool.

“… I didn’t mean to hit it that hard… I will pay for it. However, aren’t you ashamed for using such a small child as a shield!?”
“… Including the trouble fees, five hundred gold.”
“Eh!? Ah, wai—, uhh, can you take it in parts?”

To my idle grumble of a sentence, Wataru lost his composure. Alright, five hundred gold coins GET!

“Ahem… I didn’t think that you were a person to touch such a small child! I will not leave Rokuko-san to you! Do not approach Haku-sama’s imouto!”

Eh, touch? What’s he saying? Is he thinking that [Slave = Ero Things]? Is his head filled with pink?

“Lolicons that I know say YES loli NO touch and would absolutely never touch a child, it held that meaning among men…!”

Don’t tell me that! … Ah, but I definitely am ‘touching’ her. As a hug pillow though.

“Goshujin-sama, do I defeat him?”
“Stop. He’s a hero.”

And Meat was going at her own pace. Rather, it felt like she was planning on winning against him.
She’s become splendid.



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