The Hero and [Still Refused]


“… A match with Rokuko-san on the line, Narikin-san!”
“I’ll decline.”

Even if he says it a second time, something useless is still useless.

“There’s no merit to go along with it is there? Going along with your story earlier, this is just for your own broken heart and I can’t see it as being anything else other than an [Inconvenience to Others] you know?”
“Uguh—! Even so!”
“Iiit’s fiiine, this match, you should accept it.”

Rokuko, why are you so eager about it?

“Still though, there needs to be some merit for us if we win right, Hero-sama?”
“Eh, ah, ummm, yeah… Well, if Narikin-san wins I’ll keep the thing about him being Japanese a secret? How about that?”
“… … Hey, didn’t it just sound like you said I’m Japanese?”
“Am I wrong?”

No, you’re right. Although you’re right, I won’t admit to it. Even if I said otherwise, there are lie detecting magic tools and magic, so it wouldn’t be any different from a confession. All I can do is avoid that from happening.

“For argument’s sake, let’s assume that I’m Japanese. Why would I be troubled if you spoke about it?”
“You’d clearly be troubled by it, aren’t you hiding your face? If not, show me that your face isn’t a fellow Japanese’s.”
“I just have an ugly wound that I don’t want people to see, it’s nothing like that… Aren’t you prying into it a little to far?”
“I-I was being impolite! I didn’t realize!”

And so, Wataru apologized and bowed obediently. This guy really is honest.

“Well, this inn definitely was built by Narikin-san, and even your name being [Narikin (Upstart)] matched coming to prominence as an adventurer…. I thought for sure that was it.”

Almost, but that’s not it. It has to do with the shogi piece. My real name is [Keima (Knight)], so I flipped the piece over to become [Narikin (Promoted Knight)]. Obviously I didn’t say any of that though. [1]

“So it was something like that huh? My name is… well, that’s just by chance. Looking at it with Hero-sama’s point of it, it is likely a strange name. And for this inn, I built it while referring to an inn a Hero-sama has built in the old days. And then, I decided to place it here at this dungeon [Cave of Desires] that produces unusual and rare magic tools. Like that [Massage Chair].”
“Hahaha, so that was it… Is it fine if I dismantle it? I could purchase it…”
“I gave our spare one to Haku-san, so please abandon your wish.”
“Mumumu, I’ll find one in the cave…”

Well whether or not you find one depends on luck. Not. It depends on whether or not I make one. For now.

“… Well, right. If we win, I want a magic tool—one that can see through lies. With that I will consider accepting the match.”

I can get the 50,000 DP if I just turn the fifty gold coins into DP. The suite is twenty-five gold coins per night, and he’s saying two nights. I’ll get it soon, I want to see what kind of thing it really it.
If I can confirm whether or not he can get it easily—well, that’s enough of a result.

“Ah, t-that’s, umm, even though I’ve heard about magic tools like that… sorry. I don’t have one. Magic tools like that are compulsorily bought by the country you know?”
“Even if Hero-sama is an S-Rank?”
“… Ah—! Right, there might be a chance now that I’m S-Rank…! Ah no, wouldn’t I need Haku-sama’s permission… ah, ah, but then it might sound like getting permission for Rokuko-san… umm, is there anything else you want if I can’t?”

Well, there’s no problem with me getting anything since I’m a dungeon master.
But that guy’s really honest.

“What’ll you do? Accept?
“By the way, what would you do if we lost?”
“… Umm, please forgive my approach to Rokuko-san.”

Ah, he’s modest. I definitely thought he’d say something like, ‘I’m taking Rokuko-san!’

“Well, so long as you respect Rokuko’s will.”
“Yeah, I will… Rokuko-san is still small, but I feel like she’s already a lady.”

Hero Wataru took a fleeting glance at Rokuko. She was blushing like before… yep, she’s all excited over being called a lady. But really? Are you sure?

“Well, I won’t accept the match. After all, I still have no reason to accept it.”
“Really? Disappointing…”

He said that, but he didn’t seem that disappointed… He’s probably planning something.
I had a few suspicions, but the day ended without incident.

… For now, let’s pretend that Narikin left to go and stock up on things. For about a week. That way I won’t have to have any more confusing conversations.



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  • More wordplay trickery going on here. If you want to know more about shogi and what happens to tiles and why they get flipped and the name changes, go here to learn more.  Return

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    Being that shogi is the japanese version of the game that became chess (and draughts/checkers) in the West, it also has a “promotion” rule. The main difference is that the promotion zone is not the opponent’s inner camp (last line), but the opponents whole camp (furthest three lines; also, a shogi board has 81 squares instead of the usual 64); instead of being like chess where only pawns are allowed to promote, but to any piece (even if people singlemindedly often promote them to queens only), the rule is closer to draughts/checkers: any piece may promote (except the king and formerly promoted pieces) and each to their own single promoted piece (starting golden generals are treated as promoted pieces from the beggining, as everything but rooks and bishops turn into pseudo-golden generals when promoted).

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