Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 93

Now For Some Remodeling


Well now, even though it’s good that we’ve gotten 200,000 DP from Haku-san, I still haven’t decided what to do with it yet.
By the way, saying, “This is a large amount, so it wouldn’t be good if any were lost,” Haku-san transferred the 200,000 DP mouth-to-mouth. Thanks for the meal.

Since it was a special, how about let’s give summoning and raising a slime a go… with that, I looked through the DP catalog.
In this world, there were roughly two varieties of monsters that would have been called slimes in Japan.

One is the jelly. It is genuinely weak. Jellies move their semi-transparent bodies with jelly-like movements, dying quickly. They hardly have any offensive power at all as well. And they’re 1 DP each, bizarrely cheap… They also seem to be edible. Maybe they’re some kind of pudding or gelatin substitute?
Despite goblins becoming the targets of subjugation commissions, these guys are small fry to the point of being ignored.

Well, the other one is the slime. By being sticky and slimy, they have freely-manipulable bodies that can nullify physical blows. They are 10,000 DP a piece. Their weak point is that they are strangely weak, but they are omnivores that can eat anything. Naturally, they can eat people.
That is what people refer to as a slime in this world. Come to think of it, there were magma slimes in our neighbors’ [Flame Cavern] huh.

… As a dungeon for beginners, let’s try deploying a few jelly spawners in the dungeon for now. Even though they are one hundred times the monster’s initial cost, it’s still just 100 DP. Incredibly cheap.
Seeing as how they can be eaten, it’s not a waste. Maybe they’ll turn into snacks for adventurers and the goblins?
And for no reason at all, definitely no reason, I summoned a single jelly into my hand. Then, I tried out rubbing it to experiment… Ooh, yep, as expected. It jiggles.
I suddenly thought up something. Abruptly. Since I just came up with it, I made the jelly into a pillow and laid down on it. Oooooh, its softness is considerably pleasant. This incredibly good pillow probably wouldn’t even lose to the heavenly pillow. To get it for 1 DP… cheap…




I woke up from my nap since the jelly was crushed, my face was covered in a crust. Looks like the weight of my head caused its body fluids to gradually leak out. This is a point that absolutely needs to be improved. Wrapping it in a cover made with the vinyl wrapping that comes with the sweet buns might work? The jelly would still be crushed though.

“Hey Kehma, are the hero countermeasures good?”
“Nn, to be honest, they aren’t really needed.”
“They aren’t!? You’re not going to do anything with the 200,000 DP Haku Ane-sama gave us!?”

Yep, it was all for hero countermeasures, but there isn’t even really a reason to do anything. At most I just needed to make it so that he can’t get to the jail.
Even if he makes it to the dungeon’s innermost floor, destroys the boss iron haniwa golem and steals a few blade magic sword golems, there’s no need to worry since he won’t destroy the core due to Haku-san’s training (brainwashing).
To begin with, the one at the innermost of the dungeon is a dummy core, the real one is in Rokuko’s room in the inn. Rather, it’s to the point that I don’t think it’d be bad to have some crime prevention in Rokuko’s room. I’ll know immediately if there are any intruders though… I can use castling whenever, I’d usually put it somewhere in the dungeon. I wonder if it’s fine keeping this arrangement when the hero comes?

With all of that, it’s important to not bring too much attention to our dungeon by overdoing it. It might be a good opportunity to assess just how capable the hero is.

Speaking of necessary preparations though, it’ll probably be fine just making iron haniwa golems and magic swords.
I’m taking a pretty easygoing stance on the matter.

“Well, we did get 200,000 DP, so let’s go forward with strengthening the dungeon… To be precise, let’s make some new areas.”
“Un, what kind of areas are you going to make?”

I’ve been thinking about two things. A coliseum area and a meadow area.
Without hesitation, I put the coliseum area in front of the boss room, also making it so that you could go from the warehouse area to the meadow area.
There was a boss room if you advanced to the coliseum area from the warehouse area, and it would be a dead end if you went to the meadow area.

And for the meadow area, when I was talking with Haku-san, she’d told me about the geographical feature facilities for human farms, so I planned to install a [Sky (50,000 DP)] and [Meadow (500 DP)]. They didn’t appear in the catalog until she told me about them, but it’s probably because there was some kind of condition for them.
Geographical feature installations are applied to the entire floor. For example, [Sky] provides a stream of sunlight, as well as a proper night. It even rains occasionally, it really is a [Sky] huh.
Other geographical features you could get with DP included things like [Coast] and [Volcano]. [Volcano] is a cheap 100 DP, but [Coast] is more than 100,000 DP. I think it’s probably so expensive because a sea is something unnatural in a mountain.
It seems that if you make a geographical feature using DP, you could even make it like it was the outside world. Although they’re probably installations meant for providing for monsters that rely on certain terrains, you could also use it with the intention of making a human farm that humans won’t really want to leave because there’s no stress.

Naturally, the [Sky] terrain effect doesn’t increase the size of the room, it seems that room’s ceiling height is also set by the room’s size specifications beforehand. So I intend to make as spacious a room as possible… Let’s make it at the level where a village can fit in it. It’d be plenty even if they just settled down at the entrance.
Rather, I want to check what kind of thing the [Sky] is even though it’s a ceiling. I intend to install it in the meadow area anyways.

“So, let’s make the meadow area a [Safety Zone] too. It’ll be good if they decide to rest in that area. Let’s have them have an easy time to rest there… Should we set some rabbits loose too?”
“That’s kind to the adventurers.”
“Yeah. That’s the original role for a [Safety Zone] anyways.”

The [Safety Zone]’s original role. That is, a place to make surprise attacks against adventurers that have let down their guard, putting things in order.
Of course, monsters normally don’t enter them, so it’s used as a campground to rest safely in the field. It wouldn’t be something good to do every time. It’s only effective since it’s done rarely.

“Before the boss, they’d decide to rest. When they let down their guard, bang!”
“Well it’s like that.”

With that, I decided to do some splendid remodeling. Since we’ll be excavating a lot of holes with golems first, it’ll probably take quite a while. I had them dig carefully while I looked at the map so that we wouldn’t knock into [Flame Cavern].
But even though I’m remodeling, right now information for things farther in than the riddle area haven’t been leaked out yet. It’ll probably just seem like there are more jellies when looking at it from their point of view.




“Kehma-sama. There is news.”

The next day, Receptionist-san came from the guild.

“You might know already, but there are signs of a transition phase. Please refrain from entering the dungeon for a short while, please stay at the first floor.”
“Ah… yes, understood.”

Right, transition phase huh… Monsters that usually don’t appear come out, that kind of thing… I’m not planning on doing a dungeon battle though… yep, I forgot.
By the way, since they worried about monsters overflowing from the dungeon’s entrance, they appear to have set up a cordon. I was also included in the shift. It was treated as a nominated commission from the guild.
Somehow, sorry.
By the way, since the aristocrat’s search party hadn’t returned either, it turned into something like they got involved in some sort of abnormal event inside of the dungeon. Works for me.

“I see, so that’s the reason behind you deploying the jelly spawners huh!”
“No, that was just by chance. Rather, I didn’t expect it.”
“Eh, that so? That’s unusual for Kehma huh, are you still half asleep?”

Maybe. I’ve probably been forgetful since I’ve been thinking about various large-scaled things lately and it all caught up to me. Maybe I should get more subordinates to entrust with various things… since I can make as much of a labor force (golems) as needed, I just need people wisdom that can control them. Should I get more subordinates to manage the dungeon?
They don’t even really need to be humanoid like those three girls since they’ll be restricted to being inside the dungeon. Maybe something like an arachne…? Ah, monsters with wisdom as well as fighting potential usually cost around 100,000 DP. It’s at the level of making me hesitate a little. Should I get one?
… Eh, wait a second.

“To begin with, isn’t it fine if I leave noticing stuff like that to my partner (Rokuko)?”
“Eh, I should be aware of stuff like that!?”

Rokuko was plainly surprised. Oi, partner. Oi.
Somehow before I realized it, I became in charge of thinking while Rokuko became in charge of relaxing.

“Yep, I can make mistakes and forget things too you know?”
“Ahaha, Kehma’s good at joking around.”
“I’m not kidding you know!? You know that if you took away me being a dungeon master I’d just be a normal human right!?”
“… No way~, ever since Kehma kicked those bandits around, in my opinion everything’ll be alright if I leave it to you. I’ve just been practicing moving the golems.”

I’m surprised she trusts me so much. I just think that I’m a lazybones that just sleeps all the time though.
I should ask for Rokuko’s opinions more often from now on. Or rather, let’s have Rokuko make the dungeon too.
We didn’t have much DP before, but now our wallet’s overflowing from our Haku-san income.

“I got it. I’ll also think about making the dungeon myself.”
“Yeah. Since I’ll be leaving it to Rokuko, it’ll definitely turn into a goblin dungeon. It’d be interesting to see though.”
“It’s not like I’m a goblin lover you know!?”

Diverging from the golem warehouse, Rokuko made a new dungeon.
And as for me, I was dragged into working for the cordon for a little while. I didn’t have the chance to look at how she was doing.
… Rokuko’s dungeon. It was after everything was completed that I learned what was in it.



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