Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 91

Did it…


Making a mistake with his math, the delinquents fell into the spiderweb trap.
… Well either way though, he would’ve failed since the answer was [Easy].
At any rate, all of them were neutralized with this.

Phew. My work’s over, feels like a heat that’s been clinging to my body is going away… Yep, I calmed down.

“Hey Kehma. I thought of something, wouldn’t they be pretty vigilant if something like ten adventurers sent in together don’t return?”
“… Th-that’s right.”

It’s as Rokuko says.
If I calm down and think about it, that party of ten people contained at least two C-Rank adventurers. It wouldn’t be strange for them to consider the dungeon to be pretty hard. I may have raged a little there. Those guys almost wounded the beds. Sacrilege!

“… Were you irritated since they tried to do stuff to Ichika and Meat?”
“No, it was because of the beds. It was for my lovely beds.”
“If you like them that much, well it’s fine?”

Mm, yep. I wouldn’t get irritated from someone making a move on Ichika or Meat… well, maybe not. Now that I think about it, maybe. I gave a direct warning to that knight commander for Meat or something, it was something dangerous for me.
So in other words, yes… crap, I wasn’t thinking at all. I repent!

“Hey hey, Kehma. Would you massacre them all assuming they had a quarrel with me?”
“That’s a dangerous-sounding question… Well, I half-killed them. Half aren’t dead. Rather, around sixty percent are still alive.”
“But they’re going to die eventually from DP being wrung from them you know?”
“… Well, yeah.”
“Kehma massacred the bandits for my sake, he’d definitely annihilate anyone that tries to pick a quarrel with me!”

Rokuko smiled in a pleasant way that felt full of innocence.
Huh, did what she just say sound weird at all? Like, aggressively violent…
However, since I’ve already placed the traps, there’s no way those guys will be able to return alive. So it’s a wholesale murder in the end huh~… maybe I’ve gotten a pretty wicked side too. In a certain game, I’d be leaning towards chaotic. It’ll be bad if I don’t hit the brakes at a moderate point. I want to stay neutral to the bitter end.

“Goshujin-sama. Everyone, they were stored in the jail.”
“Ah, good work… However, you’ve gotten good at operating golems, Meat. When did you make such an improvement?”

When I stroked Meat’s head, her tail wagged back and forth happily.
… My heart calms down when I stroke Meat. Maybe the equation’s Meat = pillow = sense of security at this point?
Right, Meat is my important bedding! That’s why there’s nothing wrong with me getting upset if someone tries to make a pass at her! I am not a lolicon!

“Nnnu♪… For Goshujin-sama, I did my best, to be useful… It’s hot recently, so since sometimes I couldn’t be your hug pillow, I… hauu♪”
“Jiii…” 1

While I was patting Meat’s head as she let out delighted sounds, Rokuko stared at me with slightly condemning eyes.
… Yep, sorry. I was just feeling a bit relieved there.

“So, what’ll you do to those guys you caught?”

It’d be extremely troublesome to look after the prisoners myself. Besides, it’d leave various bad aftertastes with me. It’d hinder my peaceful sleep.
Alright! Let’s leave this to my subordinates!

“Rei, there is work for you. As the jailer, I entrust those guys’ care to you. I will include golems as assistant jailers, go moderately on them.”
“Yes! Please leave it to me, master! May I drink their blood!?”
“Nn? Sure. Go for it. I don’t really mind if they die.”
“Yay! … Ah, s-sorry, thank you very much!”

Come to think of it, Rei is a vampire huh. I remembered that fact now at this late hour.
I mean originally, humans were fodder for Rei. That’s why it seems vampires have the know-how to [Own] humans in their head.
It might be useful for Rei to come here. It’s good that her being a vampire may not be in vain, she might be able to power up by drinking blood!
I should think about a device that works in the dungeon so that it isn’t exposed. Not a slave collar, more like a prisoner collar I guess? Yeah, it should be fine if I make it with a golem. Something like a pillory that turns into a guillotine with an order.

“… Incidentally, so you wanted to drink blood as a vampire after all? I thought there was that option that invalidated that impulse though.”
“That’s right, I don’t need to. However, master, imagine having a body that didn’t have to sleep.”
“Ah, yep. I’d sleep. Definitely would. I would absolutely sleep.”

I definitely understand her. [Unnecessary] and [Unwanted] are different things. It’s like the feeling of not dying if there was bread even though you loved cake.

Even so, our DP income skyrocketed huh.
To be precise, our current income of 500 DP per day became 1,800 DP per day. That’s three hundred sixty percent.
About 1300 DP from six prisoners. So we could get this much huh. Double from being locked up and triple from being in a prison. There’s no way to describe how seriously awesome six times as much is.

“In other words, might as well live today in luxury! Melon roll party tonight, no objections allowed!”
“Rokuko-sama, I’d like to eat hamburgers too. And curry rolls for Ichika too.”
“I’ll allow it!”

What happened to no objections allowed? Well, whatever, it’s fine.
If that’s the case maybe I should offer various kinds of breads tonight. Not sweetened buns, but the kinds of baked goods you can find at bakeries. Sometimes luxury is good too!

“… Ah, we got DP. Someone died~”
“Nn? It didn’t look like those guys whose legs were chopped off would die that fast since their wounds were cauterized shut… Oh. The aristocrat huh?”

When I looked at the situation in the test room, the aristocrat… his name was Drason I think? Well, he was attacked by his followers. And although he held the magic sword till the end, the followers that surrounded him successfully returned it to the pedestal and cancelled the lock down.
There was still some of the aristocrat’s blood smeared over the magic sword that was placed back in the pedestal, but the scene was somehow moving. The men had faces like they’d just overcome a difficult journey.
Yep yep, they worked hard. Let’s cancel labyrinth’s blockade as a reward.
Since I’m feeling like doing something kind right now, how about I let them go straight out?

By the way, after being saved, they could use the excuse that the noble died. Although they could… since there are magic tools that can distinguish lies, they’ll probably be arrested immediately after getting interrogated.
Well, I’m not responsible for that you know? That’s something outside of my dungeon.



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  1. Audible onomatopoeia for staring at someone/something.
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