Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 9

Let’s Use DP


“What’s this, so good! [Melon Bread] is stupidly good! Kehma, you eat delicious things like this!?”

The slovenly dungeon core seemed anxious about the melon bread, taking a bite of it. She scoffed up this rest of it with sparkling eyes.
You can eat bread? I mean you can eat things? That’s the first time I saw it.

“W-what? Even I can eat food!”
“But, isn’t it unneeded?
“Though that’s right, it’s a luxury. Luxuries… isn’t there more?”

As far as this goes, it’s 5 DP for one you know? For a set of drinks that is.
Since it comes with an assortment of six sweet rolls, it was haughty to ask for a set.
No, I also gave the bandits a bread assortment. She didn’t notice.
Additionally, since it was a cheap 5 DP for a barrel of beverages… it felt considerably overpriced…
“Well, there are various kinds of bread, but we wouldn’t be saving DP…”
“I-isn’t it ok? We have 2000 now you know? S-so, i-if we use just a little…”

Ah, her eyes were serious.

“You even used it on your own to buy a [Pillow] and a [Bedroll]! Isn’t a little for me fine!?”
“Even though I gave you a goblin~?”
“Wha-! G-Gobsuke has nothing to do with this! Besides, doesn’t Kehma use 20 DP every day for food to eat!”

When did you name it!? That’s news to me!

“Rather, I give the goblin half of my meal. The goblin actually costs more than 20 DP due to maintenance costs… rather isn’t he a good-for-nothing with our present condition? He’s comple~tely your pet now right?”
“T-that’s not it! Gobsuke can be helpful! Right, Gobsuke!?”

The subject suddenly changed, Gobsuke stared blankly in puzzlement with a [Eh? What, why did this the conversation shift?].
I wondered, it felt like the fangs jutting out under it’s nose looked made it’s face look doggish.
… Would it eat dog food?

“Whatever. Honestly, I don’t mind as long as you don’t use too much… anyway, if we each buy drink and bread assortments from now on, our DP expenditure won’t change.”

That probably suppressed her, seeing as how she fell silent.

“Yay! Then get a bread assortment out at once!”
“Couldn’t you have gotten them yourself? You’ve also used DP from the menu right?”
“Eh? But, I’ve never seen [Assortment of Bread] or [Melon Bread] before you know? …Huh, there’s more? O~h, I can choose from [Black Bread], [White Bread] and [Melon Bread]! I didn’t know!”

Hm? What?

“Oi, say your choices again.”
“Eh? The three things are [Black Bread] [White Bread] and [Melon Bread]?”
“… … That’s it?”
“? Yeah, but what do you mean?”

For my [Bread Assortment (5 DP)]… the choices are [Cream-filled Roll] [Bean Paste Roll] [Jam Roll] [Steamed Roll] [Apple Pie] [Deep-fried Bread], changing the DP.

“Do you know what this is?”
“… Bread, right? What’s this, it’s the first time I’ve seen it shaped like this. I mean, the bread Kehma produces is wrapped in something transparent, can I eat that?”
“No, you don’t eat it. You tear the plastic open and eat what’s inside… by the way, this is called a [Bean Paste Roll]. Try it.”
“Eeeh, so this is called a [Bean Paste Roll]… nom…~~~! So good! [Bean Paste Rolls] are also amazing! Eeeh, there’s yellow stuff inside. Ooh, so good! What’s this, so good-”

I thought of something and had passed her a [Cream-filled Roll].

“Rokuko, look at the bread assortment menu again and see if your choices increased or not.”
“Eh? ‘Kay… There’s more. [Bean Paste Roll] was added. Eeeh, so something like this can happen too.”
“So next, take out a [Bean Paste Roll]. You can mix it with the melon bread.”
“Really!? Fufufu, then, half and half, three of each… fufu, fufufu!”
“Yeah, I’m taking a [Bean Paste Roll].”

Incidentally, when Rokuko took out the [Bread Assortment], I took a [Bean Paste Roll]… Yeah, that’s a [Cream-filled Roll]. Even the way it looked, it was a [Cream-filled Roll]. Additionally, it wasn’t reproduced with the plastic and was bare.

“Sorry, Rokuko. That was a [Cream-filled Roll]. This one is a [Bean Paste Roll].”
“Eh, really? Heeh, so this is a [Bean Paste Roll]. Hehe, this one is red on the inside! … Super sweet! I love this one too! The genuine [Bean Paste Roll] is amazing!”

Sorry for deceiving you again. That’s a [Jam Roll]. Strawberry jam.

“It’s fine to take out another. Make it four [Cream-filled Rolls] and two [Bean Paste Rolls] this time.”
“What this, you want to please me that much? Aaah mou, Kehma is shining today! Four [Cream-filled Rolls] and two [Bean Paste Rolls]!”
“… Oh, what were your choices?”
“Eh? Ah, now that you mention it they increased again… Alright, I brought them out you know? Is it okay to eat them?”

Seeing what Rokuko exchanged DP for, there were four [Cream-filled Rolls] and two [Jam Rolls].
… I see.
Apparently, it seems the DP menu’s priority is what the person themselves recognizes.
And likely, [What you don’t know isn’t on the menu].
Just looking to make sure, other than the missing plastic, only the name was incorrect.
Did she absorb it or something? Ah, that’s not it, but she does absorb trash every day… is it recognition after all?
Nevertheless, there’s a high possibility it’s not limited to things that exist in this world.
I’ve never seen a dragon even though it’s on the menu… though it could be a default thing for a dungeon master.
Though I wanted to verify it a little more, it became a hassle. I didn’t want to waste DP either.

“It’s okay to eat right? Right?”
“Yeah, go for it… Alright, since that’s enough for four days, eat it carefully yeah? Split it with Gobsuke.”

Biting into a [Cream-filled Roll], Rokuko froze.
Don’t worry, even if you finish eating them today, I’ll share mine with Gobsuke. Though I won’t say it.


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