Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 89

Welcoming the Intruders 1


“F*ck’s sake, why’d I gotta dogeza!”
“Didn’t you hear it from the commander? They’re supported by an A-Rank adventurer.”
“No way that’s right, why woulda A-Rank adventurer come to a place like this? The commander’s unexpectedly susceptible eh.”
“Oi, he’ll hear you.”
“Ah— crap.”

The Rich family’s third knight order. Even though they appeared like that, they were knights that serve Earl Rich… they were an assortment of adventurers being put to use as fighters. Like this time, their tasks included dungeon search and rescues.
This time, they received a report from the Rich family’s second son, Doran, by way of the guild that they were to rush over because, “The third son, Drason, has met an accident in the dungeon.” For rescuing someone from a dungeon, time was of the essence. Therefore, they made certain to act quickly so that they could later use the excuse that they took the proper measures.

By the way, as for the ‘Elite Guardsmen’ part of the ‘Third Elite Guardsmen Knight Order’… that was a self-proclaimed title with the reason being: it sounded cool. Meaning… no one in the group knew what it was supposed to mean.

“Oi, that’s a trap right there. Be careful.”
“Ah yeah. Since us third elite guardsmen knight order are the ones doing it, even dungeon rescue operations are easy as hell… Not if they’re still alive, though.”

It was rare for rescue operations for dungeons to succeed.
All items disappear completely if they die in the dungeon. You can’t locate something that doesn’t exist. Usually, people would search for two or three days before proclaiming something like, “Since we were unable to find them, it seems that they’ve died in the dungeon.”
Because of this, for them, this ‘Rescue Operation’ was basically a way to get some pocket change from the dungeon before ending it with a suitable report… it was really easy to think of it as easy work.

“Commander~, think that stupid Son-sama still alive?”
“No way. He definitely died some time ago somewhere in the dungeon. If he did manage to live somehow together with those followers of his, well… I’d probably’ve killed him on the second day?”
“Yeah haha, there’s no way. Really, that stupid Son-sama is way too useless.”
“The family’s already decided that the eldest son, Kandra-sama, is going to succeed. Kandra-sama even already has an heir too, so the Rich family is happy with him.”

The Rich family’s inheritor was decided to be the eldest son, Kandra. Since Kandra had already had a son, the family was secure. Therefore, the only way the third son, Drason, could become the head of the family would be for him to accumulate achievement after achievement.
Naturally, since he hadn’t returned from the dungeon after leaving to find a magic sword in it, it didn’t need to be said that that was also impossible.

“Well that’s fine ain’t it? There’d be no more idiot, ain’t it fine to just think of it like that?”
“Kukuku, gotta point there.”

They spoke ill of Drason, who was definitely the person they served and the family head’s relative.
Though they acted like that, they didn’t know that even they were considered the parasitic idiot knight order by the next head of the family, Kandra.




[But man it sucked I couldn’t play around with that woman… no choice but to save up some more money.]
[That slot machine thing was the worst. Already lost the reward we’re getting for this…]
[Those playing cards, I only took one of ’em, sucks I couldn’t get more…]

Those guys, they’re just doing whatever they want. And that playing card…
So they stole after all huh… have to set up some countermeasures for that.

Well, although I decided that today will be a welcoming party for those guys, today’s labyrinth area is special. I’m even letting them pass by the riddle area.
Maybe I’ll try out the unexplored area’s traps and defensive functions.

[Oh—, there’s golems. Just like we heard. Get ’em! … Ah, they ran away!]
[Don’t chase them. This is a labyrinth ya know?]
[Eh, right…]

While instigating them with some moderate golems, I guided them through a path to break through the labyrinth.
I let Rei and them operate the golems, this also served as practice.

“Master, is it fine guiding them like this?”
“You’re doing fine. Just keep changing their path by leading them on with the golems… Here, look. They’ve met back up.”

The knight order (delinquents) had divided their group of ten into two groups of five to search. As planned, we made sure that they met back up at labyrinth’s exit so it looks like they were guided well.

[Oh? Your team also came huh. Good timing.]
[As expected of us… So, looks like its pretty much unexplored areas next?]
[Hoh, sounds great… Though, it’s dangerous too. What do we do?]

… Hmm, so all the same they’re careful huh. Will they bite the bait?

[Nn? Oi, check it out.]
[… That’s a treasure chest huh. Pawn, go check it out.]

A scout named Pawn opened the treasure chest while being vigilant…. As for its contents—

[Oh—, a weapon! A knife… there’s a magic stone in it, it’s a magic sword! Commander, can I have this!?]
[Alright, good job Pawn. Now, I’ll be taking that.]
[It’s fine since we’re splitting the money up afterwards yeah? … Oi, look. Seems to be some more treasure chests inside. Or rather, there aren’t any traps around here?]
[From the looks of it, nope. I heard there’s a riddle somewhere… maybe it’s farther in?]

Ah, looks like they fell for the simple chests I set up to guide them in. The knight order (delinquents) are moving farther and farther in. They’re so reckless it’s doubtful that they’re really even C-Rank.
… Maybe it’s better this way?

[Ooh! Woah, this is a magic sword too! There’s one here too!]
[That makes the fifth one! Hahaha, I can’t stop smiling anymore!]

Yep, looking good. It’s good they’re so stupid. Well, once they’d went sufficiently far inside, I quietly closed the first room’s door.
… They put a door wedge on it, but there’s no problem since I’ll just collect it. Rather, why did they bring a wedge? Is that a C-Rank thing?

The riddle area was in full effect once the door closed.
Originally, the door to the room wouldn’t open if the riddle wasn’t solved. You could only enter the first and last rooms without solving them. This was the [Four Room Series of Riddle Rooms]. [1]
Furthermore, the riddle question followed the usual pattern, whenever a door was opened, it would change to another question. Which meant you couldn’t come and go just by solving it once.

.. Well, in other words, the knight order (delinquents) would be confined in the [Riddle Area] from now on. The DP we’re getting from them doubled.
I wonder if the amount of DP we get when they die doubles as well? It’s a good opportunity. Let’s try it out this time.

[Oi, we can’t go back!]
[Huh? Hold up, where’s the doorstop!?]
[It’s not there… I’ve never heard something like them disappearing this fast. It should’ve lasted a day at least…]
[Did we overlook some special mechanism? No, maybe a monster moved it?]
[I dunno, but at any rate, the riddle appeared when the door closed.]

What, so it was an item like that? … Now that I think about it, there was something like that written in the [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons] too, crap. I forgot. Looks like Haku-san that as fake common sense like with the [Safety Zone] too? I’ll make sure to have a golem remove them from now on. Mice should work too?

[… What now? Looks like we can’t leave without solving the riddle?]
[Yeah. But look, can you solve it?]

This time’s question was a special one. Anyone could answer it, I prepared a super simple question.

[‘How many steps are in the spiral staircase beyond this point, as well as what color is the door at the bottom?’… The f*ck?]
[Thankfully, the door that continues on is open… Looks like there’s no choice but to keep going.] [2]

Hello~, this is our ten honored guests’ guide speaking~



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