Let’s Pay Back the Loan


The number of staff that can manage the dungeon has increased.
That is in other words, the dungeon can be managed without it being unreasonable even if it was larger.
For the time being, let’s expand the dungeon towards Sia. The underground can be used for whatever.

Come to think of it, I’ve been expanding the dungeon’s domain above ground, but it’ll become something hard to deal with if I don’t divide it into different floors and an intruder enters.
I didn’t split [Great Tsuia Mountain Tunnel] into multiple floors at first, so I wasn’t able to remodel anything if there was even a single person inside it. I had to rush and divide it into floors by separating it into several blocks.
Even the plaza in front of where people enter the dungeon that the inn is at is on a different floor from the dungeon.
… It seems it can become a floor even if it isn’t divided with a staircase, just what is a floor…? I’ve been trying to figure that out recently.

Furthermore, it takes 5,000 DP to set a floor.
Although we have more income now than we used to… it’s still a pretty big expense. I wonder how much days’ profit it is?
Adventurers that come here are between E and C-Rank. That’s around 30-80 DP generated per person naturally. Parties are somewhere between two and five people and two or three parties enter at a time.
The amount of DP produced doubles when they’re shut in one of the inn’s rooms too, and there’s also the inn’s income… the calculations are complicated. Should I make an accounting book? … Sounds bothersome. Let’s hope that Menu-san gets a feature like that sometime.

Also, Haku-san leaves stuff like payments or tips to Rokuko whenever she comes to stay even if we start losing DP, so maybe there’s not much of a reason to figure it out? That woman really does spend lavishly.
Cream soda is her favorite so she orders one immediately, one at dinner, one when taking a bath and another when going to bed. She buys each one with a gold coin and even gives Rokuko 5,000 DP tips. She has that kind of condition. She’s too kind to her imouto.

At any rate, I should probably add more floors and move the boss room down.
Although the riddle area still hasn’t been captured, I’m a bit uneasy that the only things guarding after it’s broken through are golems.

Let’s assume there’s an adventurer that specializes in golems. That person would win against golems easily.
If they went beyond the riddle area, our dungeon, [Cave of Desires], would be laid bare.

… Golems can only use physical attacks huh… At minimum, I’d like some guys that could use magic attacks.
For that, it’d be necessary to use DP.

“Let’s raise some money.”
“What’s the matter, Kehma? Why so sudden? We’re getting a lot of money from the inn and toll fee aren’t we?”

Come to think of it, I still haven’t returned the DP I borrowed from Rokuko for that dungeon battle against [Flame Cavern] huh.
Rather, when I added floors in a rush to to deal with the problem of not being able to remodel the dungeon, I borrowed even more. I handed her gold coins as collateral, but Rokuko couldn’t use them herself even if she has the gold coins…

“I want to return the DP I borrowed from Rokuko.”
“I don’t mind. Kehma and I are partners in body and mind after all.”
“It’s because you’re my important partner that I have to do this properly. I don’t want anything strange to happen and it get complicated.”
“… If Kehma says so, well let’s do it properly then? Fufun, you’re my important partner after all! Don’t want it to get complicated you know!”

Rokuko looks like she’s really happy for some reason. After being alone for so many years, she’s probably happy that she has someone as a partner I guess.
I opened the menu and checked how much DP I had.

“Let’s see, you’ve borrowed 53,000 DP so far? I’m holding fifty three gold coins as collateral… How much DP does the dungeon have without mine?”
“Since we summoned those three the other day… just short of 9,000 remaining.”

I handed her the gold coins as collateral, but since they would be worth 53,000 DP if we used them as is, the loan is exactly zero’d out. But it would take an incredible 530,000 DP to get fifty three gold coins.
Since there was a difference in the exchange rates, it’s best to use money for money and DP for DP.
It’s better to earn enough DP to pay it back.

“Since we’re mostly even if I used the collateral, you could just pay it back eventually with the inn’s business you know? You even have sugar to sell you know?”
“… Even though that’s also true, I’ve still been anxious about it. I can’t sleep calmly when I’m anxious.”

Now then, I have an idea to make money. Remember the beet-radish field I made before?
Those beet-radishes were finally harvested the other day. We’ll be making sugar from now on.

“Sugar is a treasure… so it’ll definitely become a lot of DP!”
“Oh, but you got those seeds with DP… will it be alright?”
“Even gold coins bought with DP can turn back into DP, so it’s theoretically alright… The only question is how much DP it’ll become, I guess.”

First I turned one of them into DP as-is… it became 5 DP.

“Ooh, it went up, it went up!”

Since one seed set (5 DP) can be harvested as fifty radishes, even just that is a fifty-fold return.
I wonder if it’ll be worth even more when it’s refined into sugar?

Huh? How do you refine it into sugar?




Even though it was crazy hard, I managed to make some kind of brownish mass of sugar.

Rokuko saved me after I messed up twice by saying, “Come to think of it, couldn’t you get the recipe with DP?”… It cost 20 DP to buy.
After I crushed it into small pieces, I put it into hot water to boil it down and dissolve the sugar.

“That was very tough.”
“Yeah, thanks for helping out Kinue-san.”

Kinue-san had also helped with the cooking work. I mean, she’s really skilled. If Kinue-san didn’t help I probably would’ve burned it a few times at the least.

“Hey Kehma. Why do you attach [San] to Kinue?”
“… Just because? Well, no, she’s turned into something like the dorm mother for the employee dormitory.”

She has this gentle atmosphere and loves to clean, so she’s overflowing with a motherly feeling.
When I gave her a bamboo broom, she’d go outside and sweep on her own volition.

“Now then, the sugar’s… brown, but how do you make it white?”

Unfortunately, the recipe ended at the point of making the sugar.
For now, I converted one beet-radish’s portion into DP.
… 10 DP huh. It doubled.

“Got our money’s worth from the recipe. Guess I’ll leave it to golems… Kinue-san, please give directions to the golems.”
“Certainly, master.”

Well, with this forty-seven beet-radishes became 470 DP.
With that, 5 DP becomes 500 DP… Yep, isn’t that awesome? If I sold it to a merchant, it’d probably be even more efficient by turning the money into DP.
That means one hundred of them are worth 50,000 DP… Maybe I should expand the field? No, couldn’t I make a field in the dungeon?
Kukuku, the agricultural king dungeon… sounds nice. It really sounds like an idyllic and peaceful dungeon.

“But how many days does that take? You said 500 DP, but doesn’t locking a human party up in the magic sword test room for even a single day get that a lot faster?”

… Which reminds me. There’s that aristocrat and his party of followers that’s been locked up since yesterday. They’re giving us 500 DP a day.
Since they’re locked up with a jail door too, with the prison effect (x3) and locked-up effect (x2), we’re getting six times the normal amount.

“Isn’t it better to think about another way?”
“No, well, yeah, I guess…”

Dammit, even though I thought that I’d come up with a perfect strategy…




And so I changed plans, deciding to sell Ontentoo a figurine made with a golem.

It sold.

When I called Ontentoo—

“I’m in possession of a Tsuia Mountain dragon figurine. How about giving it to Redra as a present?”

Then, when I showed him the gold-plated dragon figurine—

[Heeh, that thing there’s nice, Redra’d like it.]

He bought it for asking price.
Even though I just started out with 100,000 DP…

[Well that’s about right yeah? Hahaha.]

He paid it in full with a hearty laugh.

100,000 DP. Thinking about the 5 DP sweet-roll assortment, that’d be worth around 10,000,000 yen.
A ridiculous price! Just what the heck is he doing for income?

And so I obtained 100,000 DP and repaid the loan. It ended so easily it’s kind of anticlimactic…

… What was my anxiety for!

“But didn’t it take you three days to make that gold-plated figurine?”
“No no, it’s just comparing these three days’ income… against the laborious agriculture that finally gave 500 DP…”
“You definitely aren’t suited for agriculture, you know.”

That’s right, I am a dungeon master after all. Agriculture is just an extra.

But I can still get fresh vegetables, let’s have the golems keep on working the fields from now on. Maybe I should sell the beet-radishes to merchants as sugar?
… I-it’s not like I’m attached to it! It’s just a side job! And even dust can build up into a mountain you know!?



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      1. Right, but if he used that land to extend the casino, or add a sauna, or basically anything that people would pay to do that would put them behind a door, then he’d make far more in far less. So the amount he would make off the sugar would be insignificant in comparison.

        1. He is not facing a land or golem shortage. So its fine as something on the side to reduce risk (increase the income portfolio).

        2. He probably should start investing on creating a human farm or something in a fake remote dungeon with a fake dungeon core golem. Just gotta make sure it can’t be found out and no one can escape. And if it does get found out, its not linked to his on dungeon. He’s at the point where he’s not dirt broke but gotta think of more lucrative ways to make DP

          1. The problems with human farms are:
            1. You need a lot of food to keep the humans alive
            2. All that food production cost DP or will result in suspicious amount of fields
            3. Slaves don’t give much DP, so you would need to kidnap humans to increase production
            4. He can only make something in the part of the mountain belonging to him, so every one will suspect this dungeon if the farm is found.

            make it like in minecraft. He should just make a village and get the people to live there of their own volition. So instead of letting them build a smithy, markets, living quarters, he should expand and create buildings overground, increase the number of iron golem spawners. The result would be a village/small town living in a dungeon generating DP and protecting the dungeon since their iron mine would die out if the dungeon gets destroyed.

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    1. Was a mistake on my side.

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    1. Confirmed.


      Saw 10D and mistook it for 100.

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  9. Error Fixs:

    “It’s because your my important partner that I have to do this properly. I don’t want anything strange to happen and it get complicated.”
    This “your” should be “you’re”. “Your” is possessive while “you’re” is a contraction of “you” and “are”. An easy way to figure out which one it should be is to try thinking of the sentence with “you are” in the same place. If it does not feel unnatural then its fine to use “you’re”. I see this error a lot in various translations.

    “You’re a good friend” = “You are a good friend” (A good friend to the speaker or someone else)
    “Your good friend” (this refers to a friend of you) “You are good friend” (caveman talk)

    “And dust builds up since this is a mountain you know!?”
    This is probably referencing the Japanese proverb “Pile enough dust and you will make a mountain”, meaning, even if what you have done is a small thing or small gain if you do it enough it adds up to a large gain. He is giving himself the excuse that even if the gain is small it will add up over time.

      1. It’s just something I have seen a lot recently in WN translations so it’s started to bug me when I see it, it is often in the comment section as well. If it was “youre” I could assume that it was just missing the ‘, guess it’s possible an autocorrect removes the “e” at the end?

        Since I was going to make the comment about the dust -> mountain part I decided to throw in the other correction as well. I wouldn’t normally post just for the “your” error.

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              Well, please continue to point out typos as you find them! Just… you don’t need to add explanations with them <3

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