Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 86

Rei’s Consultation


Finishing the naming ceremony, I thought of something.

Don’t things like loyalty not matter since I had absolute order rights?

… No, even if I have them, they should surely be overflowing with willingness even while working like this. Maybe. Definitely.
But that armor really was a pain to put on and take off. Full plate isn’t something you should wear.



Now now, how about let’s peek at how the dungeon’s doing today?

By the way, it’s our dungeon but no one’s dead in it… it’s not like it’s peaceful, in fact it seems like some number of E-Rank adventurers died in the dungeon. Rookies that aren’t careful enough would easily get caught by the traps.

Even so, since it’s not at the level yet where people would die even if they’re being careful, this dungeon—[Cave of Desires]—has taken on the significance of being a perfect rite of passage for rookies. It’s a dungeon for beginners.

Well, there’s even a magic sword test room to show it off established in the labyrinth area.
I built three more rooms since it was so popular, but nowadays there’s talk about there definitely being magic swords in the dungeon. It seems there’s even an adventurer that heard that and is locked up in the dungeon right now.

… Seems like the guy didn’t hear about there being a well-known [Greed Trap] here from the guild. Maybe I should just leave him alone? Though I’m thinking about that, it’s probably better to save him from the brink of death and demand payment from him.
But I don’t think I can expect any returns from idiots that can’t even gather information from the guild about the dungeon, they even say, “You can leave if you return the magic sword to the pedestal”…

Oh, he just said, “I’m the Rich family’s third son, Drasan! I can’t die in a place like this!” An aristocrat huh. It looks like there’d be a return, but saving him seems tiresome. I’ll pass.
It’s his own responsibility since it’s a dungeon. Let’s ignore him if a rescue commission doesn’t come from the guild.
Since his comrades that looked like followers were getting irritated, there are ways for them to die other than starvation.
Things can happen in a dungeon. There’s nothing strange about it even if people die. There wouldn’t even be a body left since the dungeon eats it. Not being saved from an instant death trap, eaten by a monster after letting your guard down, there are nearly infinite explanations for it.
Furthermore there aren’t even any witnesses outside of those in the room, and everyone’s armed. Yup, I look forward to the DP I’ll be getting.

The customer is always right. They are our gods. Amen.

Ah, but there’s another adventurer besides me exploring the labyrinth area right now, maybe there’s a story there?
How about I secretly make him unable to come to this test room?
Fufufu, they’re saying stuff like, “Rescue is definitely coming soon.” It might take a while you know? Setting the aristocrat aside, his followers’ DP are delicious.



While I was observed such a pleasant situation in the dungeon, Rei came over with a serious expression on. It seemed she wanted to discuss something with me.

“… I-I want to be useful for the dungeon! I’ll do anything, please give me some work!”

Seriously? When did she turn into such a corporate sheep? No, it’s a dungeon, so maybe it’d be a dungeon sheep? When did she become such a dungeon sheep? … It’s definitely because of the naming ceremony!
Well, honestly you’re helping me enough just by working as the inn’s receptionist…

“I also want to do things that benefit the dungeon like Kinue and Nerune… for master!”
“… Well, you’re helpful enough just being a receptionist you know?”
“Master doesn’t have to sugarcoat it. There’s no mistake that I’m a defective vampire. It’s to the point that I even make mistakes counting coins…”

Oi, don’t make mistakes there. Maybe I should automate that too… Like a register… wait, come to think of it I already made something that works like that in the slot machine, I could just make something similar…

But work for Rei huh? Rather, I can’t think of something for a vampire that has no offensive power or special abilities. I just made her on my own, but I haven’t thought about any other type of work for her at all other than as an inn employee… Wonder if there’s any good ideas?

When I looked down a little to avert my eyes away from Rei’s serious gaze, I saw the dungeon map being displayed.

… Come to think of it, your own offensive power has nothing to do with your ability to move the dungeon’s monsters around.
I’ve been ordering them around remotely by using a golem, but Rei could do that too right?

Or rather, Rei can’t open the menu huh?
Well, I think it’s fine to give her the authority for the menu, but… she’s a dungeon monster. I don’t think it’s normal to entrust the dungeon to subordinates…

“So I can’t do anything to help master after all…”
“Ah, sorry, sorry. I was just thinking about something.”

I looked through the menu… Oh, there it is.
Let’s see, grant authority. Possible targets are [Gobsuke], [Feni], [Rei], [Kinue], and [Nerune]… wait, why’s Gobsuke there!? The others are white, just Gobsuke’s displayed as grey!
Maybe I can’t delete named entries? Uwaaah. Maybe I should stop naming so casually. I don’t like things being so mixed up like that.
I don’t see Meat and Ichika, so I guess a connection with the dungeon is needed after all?

“Right, let’s hang out and try a bit of an experiment.” [1]
“Y-yes! Since I’m a vampire, I am somewhat stronger than humans, so there is no problem at all even if you do it violently!”

I got her agreement, so for now let’s authorize Rei in the menu as a partner.
In addition, it looks like there’s even options to fine tune its range. The dungeon and inn are specified in the range, and… restrict DP usage? Eh, wait, what? Hold up, it’s saying that I don’t need to personally handle the food? [2]
Uwaah, I should have looked into this a bit more seriously. Well, there may have been a requirement of having five or more named monsters or something.
Okay, permission for this, permission for that. Quantity of items and amount of DP that can be used is limited, permission given!

Managing the menu is for the management. They were originally management candidates after all… if it goes well with Rei, let’s give some permissions to Kinue and Nerune later.

“Alright, let’s see if you can take it out.”
“Fueh!? T-take what out… m-milk!? Breast milk!?”
“Wait. The menu, menuuu.”

The heck is she talking about breast milk for?

“S-sorry. Master was looking at my chest so…”

… Now that she mentions it, the menu is invisible huh. Crap, I’m not a pervert.
Hm? Looking at it another way… couldn’t I look at legs if I just say I’m looking at the menu? Ah, no, in the end wouldn’t I just be a person whose only goal is to look at legs? Let’s stop there.

“Menu, come out! I see, I was authorized as a partner so I can see it, and can make it invisible… so you were looking at the menu while it was invisible!”
“That’s right.”

In the end it looked like she could make the menu appear. With this I should be able to entrust her with moving the monsters and monitoring the dungeon. She’s originally a race that’s good at combat, so she’ll definitely do well.

“Like this, let’s have you help out the dungeon.”

Continuing the experiment, I confirmed that I could take away and return her authority.
She looked incredibly happy that she can help, but there was a possibility that I couldn’t have given it back after taking away the authority again… it’s alright. I wouldn’t have abandoned her even if I couldn’t grant the authority back to her.



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  • Doesn’t translate well as the verb used is very very all-purpose, but he says something that can be taken as “Let’s keep each other company” in a sexual meaning. Return
  • The word for [Range] here is also implying other things, such as things they could do. Like use deployment for example. Return
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