Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 8

Going Well


He was angry about getting a pick when he said he wanted another room. I don’t get it.
If the space is open beforehand, I can save DP though…
Then three days passed without anything happening.
By the way, the bandits were digging a room with the pickaxes while complaining. Though it seems they were throwing the stone and dirt they dug up out of the dungeon, I reclaimed it as treasure. Though it wasn’t even 1 DP, I was right in doing that since they seemed to like me pitching in with the expansion. They’re simple guys.

“Hmm? Did someone approach?”

Rokuko muttered.

“It isn’t a bandit?”
“It feels different. Probably an adventurer. The bandits seem to have noticed too, should we ambush it?”
“Is that so… in all likelihood, it’s adventurers from before coming back to investigate.”

Though it’s abrupt, it’s a good opportunity. Thinking about the bandit extermination plan, I decided to talk to Rokuko.
I talked to her about not doing anything unnecessary.

“Since they purposely came here to investigate, these guys are definitely more skilled than the adventurers from before. Since it would be pointless if they weren’t more useful than the last ones that didn’t return.”

Even the realized, they couldn’t let them come and see the changes to the [Ordinary Cave]. Therefore, there was no choice but to kill the adventurers.
Then, after killing this adventurer, more and more will come to investigate next time.
… Of course, the prepared adventurers would be stronger and stronger.

Though I don’t know if it will continue indefinitely, the bandits would be defeated sooner or later.

Right, this was the bandit extermination plan that I had thought out.
Well, my job was to just wait until the point the bandits gave up this spot.

Hmm? You think I’m doing nothing but sleeping? No no, nothing like that.
The bandits occasionally hunt to go get food and give some of the game they catch to the dungeon. (Though they’re parts like bones and organs that the bandits don’t eat, they’re still DP) And in return, I teach them how to fight effectively in the cave by writing in the box.
Of course the most delicious thing would be for either the adventurers or the bandits to die in the dungeon, their DP is tasty.

… Dammit, I don’t want to wooork…!

However, it’s still fine since the DP tributes from the bandits were easy work.

“Oh… Kehma, that’s amazing! To have thought of something like that!”
“Yeah. By the way, that goblin room is actually going to be made into a dummy [Ordinary Cave]. In addition, when the time comes, move the core there. We’ll feign ignorance and say [Eh? Bandits? My dungeon is unrelated though?].”
“Eeh, so that’s it… I thought you forgot that monsters could only be taken out of the dungeon core when there are intruders for sure.”

Oh, I forgot that.

“The adventurers will arrive soon.”
“Yeah, I can see with some effort.”




“Boss, adventurers are coming.”
“Yeah, as expected, let’s ambush ’em.”
“Yeah, inside the box with the sword was written to defend against attacking adventurers.”

By the way, the bandit’s boss had been studying his letters recently and was able to read simple sentences.
Since the letters(or is it correct to call it a treasure box?) from the dungeon were written with simple sentences. Even the bandit’s boss could read it. [TN: Difference between letter and treasure box is a single kanji. Punny.]
Well, it’s reasonable to learn how to read in order to read letters from a dungeon… and the bandit’s boss was proud of his intelligence.
I in particular think making this dungeon their base made them smarter, and they became conceited.
I wonder if they’ll go back to being fools when they leave the dungeon… probably.


“… That’s right, let’s use the newcomers. If they kill ’em well they can enter the top brass.”
“Got it. And us?”
“We’ll tidy up the fatigued adventurers after the newcomers fail. It’s fine if it goes smoothly.”

In fact, many of their strategies came from the dungeon.
Using the newcomers, crushing the unusable ones early. This was one of the strategies taught by the dungeon.

Enduring wind and rain, they use their base to amass money. That is the status of the bandits.
Though it would naturally be dangerous if their base was exposed, there would be no danger if they killed the people that came one by one… was written in the letter from the dungeon, but the bandit’s boss probably came up with that as well.

Entering from the entrance to the dungeon, there is a blind spot in the corner of the room… well, since it was small the most that could be jammed in there was seven or eight people altogether. The newcomers waited there.
The non-newcomer bandits waited in the additional rooms to the left and right of the passage. They could give supporting attacks at any time.

“Huh? Wasn’t the dungeon core right here?”

Those words were the last for one of the three adventurers.
A newcomer brandished his sword towards the defenseless adventurer that appeared and rushed at him.

“Eat this!”

He struck his defenseless neck with the blunt rusted sword, killing him by breaking the bones in his neck.
You did it newcomer, are you a delinquent or something? You recklessly tried to look cool and were noisy.
Though you were told to be silent until you attack, were you fussy about being a delinquent as you tried to kill someone for the first time? But the adventurer was killed in the first attack. You could call the result good luck.

“E, eeeeh-! With this I’m in the top brass!”
“Bennis!? Tch, bandits!? [Slash]!”
“Eh? Gobeh-”

The adventurer… the swordsman’s counterattack cut halfway through the newcomer’s neck. As you’d expect, it’s at the level where he won’t survive if he doesn’t receive high-class recovery magic right now–in other words, there’s no saving him. That sharp sword must be taken care off well… no, that swordsmen is skilled and at any rate used a skill. The delinquent crumbled with a thud.
Though none of the blockheads watched the body quietly finish falling down, the adventurers reacted faster than the bandit newcomers.

“Shit, he has a skill! Press on, use numbers…! –Gubo-”

An adventurer pierced the back of his leather armor with an arrow. The newcomer quickly died after his chest was pierced. Probably because the adventurer didn’t think he’d die in a single blow, another arrow pierced through his head. High power quick shots. High accuracy, too. Does the rearguard adventurer use an offensive bow skill? But the solution for that is to draw close to make archers powerless. They didn’t shift around to take positions in the passage, I wonder if they’re not accustomed to combat? They won’t run away without their comrades, I think.
From there it was a stomp. Though they were missing a person, they had good cooperation. The adventurers seem to be more skilled than the newcomers. That much was obvious when they used skills, but they couldn’t win against the numbers. The swordsman was surrounded, and the archer approached the dead shield’s body, collapsing.

Concerning the result of the newcomers trying to look cool, in exchange for five people, the three adventurers were dealt with.
The newcomers finished off the surviving adventurers… well, two of the three were killed, but one didn’t survive. Fortunately a newcomer that was a former mercenary killed an adventurer and was added to the top brass as promised.

“Since adding more newcomers from here on will be a headache… it would be good to have a mediator.
A surviving mercenary and an escaped slave huh… the delinquents are useless…
… Now then, can we get more rooms with this? Pleeease, my lovely Dungeon-chan!”

Then, a box came out.
The contents written were [Good work! Since I’m going to add more rooms, please go outside].
Fortunately, food filled the box. The bandit’s boss even saw something he’d never seen before, sweet smelling bread was inside. It smells like the luxury fruit known as a melon… coincidentally, the boss was able to get a whiff of it once before. Enthralled by that alone–well, let’s not talk about it.

About the bread, when the new top brass were given a taste as a reward, they began eating it with amazing momentum, saying [This is the first time I’ve eaten such a sweet and delicious bread! I promise my loyalty to boss from now on!]
Towards their expressions that were more serious than when they joined the group, he couldn’t help but giving a wry smile.




The adventurers seem to have been more stupid than I thought.
If they were careful with their scouting, they could have prevented the bandit’s surprise attack.
Or maybe they underestimated the [Ordinary Cave] after all? They may have thought it was no problem even if they were ambushed by something on the level of goblins.
They probably didn’t think that the danger increased much while they traveled here?
… The rookies may have been caught in an accident, they probably thought that.
In any case, they should have been more caution when they rookies didn’t return. It was bad for them to neglect that.

“Yay, it’s delicious! Those bandits saw something good. The dungeon core hasn’t even been stepped on recently.”
“They’re the culprits though.”

Whatever, we got 1900 this time, so there’s 2951 DP now… Roughly five bandits for 1000, and 900 for the three adventurers huh. We lost our guaranteed income from the five of them, but the return was good enough.

“… Should we add more rooms as requested then? Since they did their best extending from the room on the left, I’ll add one facing the inside to each side. It might be good to make one a jail… oh right, food service.
“Meh lun bred? What’s this? Something like that’s on the DP menu?”
“Want some?”

I got [Assorted Sweet Buns (15 DP)] [Assorted Bread Dishes (15 DP)] [Vegetable/Dried Meat Set (15 DP)] and a [Box (5 DP)] to put it in, sending it out to the bandits with a message to enter the dungeon.

Because I used 630 DP to add more rooms, there was 2271 DP remaining.
… Still a long way to go for 10000 DP.



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