Blacksmith Flag


Recently it feels like I’ve been working nonstop. Even adjusting the slot machine has been hard
I’ve been making the game room too, maybe I should rest today? Well, let’s just sleep today away.
That thought was like painting a target on myself.

“Kehma, the iron golem that wandered around the labyrinth area was destroyed.”

Rokuko reported something about the dungeon.
Iron golems. As their name says, they are golems whose bodies are made from iron. For the levels that come to our dungeon… D-Rank, even C-Rank adventurers would have a hard time against it.
Furthermore, unlike normal clay golems, its body itself has value. Because it’s iron. Although its heavy, thinking of it as a resource, a lump of iron the size of a person is a pretty valuable thing. I wonder how many nails you could make from one?

“What kind of people defeated it? People that are in the dungeon right now… ah, there was that one C-Rank party huh. Those guys?”
“Right, I think it was Gozoh or something, maybe? A dwarf that uses a hammer! He usually hits them with his hammer and doesn’t break the magic stones.”

That so? So he’s dispersing the magical power by the impact huh. Good, it wasn’t something like the iron golem being slashed to death. If someone like that showed up, I don’t think I could deal with him right now.

“If that’s the case there’s no reason to worry. Probably. Did he take the iron golem’s remains?”
“Yeah. He’s carrying it out now. He doesn’t have Storage~”

A C-Rank probably wouldn’t be able to handle an opponent like the iron golem.
If they could, it’d probably be easy money.

“Incidentally, how are the cards going?”
“Although I’ve been deploying them little by little on the first floor, people are calling them misses. Like ordinary bundles of paper. It seems like they’re troubled since the guild doesn’t handle them.”
“… Then start saying you’ll purchase them for five copper.”
“Kehma should say it himself! I’m the owner.”

Should I have put in a memo on how to play it as well…? No, it’s already strange that playing cards are appearing, it’d be even more so if a dungeon also gave a memo on how to play.
If it got too strange, god’s vanguard (the hero) will zero in on us.
Since playing cards are themselves things that god’s vanguard (the hero) brought in the past, it’s still somehow at the level of being able to deceive people.

“Oh, maybe we should put out some dice too? Made from wood or bone.”
“Somehow it feels like our dungeon is being eroded by gambling…”

Well, we did become the [Cave of Desires] after all.
… Maybe I could send out bedding too? As expected, putting out sweet rolls is a no go.

But really, an iron golem was destroyed huh… then beyond the riddle area, it’d probably be bad if I don’t prepare a stronger monster. Let’s look for something.
… It says there’s something like a gargoyle? Eh, how’s that different from a golem?




The next day, the guild’s Receptionist-san came. I’m told there’s an important matter…
Didn’t you get to know her, Rokuko? I used my absolute command rights to have her say she’ll leave it to me.
Well, with Rokuko in smile mode, we spoke with her in the parlor.

“Huh? A smithy?”
“Yes. A smithy. Although it would be at a spot a little separated from the inn and adventurer guild since it is noisy, this branch is scheduled to be turned into the same thing as the adventurer guild to begin with. Just in case, shall I tell you more about it?”
“Haah, why so suddenly?”
“The other day, an adventurer carried out materials from an iron golem… I think you know this, but the iron golem’s body has been verified.”

According to her story, it seems that iron golem areas are treated the same as mines. Looks like it’s called something like quasi-mines or golem mines. Indeed, there are huge resources in there. Moreover, the iron golems’ bodies are entirely made of iron and was at the level of being able to be used as materials for blacksmiths. With that, it turned into: ‘Let’s build a smithy here.’

They planned to build the branch office in order to regulate equipment extracted by adventurers or something. I don’t wanna hear it! Ah, even though I said that…

“A mine huh, will this place show up on maps then?”
“Maps? It has already been recorded. It’s been there since the branch office finished.”
“Wait, do dungeons not get recorded onto maps?”
“The reason dungeons do not have their positions recorded onto maps is so that people cannot go to them without permission after all. There’s also no reason to conceal a dungeon that has a guild branch at its entrance either. Rather, it becomes quite the publicity.”

… Woah, I might’ve made a big mistake.
God’s vanguard might suddenly come here if it’s on a map… ah, but since god’s vanguard is a compulsory S-Rank hero to begin with maybe it’ll be irrelevant? At any rate I can see what needs to be done. Need to stop our popularity from rising.

“I heard from the guild head that he’s been planning on turning this place into a village since learning about the magic sword.”
“… No way.”

He was being serious when he said that?
There’s a chance I made a mistake from the start… it’s no use even if I said something now huh?

“Will you listen since this is a special opportunity? Although this inn has a dining room now, are there plans to build a bar as well?”
“Yeah, as long as it’s built away from here it’s fine. We don’t serve alcohol.”

I wouldn’t be able to sleep if people were getting drunk and making a ton of noise in the inn. That’d be annoying.

“Then we will advance those plans. We might also build other various facilities. Since there is also balance to take into account, we will come to consult with you each time over the construction’s location.”
“That’s a big help.”

… The plan’s getting huge, but it’s probably fine if the guild does all of the troublesome things.
Either way, the whole area around here is the dungeon’s territory after all.

“… By the way, I’ve wanted to ask something.”
“Hmm? What is it?”
“… When was that building added on? I don’t think I noticed it being added?”
“Haku-san’s mage acquaintance turned up and did it.”
“Ah, an A-Rank adventurer… an A-Rank adventurer’s acquaintance did…”

Both Receptionist-san and I nodded with a, ‘Un un.’
Since Haku-san’s acquainted with me, it’s not wrong.

“Ah, and the people at reception and in the dining room are different. No, until now they’ve been the same people as always… they were slaves, did you exchange them away?”
“No, they’re resting. Since it’s gotten to the point that we’re getting more guests and work to do every day, they were introduced by the owner’s connections.”

The dungeon’s DP exchange is the owner’s connection. It’s not a lie.
… Since the adventurer guild has lie detecting magic tools, I need to be careful of what I say just in case. It’s really troublesome.

“Is that so… Let me know if you decide to sell her. I wouldn’t do anything bad.”
“Hahaha, unfortunately, I don’t feel like letting go of them.”

While I talked with her for now, I told her that I just didn’t feel like parting with them.
Receptionist-san, you’re pretty obstinate when it comes to slaves as ever huh. It’s unfortunate that you’re a beauty. But you really do have great legs though…



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