Employee Training


By the way, although I extended the inn by using [Create Golem], it originally wouldn’t be able to be used as conveniently as this since your magical power has to be spread across all of the raw materials used. However, since I built the hotel with [Create Golem] to start with you could just call it an [Inn Golem]. Remaking a golem that’s filled with your own magical power is incredibly easy.

Well, none of the three girls have responded since a bit ago now.
When I turned my head back to them, the apprentice witch (Gamma) was staring at me with starry eyes.
The other two looked like their mouths were locked in the open position. In truth their mouths fell open from losing strength. I’d probably be like that too if I saw a building be added onto in three minutes.

I looked at them while waiting for their reactions. As expected, the apprentice witch (Gamma) was the first of the three of them to react.

“Amazing, master~! I’ll do anything, please be my teacher~!”

Hmm? Did she just say anything…? A girl shouldn’t saying something like that so thoughtlessly.

“Even my body~! … Ah, we’re master’s belongings originally anyway though~”
“… Umm, for now could you just work as a receptionist?”
“Thank you very much master~!”

… It’s somehow been decided that I’ll be her teacher.
I retreated a bit from her seriousness, but maybe I should tell Meat to rotate body pillow duties or something? It’s probably a burden for Meat to always be a hug pillow.

Well, even if I’m supposed to be her teacher, I only know one elementary class magic from each attribute and two middle class magic. Since I leave everything to Translation Function-san and don’t really know the chants that well, I don’t think I could teach her anything. On the other hand, ordering her to be on hug pillow duty would be like deceiving her with rolls of cash that’s really just rolled up newspaper. Those aren’t my principles.
Therefore, it’s not a waste even if I can’t order her to be on hug pillow duty. It’s somehow not wasteful. It’s fine since I didn’t summon her for that purpose.
I can’t stop burdening Meat… still, I’ll be careful so that she doesn’t collapse.

When I was thinking about stuff like that, it looks like the other two finally rebooted.

“So master isn’t an ordinary human… is he a monster that turned into a brilliant mage?”
“It seems there is more to clean…”

Oi, vampire (Alpha). I am an ordinary human. I’m also a dungeon master though.
Then there’s the silky (Beta) whose whole existence is housework, her statement probably means cleaning without using life magic is her hobby? Those maid clothes she appeared with aren’t just for show.

For now, I took the opportunity of adding more rooms to accomplish my goal of showing off my power as the dungeon master to the newbies. How about let’s leave the rest to Ichika and sleep? I’ll leave it to her unless there’s some abnormality.




Well, working at reception isn’t all that hard.
Calculating the inn charges is the hardest thing. However, if it’s just counting this much they can do it.
It’s what even a Japanese elementary-schooler could do.

There was a time when I thought that too.

Not even being able to read or calculate numbers at the elementary school level is the normal for this world.

“Two and two…”
“Two times two is?”
“… Eight?”
“That’s probably correct~! With this master will teach me magic~!”
“It’s six, you two.”

They’re the three idiots.
Even though the answer is four… This vampire probably won’t be able to remember the times table perfectly by treating it as an incantation.

“Hey, Goshujin-sama. How did ya memorize ’em?”
“… Un… the times table isn’t popular…”

Right, the rhythm of it is probably different since the words are different. Rather, Meat and Ichika were good at memorizing it. Maybe it’s unreasonable to force it?

“… I could calculate a bit at first, but the collar constricted if I didn’t remember right, so I memorized it perfectly.”
“Woa—, that’s somehow… sorry… today you can eat as many curry rolls as you want.”
“Ooh! That makes me happy~”

Meat can also have as many hamburgers as she wants.

Now then, that’s what needs to be fixed for them to work at reception.
Since they can fortunately read writing, they can read out the menu and verify costs. The problem is calculations.

“… Then maybe I’ll make a calculator?”

Though I can get one by exchanging DP for a calculator or register, it’d probably be impossible to call it a magic tool. Since that’s the case, there’s no choice but to make a calculator so that won’t cause problems being seen.

So I made one. It took five hours and ten minutes.

“This is an [Abacus].”
“How’s it used?”

It looked different from the standard ones in Japan, it had a nine spheres per row to stress the importance of being comprehensible by people of this world. I made it with eight rows total. So long as it didn’t exceed ten thousand gold coins, it could be computed.
Moreover, I made use of the thing known as a golem to make it look like a magic tool.

“What’s the price for five people’s lodgings, four D-Rank meals, and one C-Rank meal?”
“T-the spheres moved on their own…!? Six, five, zero… six hundred fifty copper coins!”
“This is amazing… it can be read as six silver coins and fifty copper coins.”
“Master is amazing~!”

It automatically computes using voice commands.
To breakdown the production time: ten minutes for the externals, five hours to train it to calculate things like lodging and meal prices.
While the three girls were engrossed with the abacus, Ichika spoke to me.

“Hey Goshujin-sama. Ya said to count the spheres, can’t it show the number directly?”
“Huh? Do you have an idea?”
“How ’bout this?”

When Ichika summarized her idea, it was to show digits that were painted on a column that rotated, like what a slot machine had… As expected of Ichika to think of something like that after going bankrupt by gambling. However—

“… What’re [Slots]?”
“Eh? Wait, you don’t know about slots?”

Looks like there’s no such thing as slots in this world… Which means she came up with that on her own. Oi. Is she a genius? She’s a genius?

“Slots are… right, you press a button to gamble on spinning images. If the images aren’t uniform you get nothing, if they are you win.”
“Heeeh! I wanna try it…”

Ichika smiled, spellbound by the thought. You’d probably think it was the face of a maiden that fell in love if you didn’t know she was smiling while thinking about slots. Does she like gambling that much?

Should I make it? Maybe it’d unexpectedly become a key feature of the inn… let’s sleep first. I even worked for five hours to make sure that golem could automatically compute things.

“For now, it looks like you all will be able to use this [Abacus], so please work at the reception desk while using it. Make some number problems as well if you feel like it.”

All three of them responded well. Looks like our labor shortage is resolved with this.



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