Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 75

Temporary Names and Additional Rooms


The vampire hung her head.
She’s grieving from heartbreak. Those are some amazing sobs. The thing that caused it was when she checked her own strength, she had pretty much none. She was at a level where she’d even lose to a goblin.

“T-this is… kuh—, I’m a vampire that’s even weaker than a normal human… even weaker than a goblin…! A disgrace!”

She sat on the floor and beat her hands against it. But since her offensive power was 0 she didn’t do anything.
The silky gently comforted her… motherly.

“… Moreover our master is a human… it certainly doesn’t feel like he wants me to work as a monster, he made me weak in order to use me as his plaything!”

I had no such intentions! Still, I definitely won’t be using you as a monster.
Still, it’d be bad to leave things as they are. I’m a bit reluctant but let’s invoke my absolute order rights. They’re monsters, I’m their superior as the dungeon master.

“How about we begin the conversation now? It’s an order.”

I waited for the three to gather.
‘I want you to be inn employees.’ She’s just going to sit down again if I say that. I’m still going to say it though.

“First of all, I’m not going to be leaving the dungeon’s defense to you all… You’ll be inn employees.”
“… An… inn?”

The vampire responded with a question in unease.
Well, if she’s smart, she probably made the connection that I didn’t intend for her to be use for battle since I summoned a monster without any offensive capability.

“Our dungeon manages an inn for humans. I wanted employees that would be able to serve them… Ah, you are candidates for management.”

The vampire looked like she was thinking about something, the silky was still calm and smiling, and the apprentice witch looks like she didn’t understand what I said that well… is she okay?

Just then, Ichika arrived from me calling her here a bit ago.

“Goshujin-sama~, you called me~”
“Oh, just in time. Come here, here.”

I called Ichika over to stand in front of the three.

“… This girl is Ichika. She’s my slave. She’s your senpai, so listen to what she says.”
“Y-yes? … Eh? A human? Eh, and a slave…?”
“Certainly, I look forward to working with you senpai.”
“Ah~, really~?”

Looks like the vampire is hardheaded. The silky seems to be the best worker… What’s up with this apprentice witch? Really, huh?

… Even though all three of them are existences created from DP, there’s such big differences. Maybe it’s because of the racial differences?

“Best regards, ya three… Lessee, names?”
“… I’m a vampire. Nanashi (No Name).”
“I’m a silky. I am Nanashi (No Name).”
“I’m an apprentice witch~. My name’s Nanashi (No Name)~!”
“… So everyone’s a monster? I’d’ve thought ya were adventurers for sure.”
“Mm, come to think of it I haven’t given you all names huh.”

The three monster girls looked at me when I said that. Particularly, the vampire looked surprised.

“We’ll be named!?”

Named. Wonder what that means.
Is getting a name special or something? Let’s ask Rokuko.

“Nn? Riiight, it feels special. Masters only give a name to monsters when they’re promoting them, it’s something special given when they’ve taken a lot of active roles… Gobsuke played an active part too you know?”

So Gobsuke was treated as a named monster huh… he did do something huge for us though.

“Well, I’ll think about it. For now it’ll be an internship. I’ll give you all proper names if you do your work well… So for temporary names until then… the vampire is Alpha. The silky is Beta. The apprentice witch is Gamma. Sound good, you three?”
“Such lazy names… It’s easier than calling them all Nanashi (No Name) though.”

I don’t know how they were translated for Rokuko, but I’m thinking about making those our corps names if we get more in the future.

I used DP to get some of our inn’s, the [Dancing Doll’s Pavilion]’s uniform, [Maid Clothes], and handed them out to each of them… One for the silky too, just in case. I chose their sizes by eye.

“Well then Ichika. First make sure you teach them how to receive guests at reception.”
“Roger that~. Well then, let’s start with how to handle money~”

Ichika took the three monster girls with her.
Ichika could be a backup for the dining room if they learn how to work at reception… Maybe I should have Ichika learn [Storage]? Thinking about how much DP we have left, maybe I should convert the gold coins into DP?

For the time being, let’s leave their training to Ichika. Ichika even properly knows her times tables, so she’s probably enough to teach them… Alright, let’s give those three monster girls names when they’re able to leave reception duty. I’ll just think about it till then.

“Come to think of it, Kehma. Are those three going to sleep in the inn as well? Or in the dungeon?”
“… I forgot. Good job noticing it Rokuko, as expected of my partner. Good girl.”
“Hey—, I won’t get happy or anything even if you pat my head, I’m not Meat you know! I’m not a child!”

What’s this blonde-haired loli saying? You’re still plenty a child.

Now then, a room for employees huh… Let’s add some stuff.
Let’s prepare it while Ichika teaches the newbies.




“Here will be you three’s rooms.”

Leading Rokuko and the three newbies, I went outside the hotel. Sideways from the entrance, near the dungeon.

“Sleeping in the open? Their bodies would probably be safe since they’re monsters… but what’s with that mask you have on?”
“No, making employees sleep outside would be a bit much. What I meant was, I’ll make the rooms here.”

This Narikin mask is to hide my identity for when I make it after this. There’s a guild branch office on the other side of the inn, so it’s an extra measure taken just so that we’d be safe even in the unlikely event they see… So please stop looking at me with such a pitying gaze, Rokuko.

“You would be willing to use DP for our sake? Thank you very much.”
“Eh? That’d be wasteful. I summoned you guys since you were so economical you know.”

I began working on it right in front of Rokuko and the three monster girls.
I’ll make the passage to the inn first. Manipulating the raw materials with [Create Golem], I made holes to place the ordinary walls and rebuilt the path.

Then next up is the rooms… Although I thought about assembling it together all on site, I realized that I could just connect it to the inn by using the dungeon’s teleport function if I made the hallways and rooms inside the dungeon to begin with. So I made the walls and roof beforehand.
In other words, I made it in a modular fashion. Like a space station.

Thus, I’d made the rooms in the dungeon while Ichika was teaching the three newbies. The interior? Each of their rooms are about two tatami mats big with a bed and cabinet. Of course, they were also made with [Create Golem]. Man, so convenient.
[Installing] the room modules with the dungeon’s function, I used [Create Golem] to bond the materials together. Even though it’s an add-on to the building, it looks like it was made to have it from the start… and done.
It took about three minutes start to finish. Probably the fastest ever.

“… Alright, it’s perfect.”

I wonder if having the mask was pointless?
Like this, it looks like we won’t have to stop our operations with this modular system.

“Kehma is convenient as ever~… So, what is that mask?”
“The convenient thing is [Create Golem].”

Then again, it was a magic skill that was only able to make clay golems originally, I just modified the magic on my own thanks to the image I fostered in Japan and the automatic translation ability I got from Kami-sama. It’s probably not wrong to say I’m convenient I guess.

“Right now, I am Narikin. When I have this mask on, that’s who I am…”
“… … Un. Got it.”

Ah, please stop. Please don’t look at me with eyes like you’re looking at a fanciful child.



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