Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 7

The Bandits’ Boss


In the end, two days passed by uneventfully since I added more rooms.
The bandits seems to have taken a vacation and spent all of their time in the dungeon, half of them laying down drinking sake. I thought they’d attack travelers and merchants every day, bit it seems I was wrong. They were taking a holiday while their boss was out overnight, I wonder what he’s doing?
Well, it’s fine though since thanks to that I got a lot of DP with just that little.

Well, the boss came back with seven more thugs.
Though I guess he invited them from somewhere, their strength… even if I calculate the DP backwards from coming in, they’re just thugs after all.
One person was roughly between 10-15 DP per day, so seven more people increases the daily income by around 70-105 DP? Simply delicious. In addition to that, when they went out they came back with a young person that was probably an adventurer.
Yep, gagged and tied with rope, it was a woman.
They started stabbing the young person with their swords as I thought that. These people are scary.
When the slaughter finished, they watched the pool of blood be absorbed by the dungeon in mute amazement.

“Oh, a decent amount of DP came in. 300 DP huh.”
“… Goblin Lover Rokuko, don’t summon fifteen goblins.”

Oh yeah. It was a present to the dungeon, yeah. Wasn’t their effort good? Let’s reward them…
So, since it seems that it took a considerable amount of time for them to stab the adventurer to death, I decided to give them a sharp iron sword (150 DP). 520 DP left. I want to save up more…

“Hey, I wanted you to add something like more rooms ya know?”

Seeing this, even though the bandit’s boss had the sword in his hand, he complained while dissatisfied.
What’s with you, even though I took great pains to bless you with a sword.

“Haah, say that earlier, whatever.”
“What now? Going to make a room?”
“I don’t feel like using more DP… ah, that’s right.”




Going to town, I went to sell the plundered goods.
Well, even though I say that I went to town, more precisely I went to a slum around the outer wall.
As I expected, public order wasn’t so bad that a bandit boss like me could go inside the walls… it’d be different if I did a bit of bribing though.
Ah, about the steel helmet I got from the dungeon, I decided to not sell it and use it. It’s probably good to take care of something like a first present.
Well, I obtained seven new companions from the street.
Street thugs, people in my profession, runaway slaves… well, everyone gives off that kind of feeling.
While I was at it, I attacked and stunned a brat adventurer who was walking along the path, bringing them back to the base.
Hahaha, it really is a dangerous place away from the city. Rookies shouldn’t come to the mountainside by themselves ya know.
Because of that, I took put it in the dungeon for it to make another room, feeding it the corpse. The seven new companions had surprised faces when they saw a stiff being completely eaten by the ground.

“Boss, a box came out!”
“Ooh… wait, what’s this? A sword?”

A sword was put into the box.
An iron sword. The item was a better quality than I’d used so far.
But, that isn’t what I want right now. I want a room.
As expected, with seven more people it’s cramped. Well, it was six people in a small room before. Thinking about the two people rotating out to stand guard, entering the rooms that were increased to three was cramped. I want a new room soon.

When I mumbled that, a new box came out.

“Yeah, what is it this time?”

Taking the box, [Since it wasn’t enough to make a new room, make one yourself] was written on the bottom of it.
Inside were three brand new pickaxes.


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